50+ After Effects Shake Presets

Browse and download these FREE after effects camera shake effects for your videos! To add a screen shake effect to your layer, simply drag and drop the add shake effect preset onto your layer and adjust the keyframe duration and motion curve to your preference.

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Camera Shake After Effects

To achieve the after effects shake effect, you'll need to keyframe rotation, position and optionally scale and skew. Or you can just use our presets which we have already made for you. Each keyframe alternates from higher to lower values and gradually reduces over time to create a sensation that the screen is wobbling due to handheld camera or a gimbal. The shaking screen effect can be used for transitions, or on it's own to add a handheld camera feel to your videos.

Video Shake Effect

If you would like to use a camera shake plugin for after effects, you'll need to download Saphire from Boris FX. The S shake after effects effect let's you produce realistic hand-held motion using a single effect. You can control the amplitude, frequency and other properties of the motion wave of the shake.