Motion Array Review (2024) + How To Get 2 Months FREE

Motion Array is by far one of the largest video template and preset sources for all major editing softwares such as Premiere Pro & After Effects. Find out why millions of video editors choose Motion Array to produce content!

April 9, 2024
Motion Array Review (2024) + How To Get 2 Months FREE
"It's Like Video Editing On Steroids!"
- Sebastian Navarro, FreeVisuals Editor
Endorsed by Adobe, Motion Array is the ULTIMATE tool for creating high-quality videos! Browse 15M+ assets for Premiere Pro, After Effects, FCPX & DaVinci!
"It's Like Video Editing On Steroids!"
- Sebastian Navarro, FreeVisuals Editor
Endorsed by Adobe, Motion Array is the ULTIMATE tool for creating high-quality videos! Browse 15M+ assets for Premiere Pro, After Effects, FCPX & DaVinci!

If you're in the market for presets and templates for popular video editing programs, you know how time-consuming and expensive it can be to search for and purchase individual assets. Luckily there's a new solution to this problem, It's known as Motion Array. Motion Array offers an extensive library of presets, templates and extensions for all major softwares including Final Cut Pro, DaVinci Resolve, Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects, all at a fraction of the cost compared to buying assets individually.

Here's a detailed review of Motion Array based on our findings. We've covered everything from pricing, features comparisons to their competitors and so much more! Not only that, but we've also included testimonials from real users along the way.

What Is Motion Array?

what is motion array

In short: It's a one-stop-shop for all video production needs, loaded with templates, stock footage, and music. But wait, there's more - it also offers some pretty neat video editing software. If the name and user interface sounds familiar, it's because Motion Array has been owned by Artlist since 2020, hence the similar fonts and design.

Founded back in 2013, Motion Array has journeyed from being a newcomer to a well-established player in the digital asset landscape. I find the company's evolution genuinely fascinating, especially considering that Artlist, a creative technology powerhouse, acquired it in 2020. It's a significant endorsement (Artlist's reputation for quality is widely acknowledged), which lends Motion Array additional credibility.

Let me break down what "digital assets" means for those who are new to this terminology. These are the building blocks for your creative projects: video clips, audio files like music and sound effects, visual templates for software like After Effects, plugins to expand your Premiere Pro capabilities, and even stock photographs.

Motion Array is a fantastic resource for finding the ideal templates for your upcoming project because they offer a huge range of high-quality resources to pick from. The best part is that you get unlimited downloads from their lowest pricing option of just just $15.82 a month! That's significantly cheaper than the industry average of $35 a month. If you need a straightforward title template or a sophisticated animation, Motion Array is the place to go. They have everything you need for all major video editing softwares.

User interface Comparison
Motion Array's browsing interface closely resembles that of Envato Elements

If you're acquainted with digital creative asset platforms like Envato Elements, then Motion Array will be familiar to you. Motion Array is almost the exact same thing as Envato Elements, but more targeted towards video editors. For a comprehensive list of Motion Array's features & similarities with Envato, see the 'features' section of this article.

History Of Motion Array

How It All Started

Motion Array popped into existence back in 2013, and it's been a wild ride ever since. The founders, Tyler Williams and Eri Levin, two super-talented guys with a knack for creativity, saw a gap in the market for quality digital assets and decided, "Hey, why not fill it?" So, they took the leap and built this amazing platform from the ground up.

Motion Array from 2013
Motion Array Screenshot Taken From February Of 2013

Any Big Names in the Mix?

Oh, absolutely! Motion Array has been used by some big-time companies like Coca-Cola, Intel, and Uber, just to name a few. It's also been a go-to for a bunch of creative freelancers, indie filmmakers, and even small businesses. I mean, who wouldn't want top-notch resources to make their stuff look professional, right?

Evolution Of Motion Array

Apart from the joint partnership with Artlist, Motion Array has made a few more significant changes to their platform since their inception:

Asset Library - From Thousands to Millions

In its early days, Motion Array was primarily a platform for video templates. Now, it boasts a staggering library of over 1 million digital assets, including one of the world's largest collection of Premiere Pro plugins.

Tools - Not Just Templates Anymore

Originally focused on video templates, Motion Array has expanded its offerings to include four additional tools that can significantly streamline your creative process:

  1. Adobe Panel Extension: This tool integrates Motion Array's asset library directly into Adobe software, eliminating the need to switch between your browser and editing software.
  2. Video Review and Collaboration Tool: This feature allows multiple people to review a video and provide real-time feedback, all within the Motion Array platform.
  3. Website Portfolio Builder: A tool for creating a professional online portfolio to showcase your work.
  4. Presets Plugin for Premiere Pro: This tool offers pre-configured settings for various video effects, making it easier for beginners to achieve professional-looking results.

User-Friendly Downloads

One of the platform's strong suits is its organized download system. When you download assets, they come neatly packaged into folders labeled as Project Files, Help Files, and Fonts. This organization saves you the hassle of sorting through a jumble of files later.

Search Features

Motion Array has also invested in improving its search functionality. Unlike the early days where you had limited search options, now you can filter by application version, categories, and more. This is particularly useful if you're using older software versions and need compatible assets.

