50+ Adobe After Effects Text Animation Presets

Browse and download these FREE Adobe After Effects Text Animation Presets and use them in any type of video project. If you would like to submit a text animation preset of your own, please contact us.

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text reveal after effects

Adobe After Effects text reveal presets a great for those who want to speed up their editing workflow whilst retaining the best production quality and consistency. By using presets you can repeatedly get the bets quality results over and over again for all your kinetic typography in After Effects.

Text Animation In After Effects

Animating text in after effects is easy as keyframing text properties under the animator tab. Or, you can use these free after effect text animation presets and get the keyframing and value adjusting done for you. you can further control the Text Style In After Effects by adding effects and adjusting the setting under the text control panel menu.

How To Animate Text In After Effects

After effects word animation AKA after effects moving text is easy to achieve with these free text animation presets for Adobe After Effects. The after effects text animator allows you to take control over a few different parameters such as tracking, (letter spacing), skew, scale, characters and more. To animate these text properties, simply create a keyframe at for one value at one point of time, then create another keyframe with another value after a few frames. Text animation presets in After Effects allow you do do this process quickly and easily without having to know how to use the software fully, so even beginners can use presets with little to no prior experience.