WeVideo Review [2024] - 8 Pros & 2 Cons Explained

This is a review of the popular video editing platform; WeVideo, written by an experienced video editor and VFX artist who previously used After Effects. In case you didn't already know, WeVideo is a versatile and user-friendly video editing platform suitable for a range of projects, but it has limitations in advanced color grading, 3D effects, and offline editing. Depending on your specific needs, these limitations could be a deciding factor, so weigh the pros and cons carefully before committing to the platform.

April 14, 2024
WeVideo Review [2024]  - 8 Pros & 2 Cons Explained
"It's Like Video Editing On Steroids!"
- Sebastian Navarro, FreeVisuals Editor
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WeVideo has been a new contender in my video editing journey over the past five months. I've been using it every now and then for editing YouTube videos for a tech review channel which i freelance for. My virtual assistants have also found it incredibly user-friendly, which has streamlined our workflow significantly. Like most other online editing platforms, WeVideo is a great video maker for bulk video production that doesn't require complex tools and effects offered by more advanced programs such as Premiere Pro.

WeVideo Reviews Summary

Criteria Score/Remarks
Overall Score 7.5/10
Functionality 7/10
Ease Of Use 10/10 (Way easier than Flexclip & similar programs)
Who Would I Recommend It To This is the perfect online video editor for school projects, teachers, and small businesses (especially in-house stuff like corporate presentations).
Main Disadvantage Extremely basic compared to Filmora and Movavi
Main Advantage Not only is it simple to use, but it also has several features that other video editors don't have. Interactive video elements, analytics, and collaboration tools are just some to name a few.

While WeVideo offers a robust set of features, it might not be as advanced as some other professional-grade software like Adobe Premiere. However, its user-friendliness and collaborative features make it a strong contender in the video editing space.

What Is WeVideo?

TL;DR - WeVideo is a versatile cloud-based video editing platform that sets itself apart from traditional editing programs through its accessible and collaborative features. Unlike many other editing tools, WeVideo allows users to edit and create videos directly in their web browsers, eliminating the need for heavy software downloads. Its intuitive interface caters to a broad range of users, from beginners to professionals, making it an ideal choice for teachers seeking a user-friendly yet powerful video editing solution that fosters collaboration and creativity.

wevideo tools

Video Editor

The heart of WeVideo is its Video Editor, a feature-rich platform that offers a multi-layer timeline, allowing you to stack and edit multiple video clips, images, and audio tracks. The editor supports 4K resolution, ensuring that your final product is of the highest quality. I've found the drag-and-drop interface incredibly intuitive, especially when I'm juggling multiple projects for my tech review channel. The editor also includes essential color correction tools and even allows you to edit the speed of your video clips, which came in handy when I needed to slow down footage for a detailed product review.

Screen Recorder

WeVideo's built-in Screen Recorder is a lifesaver for anyone who needs to capture live actions on their computer screen. Whether you're recording a software tutorial or capturing gameplay, this feature ensures you get high-quality recordings without needing third-party software. The Screen Recorder also captures audio, allowing for voiceover narration. This feature was a godsend when one of my VAs had to quickly create a software walkthrough video for our SAAS business.

Green Screen

The Green Screen feature in WeVideo is not just a gimmick; it's a powerful tool that allows you to replace the background in your videos. This is particularly useful for adding a professional touch to your videos or for placing your subjects in a different setting without leaving your workspace. The tool is straightforward to use: film your subject against a green or blue backdrop and then replace it with any image or video background you like. I've used this feature to create some compelling marketing videos, adding dynamic backgrounds that would have been impossible to shoot in a studio.

Video Templates

WeVideo offers a range of pre-designed Video Templates that can accelerate your video creation process. These templates come with preset elements like transitions, text overlays, and even background music. They're fully customizable, allowing you to replace the stock images and text with your own content. My VAs have found these templates to be a massive time-saver when bulk-generating marketing videos.

More About WeVideo, From WeVideo Themselves

It's a good idea to get the perspective from WeVideo themselves to answer the following questions:

What Is The Future Of Video Editing With WeVideo?

"Our mission is to enhance learning by harnessing the power of interactive video, and we're committed to being the best-in-class video learning platform worldwide."

I would definitely have to agree with this statement. WeVideo is one of the only video editors out there that is designed with the intention that it will be used for educational video creation.

Are there any upcoming features or updates that users can look forward to?

"We just released our "Next-Gen" editing space, which provides a more optimized performance, as well as introduces a few features to our Business plans that were previously reserved for our Education plans (ex. automatic subtitle generator, real-time collaboration).