Subscription Benefits

The subscription model has also evolved. Initially, Motion Array offered a limited range of assets for a fee. Now, for a single subscription, you get unlimited access to a wide array of assets, from templates to plugins (introduced in June). This is a cost-effective solution, especially when you consider the time you save by having everything you need in one place.

Endorsed by the Big Players

Today, Motion Array is not just another digital asset platform; it's a trusted resource endorsed by industry giants like Netflix, Discovery, and Sony. This speaks volumes about its credibility and the quality of assets it offers.

Once again, Jack & I cannot stress this out enough. Saying that Motion Array is amazing would be an understatement. It's one of the best, if not the best resource any video creator could have for creating the best videos out there. It has everything you need and is much better than other places that have videos you can use. It's really easy to get the rights to use the videos, too. As someone who makes videos a lot, I think Motion Array is not only affordable but also has a ton of videos you can use.

Is Motion Array Worth It?

motion array reviews
"With Motion Array, managing content creation for 3 of my automated YouTube channels has never been easier"

Depending on the frequency of how often you edit video and the type of videos you create, Motion Array is very much worth it for those who are looking for a cheap solution which will help them achieve better quality videos while spending less time editing! Motion array is ideal for those who edit video on a weekly or daily basis, especially if you work as video editors for various projects. This is because Motion array offers plenty of variety in their collection of presets and templates. If you're making a promo video for an app, they'll have templates for that, if you're designing an animated Instagram story for a client, they'll have something for that too! It doesn't matter what type of videos you create, Motion Array's huge library of resources has something for everyone!

Motion Array's Ideal Audience - Who Should Use Motion Array?

When it comes to digital assets, not every platform caters to everyone. Motion Array, with its vast collection and user-friendly interface, is particularly beneficial for a specific set of creators. Let's delve into who stands to gain the most from this platform.


For YouTubers, content is king. But equally important is the presentation. With Motion Array's extensive library of video clips, sound effects, and templates, YouTubers can elevate their content, making it more engaging and professional. Whether it's a vlog, tutorial, or a review, the platform has assets that fit seamlessly into various content types.

Indie Game Developers

For the indie game developer, resources are often scarce, but ambition is vast. Motion Array can be the ally that bridges this gap. With assets that can be used for game trailers, promotional materials, or even in-game cinematics, developers can craft a more engaging narrative around their games. A developer creating a pixel-art based game, for example, can use Motion Array's retro-inspired music and effects to create a trailer that's not just a preview, but a time machine back to the golden age of gaming.

Social Media Marketers

In the age of digital marketing, grabbing the audience's attention in the first few seconds is crucial. Social media marketers can leverage Motion Array's assets to create compelling ads, stories, and posts. The platform's assets are optimized for various social media platforms, ensuring that marketers have the right tools at their disposal.


Audio is the soul of podcasting, and Motion Array understands this with every fiber of its being. Podcasters can find intros, outros, and ambient sounds that give their shows a polished sheen. Consider a true-crime podcaster weaving a chilling tale; the right background music from Motion Array can make the listener's heart race, turning a simple story into an experience. It's the difference between telling and teleporting your audience into the scene.

Videographers and Filmmakers

Crafting a story through visuals requires a blend of creativity and the right resources. Videographers and filmmakers can find high-quality clips that can be integrated into their projects. Whether it's a transition, a background score, or a specific visual effect, Motion Array offers a plethora of options.


Animation is a meticulous process, and having the right templates and effects can save hours of work. Motion Array provides animators with a range of assets that can be customized to fit into their projects. From character animations to background scenes, the platform has it all.

Content Creators - Especially For Educational Content

For those crafting instructional videos, webinars, or online courses, Motion Array is a has so much stuff that you could find helpful. Imagine an educator piecing together a tutorial on the French Revolution – they can punctuate their narrative with stirring soundtracks, insert cutaways to royalty-free footage of Versailles, or use historical reenactment clips to bring the past to life. The platform's assets are not just embellishments; they're tools that transform the abstract into the tangible, making learning a cinematic journey rather than a monologue.

Freelancers and Agencies

In the competitive world of freelancing and agency work, delivering high-quality work on time is paramount. Motion Array acts as a one-stop-shop for freelancers and agencies, providing them with all the digital assets they might need for a project. This not only saves time but also ensures consistency in the quality of work.

Pros & Cons Of Motion Array


  • Assets for almost any video project can be found on Motion Array
  • Free plan is offered
  • No download limit, even on the cheapest subscription
  • Cheapest plan is just $20.83/month + $50 discount for first time users
  • No copyright restrictions once the asset is downloaded
  • 250GB storage is included for your personal use
  • Fast and responsive customer support
  • Premium plan provides unlimited downloads and royalty-free content for life


  • Templates and presets cannot be purchased individually if you wish to do so
  • Platform offers only Adobe app plugins
  • Some templates have compatibility issues - though this only happened to me twice out of 100s of templates
  • They only have a limited number of plugins for each software, though the quantity of plugins is growing over time

Other than those two, there really aren't any other disadvantages of using Motion Array.

Motion Array Pricing

Motion Array Vs Envato Elements Pricing For Tight Budgets
Here's Another Low-Cost Alternative For Motion Array If You're On A Tight Budget
how much is motion array
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How Much Does Motion Array Cost? Well, Motion Array gives you the option to pay in four different subscription plans as follows. All of these plans come fully equipped with a comprehensive usage license, unlimited asset downloads, unique plugins, worldwide license, a whopping 250GB of storage, a Video Review tool, and a Portfolio Site Builder. Let's take a closer look at each of them.

