Top 10 BEST Final Cut Pro Preset Packs & Templates!

We tried & tested some of the most downloaded Final Cut Pro Templates & Presets so you don't need to. Here is our honest opinion on the top 10 best picks!

Best Final Cut Pro Templates And Presets

On this list, you'll find the top 5 most recommended Preset packs and templates for Final Cut Pro X!  Final Cut Pro presets are customized effects which have been preserved into a single file. Users of Final Cut Pro can apply this preset file onto any future footage to instantly replicate properties and keyframes of the previously used effect. Templates are fully prepared project files made by professional video editors and VFX artists. They are fully customizable in any way you like. Simply replace the placeholders, then adjust the settings to your preference to make the video your own!

Color Grading Presets For Final Cut Pro

Sci-fi inspired color LUTs for cityscape footage. Works well with certain color schemes as well. These cityscape LUTs for Apple Motion have taken over films and videos across the internet!


What is this? This pack of final Cut Pro's color grading presets provide a starting point for color correction and grading, with a sci-fi vibe allowing you to fine-tune your footage quickly. The presets also allow you to experiment with different color schemes and looks for your video project. If you don't have the budget for this pack, you can download more free color grading presets from websites like Motion Array and Pixel Film Studios.

Corporate Style Text Templates For Final Cut Pro X

Easy to use text and graphic overlays for FCPX. Includes over 2050 assets.

Includes ABSOLUTELY everything you'd ever want in a Final Cut Pro Plugin! If you download this pack, we can say with confidence that you won't need any other plugin or preset pack on this list to become an editor in all-fields. This bundle includes several motion-graphic presets for final cut pro, as well as transitions, 3.5D elements, animated titles for intros and more!


What is this? Title templates are pre-designed text overlays that you can add to your videos to introduce a scene or segment. With this title template bundle, you can create professional-looking text overlays without spending hours designing them yourself.


Apple inspired customizable elements which can be incorporated into different types of effects.
We've mentioned this pack plenty of times in different blog posts and it's for a good reason! Over 100 Apple-inspired elements for transitions, motion graphic overlays, popups and more are included in a single plugin for FCPX!


What is this? Keynote's apple-inspired overlay presets provide a range of options, including minimalistic typography fonts, lower thirds, boards, call to actions, transitions, infographics, and gaussian blur gradient backgrounds. The presets are easy to apply and customize, allowing you to add a unique touch to your video project.

3D Photo Animator By Highway Motion

It's just like PhotoMotion or Volumax, but for Final Cut Pro. Turn any 2D image into an animated 3D video. Convert any old boring photo into a 3D animation with sound and motion across all 3 planes! Priced at just $25, this amazing title pack includes over 99 specially made designs which can be used for all sorts of videos!


What is this? Parallax camera motion can add an extra dimension to your videos. The 3D parallax is easy to create with this template and can be customized, allowing you to add a unique touch to your video project.

freeze frame template for after effects

Freeze Frame Transitions By Zhoomart

This template is perfect for intros, trailers, slideshow sequences or whether you like! It includes several fancy transitions effects along with motion graphic elements combined in a 3D parallax style-scene.


What is this? Transitions are used to create smooth cuts between video clips, and Zhoomart's transition presets make this process easy and efficient. You can choose from a variety of transitions, including hyper zooms, kaleidoscopes, and warps, that will seamlessly transition from one clip to the next. The presets also provide animation and timing options that you can customize to suit your video's needs. Presets For FCPX

We have a new collection of presets for Final Cut Pro now! Available for free download and growing by 5 new asssets weekly!


FREE Final Cut Pro Video Presets

There are also several free presets available for Final Cut Pro. These are great for those who have a tight budget or aren't willing to spend too much on a simple project. Motion Array and VidEvo are both great sources for acquiring free FCPX presets from their blog pages.

How To Use These Presets In Final Cut Pro

To use these presets in Final Cut Pro, you first need to import them into the program. Once imported, follow the steps below to add presets to individual layers in your timeline.

  1. Search and select the preset from the effects panel
  2. Either drag and drop the effect onto your clip or double click it to automatically apply. If it's a preset that involves keyframes, we suggest you drag it onto the clip to align the keyframes where you want them.
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