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Browse & download 100s of FREE stylized effects for animated typography, transitions, shakes & other keyframe animations in Adobe After Effects. We've created these presets using Adobe After Effects CC 2019. They're available in FFX files so they work on both Macs and Windows/Linux PCs. These free after effects presets are great for speeding up your compositing workflow whilst improving your production quality. Most of these assets require the motion tile effect for after effects, which comes with the software and requires no further adjustment unless additional adjustments are done to your layer. Amplitude-declining shake and wobble presets are also included below. You can use these shakes to add a sense of realistic movement to any type of animation, whether it's a logo reveal, a product launch, or even just a social media clip. Search & download now!

Text & TypographyShakesTransitions
If you're looking for templates, overlays and other resources for After Effects, check out the main effects for after effects page for other resources as well! This collection is focused mainly on free after effects transitions.

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Simple To Use, Drag & Drop Free Presets For After Effects

Adobe produces the industry leading software used by VFX artist, motion designers, video editors and all sorts of other digital creatives around the world. Adobe After Effects free presets are designed so that you can streamline the video editing process for a faster editing time, while achieving higher production quality. By using these effects, you can easily produce high quality visual content without having to learn how to replicate each individual settings. Our effect presets work well with creating titles, transitions, credits and more! They're also great for adding additional effects and features to simple videos. FreeVisuals has all types of presets available for download, some of which include: title text templates, transitions, twitches and colour grading in After Effects.

After Effects Presets Free For Everyone!

Transition effects have a simple ease in & ease out animation. You can use them to transition between two clips or add it to floating layers to introduce or exclude them from the frame. If your media doesn't match the theme or mood of your video, you should correct the colour so it fits in naturally. Our colour correction presets will do the trick. they're easy to apply and works well with any type of footage.
Many new and experienced Adobe After Effects users seem to be confused on how to use bounce presets. Bounce/shake presets are used to provide a fun, dynamic consistency to your videos. Use them by positioning between transitions, and other animations which involve steep easy-ease curves. Shake and wobble presets are also great for making after effects logo animations, videos in first person view as well as smoothening up the introduction of new elements into a scene or between clips.

How To Add After Effects Presets

Importing presets into your effects panel is easy. Simply follow these steps to start using presets in After Effects instantly.

1. Download the free AE presets and extract the files if needed.
2. Navigate to 'This PC > Documents > Adobe > After Effects CC > User Presets' and drag and drop or paste your downloaded preset(s) into this folder.
3. Restart Adobe After Effects and your presets will be found in the 'effects & presets' folder.

To use the preset you've just imported, simply drag and drop it onto the layer you would like to apply it on. Alternatively, you could select the desired layer, then double click the preset file to apply it instantly.