Annual Plan

If you decide to pay annually, Motion Array will only cost you $19.99 each month, coming to a total of $240 a year. However, you are able to take a further discount from this price by using our partnership discount which will allow you to receive $50 off the yearly cost! With our $50 voucher, the yearly cost of Motion Array comes down to just $189.84 a year or $15.82 per month!

Monthly Plan

If you choose to pay monthly on a single user subscription, Motion Array will cost you $29.99 a month. It's only $9.99 per month more than the yearly plan, but it's a good choice for those who would like to test out their library as well as other alternatives before committing to a yearly subscription.

Annual Teams Plan

Now, for those who prefer to work in packs, the team plan is a great fit. It costs $37.50 per month for every two members, billed annually (so it comes to $450 per year). This is applicable for groups ranging from two to twenty individuals.

Enterprise Plan

Motion Array has a separate plan for "organizations with 100+ employees" as they state on their pricing page. Unlike the regular team plan, this option let's you have unlimited users. Along with the regular features found in other plans, the Enterprise plan has custom terms and licensing, a content curation service, dedicated account manager as well as priority customer care.

While the estimated pricing for the enterprise plan isn't disclosed on the website, the cost is beyond $450 per year, depending on your business size, purpose and other factors.

How Much Is Motion Array? Comparison Table

Plan Type Monthly Cost Annual Cost Discount Available Features User Limit Recommended For
Annual Plan $15.82 $189.84 $50 off with partnership Standard features Single User Ideal for individual creators who are committed to long-term projects like documentaries or YouTube series.
Monthly Plan $29.99 N/A None Standard features Single User Best for freelancers or hobbyists who want to test the waters before committing. Suitable for short-term projects like event videos or social media clips.
Annual Teams Plan $37.50/member $450/member None Standard features 2-20 members Great for small to medium-sized production teams working on collaborative projects like corporate videos or indie films.
Enterprise Plan Not Disclosed > $450 Custom Custom terms, content curation, dedicated account manager, priority customer care 100+ employees (Unlimited) Tailored for large organizations with diverse video needs, such as training modules, marketing campaigns, and internal communications.
FreeVisuals Is Partnered With Motion Array! Claim Your $50 Partnership Discount Here

Motion Array offers a range of payment options, making it accessible for a broad audience (even my fellow brokies). You can use VISA, Master Card, American Express, and even PayPal to make your purchase. These options cover all major credit cards, which is a testament to the platform's user-friendly approach.

Rest assured, Motion Array is committed to transparency. There are no hidden costs or additional fees lurking around the corner. Plus, they offer a 14-day money-back guarantee on all plans as mentioned in their terms of service, so you can experiment with confidence.

Assessing Long-Term Commitment versus Short-Term Exploration

Now that you've had a glimpse into the offerings of Motion Array, it's essential to weigh your options. Deciding between short-term and long-term plans isn't just about immediate cost savings; it's about aligning with your goals and, believe me, understanding how Motion Array can serve those needs over time.

Short-Term Exploration: Why It's Worth It

At the end of the day, not every platform is a perfect fit for everyone. By opting for a short-term plan, such as the monthly subscription, you grant yourself the freedom to explore. In a nutshell, this is the phase where you gauge whether the platform resonates with your work style and meets your project's demands.

You see, while long-term plans like the annual subscription offer cost benefits, they also presuppose familiarity and comfort with Motion Array’s offerings. So to speak, if you’re new to Motion Array or still scoping out stock asset platforms, my opinion is that starting with a monthly plan is a prudent choice. By doing so, you bet on gaining a solid understanding of the platform’s strengths and limitations, ensuring that when you do make a longer commitment, it’s backed by experience.

Motion Array Free Trial

Free Trial Motion Array
Free Motion Array Premium Account

*Just note that while you do get to access and view their ever-growing library of 1M+ assets, you do not get to download most of them on a free account.

Does motion array have a free trial? Jack & I get asked that question all the time. And the answer is yes (kind of). They do not have a duration-limited trial, but Motion Array does offer a free plan that includes a few (100+) free downloads, a shifter plugin, one month trial of the Video Review tool, and one month trial of the Portfolio Site Builder, along with up to 1GB of review and upload storage. This is what I consider to be the Motion Array trial, and while it doesn't open up the entire library, it does provide access to hundreds of free assets. I believe this is a solid way to get a feel for the platform before diving into a paid membership.

Get Two Months FREE Here

Motion Array Student Discount

Motion Array Student Discount

Does Motion Array have a student discount? Similar to other Artlist products, Motion Array unfortunately does not offer a discount, coupon, or voucher specifically for students. However, the closest thing to a student discount for Motion Array is their two-month free deal, as mentioned in the section above. Here is where you can get it.

Examples Of Videos Made With Motion Array Presets, Templates And Plugins

Here are just a few examples of videos that were made entirely using templates and presets which can be found on Motion Array:

This one pretty much sums it up. They've incorporated as many presets and templates as they can into one video without making it look too jam-packed.

Not going to lie, this one is kind of corny but just like the video above, this one also presents a wide range of their assets into one big video.

