Hologram Effect for adobe after effects

Hologram Effect - Converter | After Effects Template

This FREE Hologram Effect allows you to transform 2D and 3D media into a cool Sc-fi inspired hologram inside of Adobe After Effects. It works by converting your media into a separate composition with added visual effects to make it look like a 3D hologram. This effect is perfect for editing short films, music videos, and even vlogs if you want to add an interesting twist. To use the Hologram Effect, simply replace the placeholder object with your own media. You will need ton mask out the subject if the background isn't already transparent. Once the new image/video is added into the hologram composition, you can then move the whole comp into your own video in another instance of After Effects or simply build a video around the holographic comp.

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The Mirror Effect - Includes Glitch Effects.

This effect creates an illusion of depth by reflecting the hologram object against itself. It works well with objects that have noticeable features such as a sharp knife or an old box shaped muscle car.


This template includes a few variating twitch presets. You can downloads it separately if you wish to use it on it's own.

Aqua Blue Color

The original blue color of the hologram is easily customizable by opening up the color adjustment layer. you can also use the hue, lightness and saturation effect to shift the hue.

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