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FREE Video Editing For YouTube [Top 5 Softwares & Online]

YouTubers have been using different editing tools to create their videos. But, there’s no one tool that works best for everyone. So, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 best FREE YouTube video editors for Windows, Mac and Linux.

January 18, 2023
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YouTube has become a significant factor to over 3 billion people’s daily lifestyle. It allows content creators to share our thoughts, ideas, and opinions with others in a way that was never possible before. You can even edit them right inside your YouTube video editor software. And, it also gives us the opportunity to earn money by creating content on the platform. In order to create such videos, content creators would invest a few bucks into a professional video editing program such as Davinci Resolve. However, not all, and especially new creators do not have such a high budget to get started. These YouTube video editor softwares are easy to use and they're perfect for creating short videos. You don't have to be an expert to edit videos on YouTube or other platforms. In fact, there are many free tools available online that can help you create high quality videos.

YouTube Video Editor Online Websites & Softwares

Adobe Premiere Pro (FREE Trial)

free online youtube video editor

There are several best free video editing for YouTube apps available today. These softwares and online YouTube video editors allow users to make short clips with music, add text overlays, titles, and other effects. But there's one in particular that let's you do more than just that! Adobe Premiere Pro CC is a professional video editor software that let's you with more tools and effects. You can use this software to edit media in any resolution, framerate and file format including MP4, MP3 Jpeg, Wav, AVI and more! Although it can be difficult to use compared to other softwares, Adobe Premiere Pro also has several free templates available which make it easy for beginners to create high quality videos faster.

Included with Adobe Premiere Pro is Adobe Media Encoder. Media Encoder let's you adjust the final output of your video prior to being exported. You can compress, trim, adjust properties and even resize your video with Media Encoder. If you've never used it either Premiere Pro or Media Encoder before, it might take some practice to learn how to use it their full potential. However, once you do master these programs, the quality and consistency of your videos will dramatically surge.

Movavi (Best FREE YouTube Video Editor Software Overall)

video editing online for youtube

If you are looking for beginner to use video editor which includes plenty of professional features. then Movavi is the perfect choice. This free video editor applications for windows and mac computers has a simple interface with plenty of advanced features. It allows you to add different types of media, sync sound tracks with video, music, basic transitions, drag and drop text, and more. If you're looking for an editing program that has more features compared to iMovie, then Movavi is the way to go. However, if you need to create video with features such as custom transitions, masking, vfx and other effects, you will need to use tools such as keyframing, roto brush, fast editing and more. such tools and features are only included in programs like After Effects, Hitfilm and Premiere Pro. Keep in mind that these more advanced programs are made for industry level professional VFX artists, editors and motion designers, so it's not as easy to use as programs such as Movavi


FREE YouTube Video Editor Software

If you're looking for a free video editor for YouTube, then you should use Filmora for vlogs and basic content that requires no advanced editing. Filmora is simple to use and has some features that are listed by Adobe softwares.

Filmora is a powerful video editor that comes with a lot of features. However, it’s not as beginner friendly as Movavi. On the other hand, it’s easier to learn than Premiere Pro. So in other words, it's not hard to use, but if you're a complete beginner to editing, this may not be for you. Filmora also includes special effects and animation creating tools for those who want to take their editing a step further. Using these tools, youtubers can create fun, user engaging elements inside of their videos to make them look more interesting. Keep in mind that there is a monthly fee to use these additional features.

Adobe After Effects (FREE Trial)

best YouTube video editing program

If you’re looking for an easy to use YouTube video editor software, then you should check out the free trial version of Adobe After Effects. Using the free trial, you'll have access to the software's full potential. You can use every single feature which is normally included in the paid version, this includes all effects, tools and even hd exporting of your videos!

Adobe after effects is a YouTube video editing software with a customizable interface. With After Effects, users can do absolutely anything to their videos. If you aren't satisfied with the default tools and features included in the standalone software, you may also download some free additional plugins which can add some extra functionality or even speed yup your workflow when editing complex layers. In addition, it also supports multiple formats such as MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV, FLV, MKV, etc.

Both After effects and Premiere Pro offer similar features, such as audio recording, trimming clips, adding titles, and exporting files. They also both allow you to add transitions between clips. However, there are some key differences between these two programs. First, After Effects is primarily made for video composting and VFX. Premiere pro is made specifically for editing videos and can get the job done a lor faster compared to After Effects. If you want, you can also do complex editing inside of After Effects, but you'll need to get familiar with the compositing interface. If you’re looking for an all-round, then After Effects is definitely the best choice

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free online video editing for youtube

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How to edit YouTube Videos with these online web apps and softwares

Most of these editors follow a simple process for editing your videos. Here's how that process looks:

To start, first you'll need to open a new project then import your footage. You can always come back ad add more media, but starting off with what you have will make it easier to create a wireframe of your entire video.

Using the features included in each software, you may add text if necessary, and cut out parts which are not needed. It is up to you if you'd like to leave the seam between the clips as a jumpcut or add in a transition. If you'd like to add in a transition, doing so can be quite easy in any software using the included effects. If you use After Effects or Premiere Pro, you can get plenty of free transitions here at FreeVisuals.

Now that you have added some text, you need to make sure that everything looks good. Click on the ‘Video Settings’ tab at the top right corner of the screen. Here, you can adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation, and more. You also have the option to further customize the color settings of your video using the advanced features which are included in both Adobe After Effects & Adobe Premiere Pro.

Once you have finished editing your video, simply export it into any file format. Preferably MP4 since it's going onto YouTube. If you Have After Effects or Premiere Pro, then all you need to do is select the "add to media encoder queue" button to add it directly to Adobe Media Encoder. If yo don't use Adobe software, you can still export and compress your videos using your standalone software in conjunction with free online resources.