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How To Find Original Media In Final Cut Pro Timeline - FreeVisuals

If you've ever forgotten or lost the location of your clips and media while editing on Final Cut Pro, it can be a time consuming process to go back and find them manually. Luckily, FCPX has a function that automatically searches for where your media is located in finder. As long as it's used in FCPX, the software will be able to find it.

January 26, 2023
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Locate source media files in Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro has a function that allows you to quickly and easily locate the original source of your media in your timeline.

  1. Search the libraries sidebar to find the event containing the clip you're trying to locate.
  2. Select the file

To locate the original source media file, simply choose the media you're trying to locate, then select "reveal in finder" or press shift + CMD + R on your keyboard.

To Locate the proxy file, choose the media you're trying to find, then press ' reveal proxy media in folder'.

Once you do either of the above two steps, an instance of finder will automatically open and show the file selected.

To ensure the location of your footage in the future: here's is where FCPX stores your media:

Where is Final Cut media stored?

Final Cut Pro stores your photos, videos and audio files in a variety of locations, depending on the settings and preferences you have chosen.

By default, when you import media into Final Cut Pro, it is stored in the "Event Library" within the Final Cut Pro application package. The media files are usually stored in the "Original Media" folder within the Event Library.

You can also choose to store media files in a different location on your Mac, such as an external hard drive or other storage device, by selecting "Custom" in the "Import" preferences.

Additionally, if you are working with proxy media, the proxy files will be stored in the "Proxy Media" folder within the Event Library.

It's important to note that the location of the media files is independent of the location of the project files, which are stored in the "Final Cut Pro Library" located in the "Movies" folder of your Mac.