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Browse and download from our growing collection of 232+ LUTs and color grading/correction presets. Inspired by real locations and created by color grading professionals.

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How do I add color grading And Color Correction presets in Premiere Pro?

Color correction refers to the act of balancing out your footage's colors, ensuring that whites are true white, blacks are true black, and everything in between is accurate to the source. Color grading, on the other hand, is the creative choice of applying a specific tone or mood to your footage. To integrate these capabilities seamlessly, color presets can be a goldmine. Presets are predefined configurations (settings that have been pre-established) to give your video a specific look or feel. To add these presets to Premiere Pro, navigate to the 'Effects' panel, right-click within the 'Presets' directory, and select 'Import Presets'. From here, choose your desired preset file (usually a .cube or .look file) and it will be incorporated into your library. Utilizing these presets in your editing workflow, especially during the color grading phase, equips you with the flexibility to artistically define and refine your narrative's visual language. This approach enables editors to dial in the nuances of their visual storytelling, ensuring that every frame resonates with the intended emotion and vision.