Ultimate List Of 99+ FREE After Effects Color Grading Presets!

Looking to improve your colour correction skills in After Effects? Browse through 100s of free, high quality color presets & LUTs! Color grading is an important part of video editing, and these presets will help you achieve professional results in no time at all. You can use these free After Effects color correction templates to add some new looks to your projects. Just download them, open them up in Adobe After Effects, and start adjusting your own customized color grading effects!

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Improve The Look Of Your Videos With A Single After Effects Color Correction Preset!!

Color grading in Adobe After Effects can be quite difficult for beginners, which is why color correction presets are recommended. FreeVisuals creates & supplies high quality color correction presets compatible with all versions of After Effects. Browse through our collection containing teal & orange, minimalistic, vintage, cinematic & other color preset styles. You can use them as a starting point for creating your own custom color grade template. Simply drag and drop the preset files into the timeline and use the effects control tab to adjust certain aspects to your liking! Keep in mind that most color presets are made using stock effects, however Magic Bullet Looks is a required plugin for some.

Free Presets For Colour Grading In After Effects

This collection includes plenty of free color grading presets designed with After Effects CC 2018. Each preset and template contains a variety of different color grading effects and layers which can be adjusted to suit your media. You can easily apply these presets to any type of project by importing the file into your preset directory, then adding it to your clip layer simply by dragging and dropping from the effects panel.

Adobe After Effects Looks Plugin

Adobe After Effects is a must-have tool in the video compositing workflow. It is used by video editors, designers, animators, VFX artists and motion graphics artists to create eye-catching visuals. Adobe also has plenty of After Effects coloring presets and tools for color grading and color correction. By using these tools, you can adjust and/or improve the color theme and emotion attached to the scene. Even if the color grading effects that come with After Effects isn't enough, you can always download additional plugins to further extend capabilities of the standalone software. Magic Bullet Looks is the most popular color grading plugin for After Effects. It's commonly referred to as the 'looks plugin' for short.

After Effects Color grading plugins

With 100s of color grading plugins available for Adobe Effects, it can be a challenge to find the the right choice. Some of the best plugins that allow you to improve the color of your footage can be found in our latest blog article. You can use this information to compare the different coloring plugins to find one that works best for you.

Free Color Grading Presets for Adobe After Effects

Achieving the most ideal look for your videos can be quite difficult to do inside of After Effects. Luckily these presets exist. With these free color grading and color correction presets for Adobe After Effects, you can quickly and easily upgrade the look of your footage in just one click! Minor further adjustment is usually required to perfect the look for your scenes!