I love the use of sci-fi effects and masks in this one. The flow of the entire video just works so well with each effect and transition. Also, incase you didn't notice, instances of Hitfilm was shown in this video, which is slightly odd considering that there aren't actually that many assets for Hitfilm which can be found on Motion Array. But then again, they most likely did this because Motion Array and Hitfilm are owned by the same company.

User Experience Of The Motion Array Website

"You know the saying 'bang for your buck?' Yeah, Motion Array is a perfect example of that!"

Now, remember, we're talking about a digital product here, so when we say 'how it feels,' we're referring to the user interface, the ease of use, and the overall user experience, not the literal sensation on our skin. Just imagine how it would feel if you could touch and feel the software - that's the vibe we're going for.

From the get-go, the platform gave off a warm, welcoming feel. Jumping in, the interface felt like a soft, plush blanket on a cold winter's night - so user-friendly and inviting. It was like the screen just hugged us, saying, "Come on in, you're going to do great things here!" The buttons and tools weren't too tricky to navigate, almost as if they were guiding our mouse right where it needed to go. It was like the dashboard had a built-in intuition, knowing exactly what we were looking for.

Delving deeper into the interface, imagine it as an orchestra conductor, orchestrating our journey through the platform with the precision of a maestro. The layout was as intuitive as a well-rehearsed symphony, with every element, from plugins to assets, positioned just where you'd expect them to be. It's like being in a cozy, well-lit library where every book is perfectly placed and easily accessible. The design was clean and crisp, like fresh snow on a winter's day, making the browsing experience a seamless one.

Now, let's talk about their customer support. Just picture your favorite superhero, always ready to swoop in and save the day at a moment's notice - that's precisely how Motion Array's support team operates. They're like your trusty sidekick, always at the ready, armed with the knowledge and the skills to turn any troublesome situation around. Their response time was as swift as a falcon diving for its prey, and their answers were as enlightening as a lighthouse guiding a ship in a stormy night.

One feature that particularly stood out was the ease of downloading assets. It was as simple and satisfying as picking ripe apples from a tree. A simple click and the asset was yours, ready to be used in your projects. The process was as smooth as silk, free from the irritating frictions that often accompany digital downloads. It was like the platform was handing you a golden key to a treasure chest full of creative potential.

The video review tool and the Portfolio Site Builder were like cherries on top. They felt like your very own creative workshop - a space where your ideas could take shape and come to life. These tools were as easy to use as a child's building blocks, yet they produced results that were anything but childish. It was like having a master craftsman's toolset at your disposal, ready to assist you in carving your vision into reality.

As you can see in the photo below, the navigation of the site is really straightforward with plenty of images and large text descriptions.

Motion Array's Helpful Customer Support

Firstly, there's the good old-fashioned email support. You can either fill out a form on the website's contact page or directly send an email to Now, you might wonder, "What's the difference?" Well, filling out the form on the website ensures that your query is categorized and directed to the right department. This can expedite the resolution process. On the other hand, sending a direct email gives you the freedom to elaborate on your issue without any character limits. Either way, the support team is known for their prompt responses, often getting back to you within 24 hours. Sometimes they even get back to me in 6 hours or less.

Social Contact

If you're more of a social media aficionado, Motion Array has got you covered there as well. They maintain an active presence on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. This isn't just for show; they genuinely engage with their community. You can tweet a question, leave a comment, or even send a direct message. The response time here is also commendable, usually within a few hours. Plus, their social media channels often feature quick tips and updates, so it's a win-win to follow them.

FAQ Section

Now, for those who prefer a DIY approach, Motion Array's website has all the information. They offer thousands of how-to articles and guides. But don't get overwhelmed; the website is designed for easy navigation. You can filter these resources by topics, making it simple to find exactly what you're looking for. Whether you're a beginner trying to understand the basics of video editing or a seasoned pro looking for advanced techniques, there's something for everyone. Each article is meticulously crafted, often featuring step-by-step instructions, screenshots, and even video tutorials.

Product Support

If you've downloaded a specific template or preset and you're facing issues, you have the unique opportunity to directly contact the creator of that asset. This is a feature that sets Motion Array apart from many other platforms.

So, let's say you've downloaded a video template and you're having trouble customizing it. Instead of reaching out to a general support team, you can directly contact the person who designed that template. This is invaluable because who better to assist you than the individual who actually created the asset? They know the ins and outs of that particular template or preset, and most of the time, they're more than willing to help you out.

Features Of Motion Array

"Motion Array literally has any type of video template you're looking for. No matter how bizarre or specific your project is, Motion Array will have something for it!"
motion array features

Motion Array has 500,000+ resources for Filmmakers, Video Editors, Content Creators, VFX Artists and everyone in-between. Their library features video templates compatible with After Effects, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Davinci Resolve and Premiere Rush. These templates include different varieties which can be used for motion graphics, intros/openers, promo videos, slideshows and more! As well as templates, Motion Array also has a massive library of video editing presets, royalty free sound effects and music, stock footage and photos!

Motion Array Library Size & Diversity

Motion Array Examples
Motion Array Examples
"Easy to Navigate With Plenty Of Filtering Options"

Motion Array's library is made up of over 700,000 video assets. The platform gives you access to everything you need to make a video, including color grading effects, transition presets, templates for full-length videos, and even extensions. If 700,000 assets isn't enough, new assets are being added regularly, at no additional cost to existing members.