We also acquired PlayPosit, an interactive design studio, in 2022 and have introduced interactivity to our EDU plans. With interactivity, educators and learners can layer interactive elements on top of their video content (multiple choice questions, polls, discussion prompts, etc.). We strongly believe in the future of interactive video and its ability to create deeper learning and engagement opportunities."

You can see more of the Next Gen editing view here. Playposit is yet another great option for teachers and educators.

User success stories & unique ways people have used WeVideo

"Great case study from one of our large Education clients HERE. We're also used by two-thirds of the Top 100 U.S. school districts, as well as a number of schools and universities worldwide."

Are there any special offers, discounts, or partnerships that potential users should know about?

"We're a Google for Education partner, available as a Google Classroom add-on and through Google Admin console."

What You Can Do With WeVideo

These are just some of the things you can do with one of the most powerful online video editors to ever exist.

  • Remove Mistakes: The easy-to-use timeline allows you to cut or trim out parts of the video that you don't want, making your final product look polished.
  • Create Ads: If you're a small business owner or marketer, you can use WeVideo to create compelling video ads. The real-time collaboration feature allows multiple team members to work on the same project, streamlining the creation process.
  • Preserve Memories: WeVideo's cloud-based storage ensures that your home movies are safe and can be accessed anytime, anywhere. This is a great way to preserve memories for future generations.
  • Edit Personal Videos: Whether it's a funny clip of your pet or a family gathering, WeVideo has all the tools you need to edit and enhance those moments.
  • Professional Event Videos: With its advanced features like 4K rendering and animated transitions, you can create professional-looking videos for events like weddings or birthdays.
  • Social Media Upload: The platform supports multiple export formats and even allows you to publish your videos directly to social media platforms, making sharing your creations a breeze.

Is WeVideo Worth It?

C'mon is that even a questions? It's only $9! See for yourself.

My Opinion:

The Return on Investment (ROI) for WeVideo is easily justifiable. Within just a few months of using it, the software essentially pays for itself. For instance, the real-time collaboration feature has cut down my editing time by at least 30%, allowing me and my VAs to take on more projects. This time-saving aspect translates into real financial gains for my channel.

Create Engaging Content

WeVideo allows you to create not just movies but also interactive videos and slideshows. The platform offers over 1 million stock assets (videos, images, and audio clips), making it easier to supplement your content and make it more engaging.


WeVideo is not just for content creators; its features make it an excellent tool for remote work, distance education, and even fun projects. Its compatibility with popular learning management systems like Canvas and Schoology makes it ideal for educational settings as well.

Pros & Cons

Like any software, it has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Here's a deep dive into the pros and cons to help you decide if it's the right fit for you.


  • User-Friendly Interface: WeVideo is incredibly intuitive, making it easy for beginners with no prior video editing experience to get started. My VAs, who had limited experience with video editing, were able to pick it up quickly.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: Unlike some software that's limited to specific operating systems, WeVideo is cloud-based and works on Chromebooks, Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices. This has been a lifesaver for my remote team.
  • Premium Features: WeVideo offers a plethora of premium features like timeline markers, green screen capabilities (chroma key), and even video analytics.
  • Educational Resources: The platform offers a variety of tutorials and how-to guides, which can be particularly useful for first-time users.
  • 4K Rendering: Just like Movavi, WeVideo supports 4K rendering, ensuring high-quality video output. This is crucial for my tech reviews where detail matters.
  • Advanced Editing Functions: Features like Picture-in-Picture (PiP), keyframing, and animated transitions are available. These advanced functions have been particularly useful for my SAAS business's marketing videos.
  • Real-Time Collaboration: This feature allows multiple users to work on the same project simultaneously. It's been a game-changer for my VAs and me, cutting down our video editing time by about 30%.
  • Direct-to-Social-Media Export: This feature allows you to publish videos directly to platforms like YouTube, streamlining the entire workflow.


  • Limited Advanced Editing: While WeVideo is feature-rich, it may not offer as many advanced editing options as some other professional-grade software like Adobe Premiere.
  • Limited Control Over Effects: While the platform offers a variety of effects, there's limited control over customization. For instance, the title addition and editing options could be more flexible.

Who Should Use WeVideo?

wevideo users

If you're a content creator focusing on YouTube, WeVideo is a fantastic tool for you. I've been using it for the past five months to edit tech review videos for a tech review channel. The platform offers direct-to-YouTube export options, making the publishing process incredibly smooth. It also has a built-in screen recording feature, which is invaluable for creating tutorial or gaming videos.

Video Ads - Marketing Specialists

Creating video ads doesn't have to break the bank. With WeVideo, you can produce high-performing ads without spending a fortune. The software offers a plethora of stock assets and effects, allowing you to create unique ads that resonate with your target audience. The real-time collaboration feature has been a lifesaver for me and my VAs, cutting down editing time by at least 30%.

