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Looking for titles? Lower thirds? Captions? On this page you will find anything related to text on Premiere Pro. Both templates and individual presets available.

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How do I add a text template in Premiere Pro?

So, what are they? Text templates, often seen as Motion Graphics Templates (MoGRTs), are dynamic designs incorporating text, which can be fine-tuned for specific videos. For incorporating a MoGRT, initiate by venturing into the Essential Graphics Panel, hit "Browse", then the "+" icon. Now, pick your desired MoGRT file, and voilà, it's at your editing disposal. On the other hand, for full-fledged Premiere Pro project templates, you start by importing the project (File > Import), locating the template, and selecting it. From here, decisions about text positioning, font choices, even nuances of animation timing are yours to define. With text templates, whether MoGRTs or entire projects, you're essentially dialing into your edit's microdetails, using the intrinsic tools and settings, ensuring every component resonates with your envisaged output.