Zoom Out, Rotate Anti-Clockwise After Effects Transition Preset

This transition will flip the image horizontally or vertically. It's perfect for flipping images into a vertical format when creating a slideshow. One of the most popular transitions in After Effects. Use this simple drag and drop effect preset to seamlessly stitch two clips together. Perfect for vlogs, travel videos, edits and AMVs. works in 1280p x 720p resolution. Auto-resizing will be updated soon. Used by in many popular music videos, see The Chainsmokers & Rory Kramer.

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FREE After Effects Rotate Transition Preset

The zoom + rotate transition combines two transform properties and combines it into one motion by animating them alongside each other. this preset is a great way to add fun motion to your edits in Adobe After Effects. To use the zoom transition, simply open the composition and then drag and drop the preset onto your transitioning layers. From there, you may need to adjust the keyframe duration to make it better fit your editing style. You can then adjust the duration of the transition by clicking and dragging on the edges of the transition in your timeline. When you're happy with how it looks, simply render your project and you're done!

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