As the user testimonial above states, Motion Array's library is user-friendly and has many filtering options, making it easy to navigate and find what you need quickly. The platform's search function finds what you need with little to no error, allowing you to search for assets by keywords, and categories. The filtering options vary depending on what you're looking for, but the main ones are upload date, popularity, relevance, resolution (for templates) and functionality. These options ensure you can find precisely what you need, making the search process fast and efficient.

Feature Category Description Specifics
Library Size Massive, constantly growing library Over 700,000 assets
Quality High-quality assets Owned by Artlist
Templates & Presets World's largest catalog for Premiere Pro, also supports After Effects, DaVinci Resolve, and Final Cut Pro Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro
Audio Assets Royalty-free music and sound effects Over 100,000 music tracks and 11,000 sound effects
Visual Assets High-quality video footage and motion graphics Over 100,000 video footage options and 17,000 motion graphics
Photos Extensive stock photo collection 100,000+ stock photos
Plugins Efficiency-focused plugins for leading software Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop
User Experience User-friendly, organized setup Six categories: Templates, Presets, Audio, Videos, Photos, Plugins
Trustworthiness & Security Secure, 100% transparent, and reliable Endorsed by Artlist and highly customer-approved

Motion Array Subscription Benefits

Well, for starters, you get millions of dollars worth of assets for $15. And no, I'm not exaggerating when I say $1,000,000+ worth of assets. If you do the maths by comparing Motion Array to it's pay-per-download competitor; VideoHive, you'll realize how valuable Motion Array actually is. Apart from this, here are some other benefits you get with a Motion Array subscription:

Unlimited Access (While Subscribed)

If you're serious about video editing, the Monthly Account is where the real magic happens. For $29.99 a month, you get Unlimited Downloads. This means you can download as many professional tools, templates, and plugins as you want, without any restrictions.

Integrations With Premiere Pro & After Effects

Straight off the bat, you also get an Adobe Extension, which is a tool that integrates Motion Array's marketplace directly into software like Adobe After Effects or Premiere Pro. Once you've found the assets you need, you can download them directly from the Adobe application panel with just a single click. This is a feature that has been professionally vetted to ensure it meets industry standards for ease and functionality. No more dragging and dropping files from your downloads folder into your project. The assets download in the background, allowing you to continue working without any interruptions.

To give you some practical insights based on years of experience, let's say you're editing a video and you need a specific transition effect. Normally, you'd have to leave your editing software, search for the effect online, download it, and then import it into your project—a process that could take up to 10-15 minutes or more depending on your internet speed and familiarity with the steps. With Motion Array's Adobe integration, this entire process is reduced to just a couple of minutes, if not seconds.

Plugins (NEW)

The cherry on top is 42 Premium Plugins. These are specialized tools that can do everything from distorting visuals for an edgy music video to adding a 'glitch' effect for dramatic impact. These plugins alone can cost hundreds of dollars elsewhere, making the monthly fee incredibly cost-effective.

10% Off (Annual Accounts Only)

For teams, there's an Extra 10% Off Per User. This is perfect for small businesses or agencies where multiple people need access to these resources. The team plan is flexible, allowing you to add or remove members as needed, making it scalable to your project's needs.

Motion Array's Supported Softwares

supported softwares for motion array

Here are the softwares which support the assets available on Motion Array, organized by asset type:

When it comes to template compatibility, Motion Array supports Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Final Cut Pro, DaVinci Resolve, and Adobe Premiere Rush. For preset compatibility, the platform is compatible with DaVinci Resolve Macros, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Adobe After Effects. Additionally, plugin compatibility extends to Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Apple Motion, Vegas Pro, DaVinci Resolve, and Avid Media Composer.

Surprisingly, they don't have any templates for Hitfilm, considering that both Motion Array & Hitfilm are owned by the same company.

Asset Type Adobe Premiere Pro Adobe After Effects Final Cut Pro DaVinci Resolve Adobe Premiere Rush Vegas Pro Avid Media Composer
Template Compatibility x x x x x
Preset Compatibility x x x
Plugin Compatibility x x x x x x

Licensing Information

Licensing is essential to ensure that you're not infringing on any copyrights or violating any usage restrictions. Fortunately, Motion Array makes it easy to understand its licensing agreements, offering a straightforward and easy-to-understand licensing structure.

Let's dissect what this universal license entails, especially for those who may not be well-versed in legal jargon. First off, the moment you sign up for a paid subscription, you're granted the right to use an unlimited number of assets in an unlimited number of projects. When I say "assets," I mean anything from their catalog, be it video clips, audio tracks, templates, or plugins.

Royalty-Free License

The royalty-free nature of Motion Array's license is what draws most of us creators in. This means that once you've paid for the asset (through your membership), you won't have to pay any additional royalties for its repeated use. So, every time your YouTube video with that snazzy soundtrack or stock footage gets a view, there are no extra fees to worry about. Frankly, it's a game-changer for content creators of all sizes.


As for longevity, the license covers your projects for an indefinite period as long as your subscription remains active. To put it another way, any project completed during your subscription is protected forever. However, if you cancel your subscription, it's crucial to understand that any new projects you undertake can't include the assets you downloaded while you were a subscriber.

