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10 BEST Motion Array After Effects Templates We've Found (2023)

Here are our top 10 FAVOURITE Adobe After Effects templates available on Motion Array! With these professionally made templates, you can create high quality videos in less time!

December 31, 2022
10 BEST Motion Array After Effects Templates We've Found (2023)
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Adobe After Effects Templates Download

Some of the best templates available for After Effects are found on Motion Array. For just $16 a month, you can unlock unlimited access to their growing collection of resources to help you produce better videos. In this list, we'll cover some of the best, most versatile and popular After Effects project files available on Motion Array.

1. 3D Motion Photo Animator

Download Here

Similar to Volumax and Photomotion, but easier to use and technically free if you already have a Motion array Subscription. The 3D photo animator template let's you convert any 2D image into a 3D animation with sound and motion across all 3 planes. You can also enhance the 3D effect by adding additional shadows to elements which extrude from the background plane.

2. Neon Logo Reveal

Download Here

Turn any text or masked object into a neon sign with the neon logo reveal pack. It's a great alternative to the saber plugin and works just as well, if not better because it has more functionality and customizability included!

3. Typography Promo

Download Here

Do you want a fast, upbeat styled video to promote an upcoming product, event or video? If so, then this promo video is for you! with several time-remapping inspired effects along with advanced text animations, this promo video will make any boring intro become 10x more interesting. Although it is shown to be black and white in the demo video, this templates offers full customizability so you can retain the colors if you prefer.

4. Cyberpunk Opener And Background

Download Here

This cyberpunk inspired opener features a fully rendered 3D city with cool sci-fi text and animations. It's simple to use and won't slow your computer down, regardless of how complex the project actually is. If you're not looking for an opener template, this project can be extracted and used for other purposes as well, such as a slideshow, a short film, music video or anything in-between.

5. Sketch

Download Here

The sketch plugin for After Effects allows you to create a realistic hand-drawn animation from any photo. Take a look at the demo video to see what it can do!

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