Product Demo Videos - Business Owners/Agencies

WeVideo is excellent for creating product demo or explainer videos. The platform offers interactive video elements, which can make your demos more engaging. They even have a feature for video analytics, providing you with valuable insights into viewer behavior and engagement. This is particularly useful for businesses looking to understand the impact of their product videos.

Educational Content - Teachers/Instructors

If you're a teacher or involved in distance education, WeVideo is the tool for you. It integrates seamlessly with popular learning management systems like Canvas and Schoology. This makes it incredibly easy to share educational content with students or colleagues.

Everyday Use - Anyone

WeVideo is not just for professionals or content creators; it's for anyone who wants to edit videos. Whether you're looking to create memorable wedding videos, birthday celebrations, or even home movies, WeVideo has you covered. Its user-friendly interface ensures that you don't need prior editing experience to produce professional-looking videos.


we video annual pricing

WeVideo Power Plan (Monthly Subscription): $9.99/month or $4.99/month billed annually

This plan includes all the basic features you'd need for straightforward video editing. It's perfect for beginners or those who need to create videos occasionally. You get:

  • Cloud storage of up to 30GB
  • Export videos up to 720p resolution
  • Single video track editing

I found this plan to be quite useful for quick edits, especially when one of my VAs needed to make a last-minute change to a marketing video for my SAAS business.

WeVideo Unlimited Plan (Monthly Subscription): $15.99/month or $7.99/month billed annually

This is the plan I've been using for my tech review channel. It includes:

  • Unlimited cloud storage
  • Export videos up to 4K resolution
  • Multiple video tracks for complex editing
  • Built-in stock media library

The unlimited cloud storage was a lifesaver when we had to work on multiple projects simultaneously.

WeVideo Business Plan (Monthly Subscription): $39.99/month or $19.99/month billed annually

Designed for businesses and professionals, this plan offers:

  • Team collaboration features
  • Unlimited cloud storage
  • Advanced analytics and sharing options
  • Priority customer support

This plan actually helped when one of my VAs forgot to save a project that cost me $49. The advanced analytics also provide valuable insights into viewer engagement, which is crucial for any business.

WeVideo for Schools (Annual Subscription): Custom Pricing

This is a specialized plan aimed at educational institutions. It includes:

  • COPPA and FERPA compliance for student safety
  • Collaboration features for classroom settings
  • Teacher management dashboard

Free Trial and Additional Features

WeVideo offers a free trial that allows you to test out most of its features. This is a great way to get a feel for the platform before committing to a subscription.

Apart from video editing, WeVideo also offers a range of additional tools like a built-in screen recorder and a GIF maker. These tools add extra value to the subscription, making it a comprehensive solution for all your video creation needs.

Getting Started with WeVideo

wevideo green screen

Unlike traditional video editing software that requires you to download and install a program, WeVideo operates entirely in the cloud. To get started, simply navigate to their official website and click on the "Sign Up" button. You'll have the option to sign up for a free account or choose from one of their premium plans.

No Downloads Required

That's right, there's no need to download any files or go through an installation process. This is a significant advantage, especially if you're working on multiple devices or in a team environment, like I do with my VAs for our SAAS business marketing videos. Everything is stored online, making it incredibly easy to pick up where you left off, regardless of the device you're using.

Time to Access

Since WeVideo is cloud-based, you can start editing almost immediately after signing up. There's no waiting for downloads or installations. In my experience, this has been a huge time-saver, especially when working on tight deadlines for my tech review channel.

User Interface

Once you're in, you'll find that the WeVideo dashboard is intuitive and easy to navigate. Even if you're a complete beginner, the platform offers a variety of tutorials and how-to guides to get you started. This has been particularly useful for my VAs, who had limited experience in video editing before.

User Experience

The WeVideo interface is refreshingly straightforward, designed with the user in mind. It follows a standard layout that's common to many video editors, making it easy for those who have used other platforms like Final Cut Pro. In fact, the timeline in WeVideo is strikingly similar to that of Final Cut Pro, a design choice that I believe was made to ease the transition for users familiar with other editing software.

Video Preview and Import Options

In the top-right corner, you'll find a video preview window that shows you the final output as you edit. This has been invaluable for me, especially when I'm working on detailed tech reviews where precision is key. Importing files is a breeze; you can easily upload previously recorded videos, images, and audio files to incorporate into your project.

Rich Media Library

WeVideo offers a rich media library filled with sounds, music, backgrounds, and even sample videos. This has been particularly useful for my VAs when they're bulk-generating marketing videos for my SAAS business. They can quickly pick from a variety of assets to create compelling videos without having to search the internet for additional resources.

