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[FREE PRESET DOWNLOAD] 5 Simple Text Animations In After Effects

Here are the top 5 MOST unique text/typography animation templates and presets for Adobe After Effects. You can download these 100% for FREE and start using them right away!

January 18, 2023
[FREE PRESET DOWNLOAD] 5 Simple Text Animations In After Effects
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Text Animation In After Effects Templates Free

If you want to make your videos look more aesthetic and eye-catching, one way to do so is by changing how text is displayed on the screen. You can easily customize the method of which text enters into the frame, how it behaves once visible and how each text layer transforms into the next. Here are 5 unique text animation presets that allow you to animate text quickly and easily inside of Adobe After Effects with no professional knowledge required!

Perspective Text After Effects

The perspective skew-in preset is a good starting point for creating your own text effects inside of After Effects. It’s made by keyframing the skew and scale properties of the text layer to create the illusion that it is being stretched as it grows towards the viewpoint. To re-create this text effect, simply download the text animation preset, import it into After Effects then drag and drop it onto your text layer. Depending on the existing transform properties of your text, you may need to re-configure the preset to better suit your video in order for it to look as good as it does in the preview.

Cycle Through Text After Effects

It looks cool and it’s very easy to make and re-use. The jumble text transition effect is made simply by animating the tracking text property which is found under the animations tab. Just like the skew text preset and the presets which follow, all you need to do to use this preset is drag and drop it onto your text layer. This time, you won’t need to make any further adjustments to make it fit.

Kinetic Typography After Effects Free template

These three text animations are a little more complicated to make, but once done, it’s just as easy to recreate as the other ones included in this list! The template includes a placeholder text along with the animation. All you need to do is type in whatever you want on the empty text layer. You can then export the composition individually and add it to your own project in another instance of After Effects.

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