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AEJuice Pack Manager Review + FREE Plugins!

The AEjuice pack manager is a versatile plugin for After Effects which allows you to quickly and easily drag and drop customizable effects onto any composition or layer. Wondering whether it's worth purchasing? Read our review to help make a decision!

January 26, 2023
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What Is AEJuice Pack Manager?

The AEJuice pack manager is one of the most popular AE plugins of all time. The AEJuice pack manager is useful plugin that comes with any purchase of AEJuice's products. The pack manager allows you to quickly and easily drag and drop effects and templates straight into your composition or video layer.

AE Juice Pack Manager Free Download

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Most people would rather try before they buy, and that's why the AEJuice starter pack exists! Available 100% for free, the starter pack, among with other plugins has all you need to test out what AEJuice has to offer before you commit and purchase the entire $200 bundle. By starting off with the free version, you can test to see if the AEJuice pack manager is compatible with your device in the first place. If satisfied, we can assure you won't be disappointed by the 'All In One bundle'. From personal experience, it's 100% worth the money regardless of what type of videos you edit or past experience using After Effects.

AEJuice Pack Manager Users

While we're unsure of the exact amount of users it has, we're safe to say that at least 200,000+ video editors use AEJuice worldwide. The reason for it's popularity comes down to it's versatility, functionality and overall value. With some plugins as cheap as $9, you get so much functionally included. This plugins allows you to save time editing while helping you to produce more professional and aesthetically pleasing content. The best part is, the effects and visuals included in AEJuice plugins are fully customizable so they can be used for any type of video and are compatible with any editing style.


Priced at $199 (98% off) for a limited time only, the AE Juice mage bundle includes over $9K worth of packs that are compatible with the pack manager, for just one low price.