Dashboard Functionality

The dashboard is intuitively designed, making it easy to locate any feature you might need. From filters and equalizers to audio effects and graphics, everything is neatly organized. This has significantly reduced the time it takes me to edit a video, allowing me to focus more on the content rather than navigating through the software.

Special Features

WeVideo also has some unique features up its sleeve. For instance, they offer a "JumpStart" technology that allows you to start editing without waiting for your files to upload completely. This feature has been a time-saver for me, especially when I'm working against the clock to get a video out for my tech review channel.

Another noteworthy feature is the real-time collaboration, which lets multiple users work on the same project simultaneously. This has been a game-changer for my team, cutting down our editing time by about 30%.

Quick Video Creation

While WeVideo doesn't have a "Montage Wizard" like Movavi, it does offer templates that can be used for quick video creation. These templates come in handy when you're looking to create something like a slideshow but don't want to spend a lot of time on it. They even offer storyboard options that let you piece together a video without diving into the complexities of a timeline, making it accessible for complete beginners.

What Can Be Done With WeVideo

wevideo teansitions


Transitions in WeVideo are a breeze to add and can make your videos look incredibly smooth. The platform offers a variety of transition effects, including:

  • Dissolve: This is great for a subtle change between clips.
  • Wipe: Useful for a more dynamic scene change.
  • Fade: Ideal for emotional or dramatic moments.
  • Cut: For quick, snappy changes between scenes.

To add a transition, simply drag and drop your chosen effect between the clips on the timeline. This intuitive feature saved me a lot of time, especially when I had to edit a complex tech review video with multiple segments.


Adding titles in WeVideo is straightforward but offers a lot of room for creativity. You can add basic text or opt for more stylized fonts and animations. The platform provides various presets but also allows for customizations like font style, size, and color. This feature came in handy when one of my VAs forgot to save a project that cost me $49; we quickly recreated the titles using WeVideo's extensive options, saving both time and money.

Additional Features

WeVideo also offers some unique features like green screen capabilities and a built-in stock media library, which can be a lifesaver if you need high-quality footage but don't have the time or resources to shoot it yourself.

What Can't Be Done With WeVideo

Advanced Color Grading

WeVideo offers basic color correction tools, but it lacks advanced color grading options. If you're working on a project that requires intricate color manipulation, you might find WeVideo's capabilities a bit limiting.

3D Editing and Effects

WeVideo doesn't support 3D editing or effects. This could be a deal-breaker if you're looking to create 3D animations or incorporate 3D elements into your video.

H.265 Codec Support

WeVideo doesn't support the H.265 codec, which is becoming increasingly popular for its efficiency in compressing video files without losing quality. This could be a limitation if you're working with footage that uses this codec.

Limited Audio Editing

While WeVideo does offer basic audio editing features like cutting, trimming, and adding background music, it lacks advanced audio editing capabilities. For instance, you can't fine-tune audio frequencies or use advanced noise reduction techniques within the platform.

No Offline Editing

Being a cloud-based platform, WeVideo requires an internet connection for editing. This means you can't work on your projects offline, which could be a limitation if you're in an area with poor internet connectivity.

Limited Control Over Transitions and Effects

While WeVideo offers a variety of transitions and effects, the platform doesn't provide detailed customization options for these elements. For example, you can't adjust the speed or direction of a wipe transition, which might be limiting for more advanced users.

Single Video Track on Free Plan

If you're using the free version of WeVideo, you're limited to a single video track. This can be quite restrictive if you're working on a complex project that requires multiple layers of video and audio.

Storage Limitations

Even on some of the paid plans, there are storage limitations that could be a hindrance if you're working on multiple large projects simultaneously.

WeVideo Alternatives

Apart from Movavi, there are also a few other highly-similar video editors which can do what WeVideo can do (and can't do).

Editor Capabilities Pricing Effects Ease of Use Cloud Storage Customer Support
WeVideo Cloud-based, Multiple Video Tracks, 4K Export $4.99 - $39.99/month Transitions, Titles, Stock Media High Up to Unlimited Email, FAQ
Movavi 4K Rendering, Built-in Training, Advanced Editing $44.95 - $99.95 Transitions, Titles, Stickers Medium None Email, FAQ
Filmora Color Grading, Audio Ducking, Speed Control $39.99 - $99.87/year Transitions, Titles, Elements High None Email, Live Chat
Adobe Premiere Pro Multi-Cam Editing, 3D Editing, Advanced Audio $20.99/month Transitions, Titles, VR Editing Low 100GB with Creative Cloud Email, Phone, Live Chat
Final Cut Pro Magnetic Timeline, Advanced Color Grading, 360° Video $299.99 (one-time) Transitions, Titles, Effects Medium None Email, Phone