Epidemic Sound vs Artlist - 5 KEY Differences To Know In 2023!

To sum it all up, Artlist is a slightly cheaper alternative and has a greater variety of sounds compared to Epidemic Sound. Artlist has an intuitive and easy-to-understand layout, making it easy to find exactly what you're looking for.

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Artlist vs Epidemic Sound

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Which is better? Artlist or Epidemic Sound? While both are great platforms for finding royalty free sound effects and music, we believe Artlist is the more ideal option. Here's why.

What is Epidemic Sound used for?

Epidemic Sound is used by millions of filmmakers, game developers and content creators worldwide. The platform has thousands of royalty free sound effects and music which can be used for commercial or personal projects. With an easy to use interface and categories for all types of sound, this platform is great for those who are searching for sound effects and music for different purposes.

What is Artlist.io used for?

Similarly to Epidemic Sound, Artlist is also a royalty free sound effect and music hosting platform targeted towards professionals who work with audio and video media. Artlist is a great epidemic sound alternative for those who are looking for more premium soundtracks. Not only do they have more variety and quantity, but Artlist is also cheaper and easier to navigate then Epidemic Sound.

5 things Artlist.io does better than Epidemic Sound

  • high quality 320kbps sound
  • more variety
  • easy to browse
  • offers stock footage as well
  • less expensive

5 things Epidemic Sound does better than Artlist.io

  • more popular than Artlist
  • well-categorized sounds
  • has music for all emotions
  • modern interface
  • frequently updating

Which Is Better Epidemic Or Artlist?

Overall, we think Artlist is the more desirable option as it is much cheaper and has a greater range of sound effects and music. Epidemic Sound is also a great option for those who frequently look for a range of sound effects for their videos.

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