[FREE DOWNLOAD] 1000+ Aesthetic Editing Overlays & Backgrounds

This collection of free overlays for video editing will help you create professional looking videos quickly and easily. Once you’re done with the editing process, you’ll need to add an overlay for edits (semi-transparent foreground layers) to make your video stand out. You can also adjust the size, position, color and other features of overlay video effects or a light leak using the transform adjustments paired with other effects. Free video overlays can be used for all types of video projects from OBS twitch streaming to music videos! Background overlays for edits can also be used for VJ and projection mapping.

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Set Blending Mode To 'Add' Or 'Screen' To Instantly Remove The Black Or Green Background

In Adobe After Effects, drag and drop the overlay MP4 file into your composition, then right click and select blending mode > Screen. Use these free overlay video effects to add some creativity to your next video. Overlays for videos are easy to work with and can be used as soon as downloaded, no further editing or compression required! Choose from a variety of styles, animations and aesthetic overlays for edits to enhance the personality of your productions.

Free Overlays For Video Editing

Video editing overlays can be altered in many different ways. To add these overlays to your video clips, drag the file into your composition and place it over the layer you want it to be seen on. Adjust the duration to your liking, then right click and select the "Add" button under the blending modes tab to remove the unwanted background. Overlays are not designed individually for each specific software. This means you can use these overlays on ANY video editing software including After Effects and even Final Cut Pro for windows.

Download Overlays For Editing Music Videos, AMVs, Vlogs & Even Photos

You can also use these overlays for images as well. Simply scrub through the overlay footage until you find a frame you want to use, then go into composition > save frame as to export the overlay as a PNG. You can also choose whether you want the image to repeat horizontally or vertically by adjusting the rotation under the transform panel. Further editing overlay for edits are optional, but is recommended if you would like to make the clip fit in better.