Discover 3 FREE Stock Footage Sites for High-Quality Video Footage

When it comes to video creation, capturing the ideal footage can be difficult, especially if you have a tight budget and timeframe. This makes many film creators wonder, where can I find stock video footage? Well, there are a plenty of sites out there that sell stock footage for either a single price, or a recurring fee, but how do you know which service is worth paying for? We've analyzed the popularity and variety on over 25 stock video websites to identify which site has the highest quality footage! Here are our top 3 BEST picks for stock footage sites that provide the best bang for your buck value!

Artgrid - Cheapest stock footage subscription

Artgrid is websites that enables video creators to enhance their work by providing them with high quality videos. It provides over 160,000 pieces of footage which can be used for films, music videos, documentaries and any other type of video. Artgrid also offers a range of SFX and music which can be used in addition to the stock footage they provide. Artgrid also plenty of sorting tools to help filmmakers find exactly what they need. These tools let you filter by shot type, popularity, video theme and more. Thanks to its vast selection of stock footage and easy-to-use UI, Artgrid has become one of the most famous stock video sites of 2022!

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Adobe Stock - Best website for video clips

With the biggest variety of stock photo and video footage, Adobe Stock is one of the largest platforms for content creators in 2022! With 200 million+ available resources, Adobe Stock offers their users a large variety of premium quality stock video. Users of Adobe Stock have the option to purchase assets individually, or pay monthly for a cheap plan that let's them download anything for a one time fee.

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Envato elements

More than just a stock footage website, Envato Elements provides absolutely everything you need to become, or improve as a content creator! Envato Elements is a popular source for video templates for all softwares such as Adobe After Effects, Final Cut Pro and Premiere Pro. They also provide resources such as sound effects and mockups for Adobe Photoshop! Envato Elements has become a credible source for 1000s of businesses and individual content creators who need high-quality visual content.

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What is the cheapest stock footage website?

Where is the best place to get stock footage? Artgrid has the cheapest stock footage subscription. Your first two months are completely FREE, and from there onwards, it's just $19 a month for unlimited downloads!

where can i get copyright-free videos to upload on youTube?

While there are a number of ways to find copyright-free videos, one of the best sources is Artgrid. Artgrid contains a huge library of videos that are 100% copyright free, making them perfect for YouTube videos! Additionally, Artgrid also offers a range of filters that makes it customize your search query to find the ideal stock video you're looking for. As a result, Artgrid is the best site for finding royalty-free footage for YouTube videos.

Where can I find good video clips?

One of the most popular stock footage websites is Adobe Stock. Adobe Stock offers thousands upon thousands of high quality stock footage clips which can be used commercially for all types of videos. If Adobe Stock is out of your budget, there are cheaper options available. Some of which include Artgrid and VideoHive, both of these sites offer the same exceptional quality as Adobe Stock, but for a lower price.

Where can I buy stock footage for videos?

Artgrid, Envato Elements and Adobe Stock are the most popular sources for stock videos and photos used by over 1,000,000 video creators in 2022. They have a growing collection of high quality stock footage which can be used for all types of commercial videos. With so many options and filtering, they'll definitely have something you're looking for!

Where is the best place to buy stock footage?

After testing over 25 different stock footage websites, we've come to conclusion that Artgrid is the BEST website for buying stock footage online. Artgrid is used by thousands of video creators worldwide. With over 160,000 videos for the lowest price of just $19/month, Artgrid outranks Storyblocks, Pixabay and other stock video sites by far!