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Topaz Photo AI Review - BEST Image Enhancement Tool In 2023?

Topaz Photo AI - a new photo enhancement program that can denoise, eliminate blur and upscale images. But does it actually work? In this post, I'll find out for you.

March 12, 2023
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Topaz Labs Photo AI - A Review From 1 Year Of Personal Use

This review will focus on the latest version of Topaz Photo AI, an image enhancement software that combines Denoise AI, Sharpen AI, and Gigapixel AI into a single interface. The software is an all-in one solution for denoising, sharpening, and upscaling images, providing everything you need for your image enhancement needs. However, Topaz Photo AI is not without its flaws - it is quite expensive and may offer features that some users do not require. To determine whether Topaz Photo AI is the right choice for you, let's take a closer look at its features and capabilities.

What Is Topaz Photo AI & What Does It Do?

Topaz Photo AI's all-in-one software allows users to denoise, sharpen, and upscale their photos without needing any professional photo editing knowledge - AI does it for you. It can be used as a standalone application, independent of any other photo editing software, or as a plug-in for popular photo editors such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom Classic, and Capture One. Whether used independently or as a plug-in, Topaz Photo AI provides users with a seamless and efficient image enhancement experience.


  • Improves image quality by reducing noise, sharpening details, and increasing resolution
  • Saves time and effort by automating certain editing processes
  • Useful for photographers, designers, and other professionals who require high-quality images


  • Can be expensive, which may be a barrier for some users
  • Over-reliance on automated features can lead to a loss of creativity and originality in the editing process
  • May not be able to fix certain image issues
  • Can produce unrealistic results if used improperly

Note: the advantages and disadvantages listed are taken from personal recounts from myself and other users sharing their experiences on Reddit.

What's Included

Here's what the Photo AI bundle can do, more specifically:

AutoPilot - Automatically Enhance images

Topaz Labs has added a new feature in the recent update called "Auto Pilot", which further enhances the user experience. With Auto Pilot enabled, the software takes over the assessment process, automatically identifying and masking the subject in the photo, and applying the appropriate amount of sharpening and noise reduction. This feature saves time and effort for users, as they no longer need to manually adjust settings and can rely on Topaz Photo AI's advanced algorithms to achieve optimal results.

Noise Reduction - Removes Unwanted Variation Of Brightness & Color

Topaz Photo AI is the BEST noise reduction software I have ever used. I've processed at least 100 images with this tool and have never had any issues. the only time it didn't work was when I used a 144p resolution photo that was scaled in so much to the point where there was no definition at all.

Upscaling - Increases The Resolution Of Images Without Sacrificing Quality

Photo AI's upscaling abilities are overwhelming to say the least. Unlike traditional methods, which often result in pixelated or blurred images, Topaz Photo AI's approach is both precise and effective, preserving the quality of the original image while still achieving impressive levels of enlargement.

Enhance Resolution - Improves Detail

Topaz Photo AI's Enhance Resolution feature can insert additional detail into your photos without having to enlarge them. This same function is found in the Video Enhance Tool and is particularly useful for low-resolution images where traditional enlargement techniques would result in a loss of detail or a pixelated appearance. I haven't heard anyone complain about the resolution enhancement capabilities of Topaz Labs, it looks great from the examples. However from personal use, this function seems to be the least impressive from the rest. Don't get me wrong, it still works very well, but just not as good as I had expected. Once again, that may just be due to my slow processor or insufficient RAM.

Face Recovery - Restore Facial Definition And Structure

As an image editing enthusiast, I have found that Topaz Photo AI's Face Detection feature is incredibly useful for enhancing facial features in low-resolution images. While it may not always produce the desired effect, I often give it a try to see if it can improve the overall quality of my images. By automatically detecting faces and recovering additional detail, Topaz Photo AI saves me time and effort in manually enhancing each facial feature.

Photo Sharpening - Increases The Clarity Of Existing Detail. Can Also Improve Structure

I've found that using Photo AI's photo sharpening tool can produce remarkable results. It has the ability to flatten noise like a roadroller (lol), correct certain types of blur, and make blurry faces uncannily sharp. However, I have also noticed that Topaz Photo AI is quite expensive, and it may offer more features than I need to pay for.

Topaz Photo AI vs Image Quality Bundle

I had high hopes for Image Quality Bundle and was eager to see if it would impress me. Unfortunately, the results didn't exceed my expectations, as I found them to be on par with the Topaz Photo AI. Because of this, I left IQB untouched on my workstation. I occasionally revisited it with each update, but still didn't feel inclined to use it.

Topaz Photo AI was officially launched on September 15, 2022, and interestingly, it didn't replace the Image Quality Bundle but instead joined it in the product line. As of the time of writing this review, the software costs $199.95, but this price can be reduced with the current discounts and promotions. I should mention that if you're already paying for updates to the Image Quality Bundle, then this is a free update, which is a commendable gesture from Topaz Labs.

So if I were you, I'd just stick to the Photo AI instead of the Image Quality Bundle.

This post on Reddit summarizes what I just said.

Topaz Photo AI Batch Processing Abilities

If you were wondering whether Photo AI can handle multiple image inputs at once, the answer is yes. Topaz Photo AI batch processes multiple images with ease, but since it takes a while, I'd recommend doing this overnight or while performing another task. This streamlines the workflow and allows for efficient editing without compromising on quality.

Topaz Photo AI vs Gigapixel

If you only require an image enlargement program, choose Gigapixel AI rather than Photo AI. It's cheaper and you don't need to pay for any extra functions that you won't use. but for those in need of an effortless, one-click image enhancement tool, Topaz Photo AI is an outstanding choice that covers all photo enhancement functionality.

What's The Verdict? + Topaz Photo AI Download

Topaz Labs Photo AI claims to be effective in enhancing poor image quality. However, its effectiveness depends on the starting point of the image and the severity of procedures (including lossy compression) applied to it prior. It can flatten noise and correct certain types of blur, resulting in sharper images. The facial enhancement feature produces impressive results, significantly better than the ones shown on the website, but its effectiveness can vary depending on what the image looked like before any enhancements were applied. After 1 week of using it, I noticed the software can be slow upon starting, but that may be due to my processor. With it's simple interface, I think it's better suited for beginners than professionals. Despite its professional price point, it's still an excellent tool for those seeking to enhance their images with AI technology and it's definitely worth trying.