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Are you looking for free online video editor resources? Then look no further! FreeVisuals has plenty of FREE special effects, downloadable video effects, templates, video presets, plugins, add-ons, scripts, overlays and other resources specially designed by professionals and made for beginner and experienced video creators. Video editing is an essential skill for many people, whether you're making movies, creating YouTube videos, doing freelance work, starting a business or just sharing moments on social media. If you don't have experience using professional video editing software such as Davinci Resolve, Adobe After Effects or Adobe Premiere Pro, using such programs can be quite difficult. FreeVisuals has plenty of free assets that will let you create professional-looking videos regardless of your video editing/VFX experience. You can easily edit videos, add special effects, apply transitions, titles, captions, and more. FreeVisuals also has a wide range of tools to help you easily edit any type of media files such as AVI, MP4, MOV, WMV, MPEG, MPG, DIVX, VOB and 3GP.

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Our download library contains free video effects such as transitions, stock footage, overlays & other compositing resources to improve the quality of your video editing. FreeVisuals creates & curates plenty of assets for Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro, Hitfilm & other Video editing/VFX software. Whether you use Windows/Mac/Linux Software or Mobile apps to edit your videos, FreeVisuals has online free video editing resources for everyone. Youtubers use our effects packs to spice up their videos which ultimately increases their viewer retention. Digital marketers and business owners show their interest in promo templates specially designed to increase CTR. Freelance video editors use all our assets to speed up their workflow for different types of projects for multiple clients.

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Check out FreeVisuals for editing packs, editing overlays, presets, add-ons, scripts, & other video editing tools. FreeVisuals assets are made to improve the quality and consistency while reducing the amount of time spent editing. Our assets are made by experienced post production experts for those who want to massively enhance the quality of their videos. Regardless of whether you're a beginner or professional, our assets are made for all types of video projects, such as video games, socials media clips, music videos and more!


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