Commercial Use

Now, onto the commercial scope. You can freely use these assets for a staggering range of applications, from advertising campaigns to live events, YouTube videos, feature films, and even broadcast television. The versatility extends to niche areas like sports programming, non-profit communications, and internal company communications. The breadth of permitted commercial uses is genuinely noteworthy, essentially removing the guesswork about where and how you can utilize these assets.

However, Motion Array is careful to indicate assets that are restricted to "Editorial Use Only." This is a crucial distinction. Those labeled as such are not to be used for commercial ventures like vlogs or commercials. Rather, they are meant for journalistic endeavors like public service announcements and news broadcasts. Motion Array makes this clear by labeling these assets prominently, thereby eliminating any room for confusion.

All Motion Array subscriptions come with a standard license, which allows for commercial and non-commercial use of assets in perpetuity. However, if you're looking to use the resources in broadcast or theatrical projects, you'll need to upgrade to an extended license, which comes at an additional cost.

Music Registration with P.R.O. and Content ID

For those who plan on using music assets, this one's for you. While the tracks you find on Motion Array are royalty-free, sometimes you might need to take a few more steps. If you're serious about broadcasting or distributing your content widely, it's advisable to register your music with a Performance Rights Organization (P.R.O.) or Content ID systems outside Motion Array. By the way, this isn't a limitation but a structured way to ensure that only licensed use happens across platforms. You see, it's all about making sure your tracks are legally sound and well-accounted for.

4 Reasons Why You Should NEVER Edit Without Motion Array Presets & Templates

"Motion Array is a MUST-HAVE for freelancers. I could not recommend it enough for my fellow video agency owners"

Head Start In Video Production

These assets give you a head start in whatever video you're creating. Making it easier to create high quality content even if you're a new user of whatever video editing software you have chosen.

Reduce Time Spent Editing & Speed Up Production

Presets and templates allow you to get work done faster by removing all the repetitive tasks such as adding transitions and fixing the color correction.

Improve Video Quality

Using assets made by professional video producers will give your video the feel and aesthetic of a video made by an experienced video editor, animator or VFX artist.

Mass Produce Videos

You can speed up the editing process by using ready-made video templates where you just need to replace the placeholders with your own footage in the project files. This mainly benefits freelance editors or professional editors rather than hobbyists.

Motion Array Alternatives

Platform Pricing Model Content Variety Licensing User Experience & Unique Features Software Compatibility Community & Support
Motion Array Subscription starting at $15/month Adobe-focused, Broad Range Use assets forever, as long as you're subscribed Adobe-centric, Review and Portfolio tools Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro Active Community, Tutorials
VideoHive Pay per asset Wide variety Varies per asset A la carte experience Multiple software including Adobe Forums, FAQs
Mixkit Free Limited Range Royalty-Free Simple UI, limited choices Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro FAQs
MotionElements Pay-as-you-go or Subscription starting at $16/month Wide variety, including 3D models Royalty-Free, varies per asset Flexible payment, MOEV feature Multiple software including Adobe, Apple Email support, Blog
MotionVFX One-time purchase Apple-focused, High Quality Standard license per purchase Specialized for Apple, High-End Visual Effects Apple Final Cut Pro, Apple Motion Email support
Envato Elements Subscription model Extensive variety beyond video Simple, broad license All-in-one offering Multiple software including Adobe, Apple Forums, FAQs, Tutorials


The most glaring difference is the way they charge for their services. VideoHive operates on a pay-per-asset model. This means you pay a one-time fee for each template or asset you want to use. Prices can range from as low as $5 to as high as $60 per item, depending on what you're looking for. On the other hand, Motion Array adopts a subscription-based model. For a fixed monthly fee—usually starting at around $30—you get unlimited access to their entire library of templates and assets.

Let's talk numbers for a moment. Suppose you're a frequent user who needs at least 10 templates a month. With VideoHive, if we assume an average cost of $20 per template, that would set you back $200 a month. Contrast this with Motion Array's subscription fee, and you quickly realize how Motion Array could be the more budget-friendly option.

I've noticed that many of the templates available on VideoHive can also be found on Motion Array. If not, you can usually find very similar alternatives. This is a key point to consider, especially if you're working on a project with a specific theme or aesthetic in mind. dramatically distinguishes itself by offering high-quality assets completely for free. Yes, you heard me right—zero dollars. Motion Array, as we've discussed, requires a monthly subscription fee starting at about $30 for unlimited access. If you're operating on a shoestring budget, is a life-saver.

But why is free, you might wonder? Well, it's essentially a teaser platform for the more comprehensive service, Envato Elements, which is a paid service. Consider as a sampling space; you get fewer choices, but those choices are still top-notch. The platform aims to lure you in with quality freebies, hoping you'll eventually move on to its bigger, paid sibling. It's a clever marketing tactic, and it works.

Now, let's pivot to the asset library. Motion Array has an extensive range of video templates, stock footage, and royalty-free music., while commendable for its free assets, has a more limited scope in terms of variety. For example, if you're in search of specialized assets, such as 3D elements or specific After Effects plugins, your hunt might end in vain on This is where Motion Array's broader selection really shines through, providing you with an all-encompassing resource for your multimedia projects.

Ease of use is another point of differentiation. Both platforms offer a user-friendly experience, but Motion Array goes a step further by providing in-depth tutorials and customer support. These resources are particularly invaluable if you hit a creative or technical roadblock. While offers basic guides and FAQs, the level of support and educational content is noticeably less comprehensive.


