Japanese Pink Cherry Blossom Particles

Pink Cherry Blossom Overlay For Twitch & More!

Download this free pink cherry blossom overlay and edit it on after effects, premiere pro, final cut pro or any other video editing software. The cherry blossom overlay is one of the most popular items used in AMV's, edits, wallpapers and music videos. Simply set the blending mode to add to reveal the flower petals on it's own. Place the overlay in front of any scene and adjust the hue to customize the color.

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Pink Cherry Blossom Wallpaper HD Overlay

The pink cherry blossom background is very popular for all kinds of videos, especially AMVs. It's a simple to use pink overlay for edits it and makes a dramatic difference in the style and quality of your video. To add the floating cherry blossom effect to you videos, simply drag and drop the MP4 file into your compositions or editing timeline and set the blending mode to either 'add' or 'screen'.

Pink Overlays For Edits

This pink/white cherry blossom overlay effect works well for digital artists who work with both photos and/or videos. Like all video effects, this overlay is fairly easy to add to your videos, even if you're just beginner at using your editing software. If you intend to use this for images, you can simply save any frame from this HD MP4 overlay to use it as a transparent overlay or foreground element in your photos.

Cherry Blossom Effect For Photoshop, After Effects Etc.

The pink sakura cherry blossom effect is a very popular overlay used in plenty of different types of videos. You can use this in you NFTs or digital art to add some color or to highlight certain aspects of your video/photo. Another popular usage of this particular overlay is in car edits, especially for those set in japan. Artists have used this overlay to bring out details and add a little bit of color to make in their work to make it look more interesting.

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