50+ HD Light Leaks & Lens Flares For Editors

These FREE lens flares and light leaks will help you spice up your videos and photos. A light leak overlay is an easy way to add extra color to your films. You can use either PNG or MP4 light leaks as a standalone effect or in addition to a transition to seamlessly connect two or more video clips together. Light leaks occur when there is too much ambient light passing through a lens. This can be due to low shutter speed which is unable to capture the movement of a subject in a shot. Although this is undesirable at times, if you use them creatively, they will really help to make your videos to stand out. These light leaks are artistic effects which can really help to improve the quality of your video. Not only do they work as a transition, but they also help to make certain elements stand out from the rest. Popular in Sam Kolder style travel films, music videos and any natural scenes, light leaks are a great way to add natural light into your video. To use these light leaks in your videos, simply import the MP4 file into your project and drag and drop the layer into your composition. you will then need to set the blending mode to either 'screen' or 'add' to effectively remove any black background. you may need to further adjust the light leak layer in properties such as scale, position and color for it to better suit your scene.

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