The very first thing that catches the eye is how you'll be billed. As you might already know, Motion Array operates on a subscription-based model with packages starting at around $30 a month. Now, MotionElements has a dual approach: you can either opt for a pay-as-you-go method or choose a subscription plan that starts at $16 per month but restricts you to certain types of assets. What does this mean for you? Well, if you’re the type to go all-in, a full-featured subscription from Motion Array may suit you better. But if you're someone who prefers a more à la carte experience, or perhaps need fewer types of assets, MotionElements provides that flexibility.

Motion Array has quite the smorgasbord of assets, covering everything from video templates to stock music. On the flip side, MotionElements extends its arms even further, dipping its toes into more specialized assets like 3D models and Apple Motion templates. The added diversity can be a real boon if you’re working on a multifaceted project that needs more than just video and audio.

With Motion Array, the license is pretty straightforward. You get to use any downloaded assets forever, even if your subscription expires. MotionElements, however, uses a royalty-free license that varies depending on the asset. This might require you to scrutinize each license type carefully, especially if you're working on commercial projects. While this isn't necessarily a deal-breaker, it's an added layer of complexity that could make or break the deal for some.


Strengths of Motion Array:

  • Built for Adobe Users: Motion Array is practically a dream come true if you're well-versed in Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro. Given the Adobe-centric nature of its templates, you're looking at a streamlined experience if Adobe is your go-to software.
  • Versatility of Content: From templates to stock footage, and even royalty-free music, Motion Array is like a Swiss Army knife for your multimedia needs. In my experience, this sort of one-stop-shop can be invaluable for efficiency.
  • Unlimited Downloads: With a subscription-based model, Motion Array allows you unlimited downloads from its extensive library. This is a godsend for any of us involved in high-volume or quick-turnaround projects.

Strengths of MotionVFX:

  • Specialized for Apple Users: MotionVFX is the cream of the crop when it comes to Apple's Final Cut Pro and Motion software. This platform offers a boutique experience that is exceptionally tailored for the Apple ecosystem.
  • Quality over Quantity: While its asset library may not be as extensive as Motion Array's, MotionVFX focuses intensely on the quality and complexity of its templates and plugins. Each offering feels like a carefully crafted piece of art.
  • One-Time Purchase: Unlike Motion Array, MotionVFX lets you purchase templates and plugins on a one-off basis. This can be cost-effective if you're focused on a specific project and don't need a gamut of assets.

Unique Features:

  • Customer Support & Community: Motion Array has a vibrant community and solid customer support, offering tutorials to help you get the most out of their assets. I've found this to be an excellent resource for troubleshooting and learning.
  • High-End Visual Effects: MotionVFX specializes in advanced visual effects templates. If you're working on projects that require Hollywood-level effects, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better option than MotionVFX.

So, to wrap things up, Motion Array is your Jack-of-all-trades platform, perfect for those of us who work extensively within the Adobe Suite and need a wide variety of assets. MotionVFX, on the other hand, is your specialized craftsman, ideal for Apple software users who are looking for exceptional quality and are willing to pay per asset.

Envato Elements

Elements offer similar features and pricing structures, but may differ in the quality and variety of their content.

If you're a freelance designer or video editor, you'll love Motion Array for its laser focus on video-centric assets. This platform is like a special ops unit, designed to give you all the tools you need for quick and effective video projects. Envato Elements, while having a sprawling video section, spreads its love across a wider array of asset types like graphic templates, fonts, and even 3D elements. So if you're a freelancer who's more of a Jack-of-All-Trades, Envato's extensive collection could be more your speed.

Here's where the all-in-one offering of Envato Elements shines. Not only can you download video templates, but you can also nab website themes, stock photos, and even marketing materials. Essentially, it's a one-stop-shop, making life a lot easier when you're wearing multiple hats in your business. Motion Array, on the other hand, may require you to seek additional platforms for those extra needs, which might not be as convenient.

If your focus is exclusively on video production or post-production, Motion Array's specialized nature could be a real asset (pun intended). Plus, they offer a Review and Portfolio tool, allowing you to share drafts with clients and showcase your work. Envato Elements, while comprehensive, doesn’t provide this level of specialization in client-interaction tools.

You've got a pet project, maybe a YouTube channel, or a short film you're passionate about. In such cases, Envato Elements might be your best bet for two reasons: a broader variety of assets and a simple licensing model that covers you for multiple types of projects. Motion Array could seem like overkill if your needs extend beyond

Which is better Envato or motion Array?

Ultimately, the best option will depend on your specific needs and budget. However, Motion Array is undoubtedly worth considering, offering an excellent balance of affordability, features, and quality content.

Main Differences Between Motion Array And The Competitors Listed Above

Here are just some of the main distinguishing factors that I came up after using all of the competing options above for a minimum of 2 months (6 months for Envato Elements).

Library Size

If you're looking for variety, Envato Elements takes the cake with a whopping 465,000+ "aerial" shots alone, compared to Motion Array's 60,000. This isn't just a numbers game; it's about the breadth of options available to you. Envato's been around longer, so they've had more time to build up their library.

Software Compatibility

Now, if you're a DaVinci Resolve user (that's a professional video editing software, by the way), you'll find a friend in Motion Array. They offer a more extensive range of templates specifically designed for Resolve, which really help to move the needle for your projects.

