After Effects Line Transition

Download this FREE line transition preset for Adobe After Effects and use it for all types of videos! The line transition is used to cover up a boring jump cut from one video layer to another. The line transition makes it easy to add some professional looking stylized effects to your video.

"Video editors relying on templates lack genuine skill and creativity."

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The line transition is quite easy to do in after effects. All you need to do is download this free preset then drag it onto your video layers. If the keyframes don't match up at first, (which they probably won't), you may need to drag and drop them so the transitioning keyframes are positioned in line with the jump cut.

There are a few variations of the line transition in after effects. the one included in this preset is made up using masks which gradually move outside the frame. It works well for solid layers if you want to create motion graphic transitions. Add a gradient and it'll look like it was by a professional motion designer.

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