Extra Tools

Unlike VideoHive and Mixkit, Motion Array isn't just a library; it's a toolkit. It comes packed with four additional features: an Adobe Panel Extension (that's a built-in tool for Adobe software), a video review and collaboration tool (think of it as Google Docs for video editing), a website portfolio builder, and a presets plugin for Premiere Pro. These aren't just bells and whistles; they can streamline your workflow significantly.


All platforms have their pros and cons here. Envato Elements excels when you're looking for music. They offer a myriad of filters like Genre, Mood, and Instruments. Motion Array, on the other hand, shines when you're searching for templates. They even let you filter by the version of the software you're using, which is a lifesaver if you haven't updated your software in a while.

Usability and Downloads

Ever downloaded a template only to find it's missing the fonts or instructions? That's less likely to happen with Motion Array. Their downloads are neatly organized into Project Files, Help Files, and Fonts. Envato Elements can be a bit of a mixed bag in this regard, depending on who uploaded the content.


If budget is a concern, Envato Elements generally offers more bang for your buck. They're often cited as a more affordable option in customer-approved reviews.


How Does Motion Array Work?

Utilizing Motion Array is relatively straightforward. Once you subscribe to a plan (we'll get into the details of those plans later), you gain access to the entire library of assets. You can browse through the categories, or use the search function to find specific types of content. Once you find something you like, you simply download it and integrate it into your project. We found this process to be quite smooth and efficient, with no significant technical issues.

What types of content does Motion Array provide?

Motion Array offers a wide range of content to cater to diverse creative needs. During our usage, we frequently accessed their collection of video templates, which included categories such as intros, logos, and trailers. We also found the stock footage section quite valuable, as it offered clips from various genres and locations. The royalty-free music and sound effects section became our go-to for audio needs. They also offer a range of graphic templates, such as social media designs and infographics, which came in handy for our digital marketing projects.

Can I use Motion Array content with different software or editing platforms?

Yes, absolutely. One of the things we appreciated about Motion Array was its compatibility with different software and editing platforms. We regularly used assets with Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, and DaVinci Resolve, though they also support other platforms.

Is motion Array really free?

Our initial foray into Motion Array was driven by curiosity and the promise of a plethora of free resources. In our experience, however, it is worth noting that Motion Array is not entirely free. As of our last usage in early 2023, they offer a range of pricing tiers, with the free tier offering limited access to resources. The free tier allowed us access to a reduced library of assets and provided us with the ability to download a few free items per month. However, to unlock the full potential and to access the complete library of resources, we found that a paid subscription was necessary.

How Do I Cancel Or Downgrade My Motion Array Account?

Before proceeding, it's important to understand that cancelling your subscription will stop future billings, while downgrading will simply change your subscription to a lower-priced plan. Both actions can be executed directly from your account settings.

Steps to Cancel or Downgrade

  1. Logging In: First, log in to your Motion Array account. We usually did this every day to download new assets, so it's pretty straightforward.
  2. Accessing Account Settings: After logging in, locate the 'Account' option, which can be found on the top right corner of the website. Click on it to access your account settings. We've visited this section frequently to update our payment details and check our subscription status.
  3. Navigating to Subscription Details: Once you're in the account settings, look for the 'Subscription' tab. This section provides all the details about your current subscription, including the cost, renewal date, and options to change your plan.
  4. Changing Your Subscription: If you're looking to downgrade, here's where you'll find the different plans available. We've changed our plan a few times to adjust to our usage needs. Simply select the lower-priced plan you wish to downgrade to and confirm your choice. If you're looking to cancel, click on the 'Cancel Subscription' button (usually found at the bottom of the page) and follow the instructions to finalize the cancellation.

Post-Cancellation / Downgrade

Keep in mind that even after cancelling, you will still have access to your paid features until the end of your billing cycle. For instance, when we cancelled our subscription on the 15th of a month but our billing cycle ended on the 30th, we could still use our paid features until the 30th.

Also, remember to keep an eye on your email inbox for a confirmation message from Motion Array verifying the changes made to your account. We always ensured to save these emails for our records.

Does Motion Array Work With iMovie?

No, Motion Array does not have any assets, whether that'd be presets or templates for iMovie. However, you can still use overlay elements from Motion Array with iMovie. Probably not worth it though.

Motion Array Review Summary

Overall Rating - 4/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Three words - Get Motion Array!

It's worth a lot more than what they charge. Consider this: a single After Effects template can range in price from $30 to $200. Yet, on Motion Array, you have access to unlimited assets, not just templates, for a single fixed monthly fee (or annually, if you opt to pay that way).

Jack and I used Motion Array extensively for about 1 year, and the results were nothing short of amazing. The array of resources offered by the platform saved us so much time and effort. Think of it as a magic potion that turned us into video editing wizards overnight. From creating professional-looking videos for school projects to making a fun montage of our weekend getaway, we achieved it all!

What's more, the quality of the content on offer was like the cream at the top of a milk jug - so rich and top-notch. The templates were super customizable (to the point we thought we were pro designers), and the stock footage and music were really diverse, catering to our every need.

The Premiere Pro plugin was another gem. It felt like the cherry on top of our delicious sundae, making the process of importing and customizing templates a breeze. It was like having a secret assistant, discreetly doing all the heavy lifting for us.

Motion Array Templates