5 MUST HAVE After Effects Hand Drawn Effect Templates!

Download any of these 5 Adobe After Effects Templates for achieving a hand-drawn cartoon effect in just a few clicks!

February 5, 2024
5 MUST HAVE After Effects Hand Drawn Effect Templates!
"It's Like Video Editing On Steroids!"
- Sebastian Navarro, FreeVisuals Editor
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Hand-Drawn After Effects Animation Project Files

The hand-drawn look is a popular effect commonly used in explainer videos on Youtube, although it can be implemented for any type of video. To achieve this look in After Effects, you'll need to spend hours manually animating each line. Luckily there a there templates that do this for you. By using templates, you can achieve a hand drawn effect in just a few minutes! Browse through this collection of the most popular hand-drawn look templates for After Effects to find something you may find useful!

Illustration Effect For After Effects (FREE)


Another one of our favourite sketch templates for Adobe After Effects. This template features a hand drawn animation which reveals a sketched version of any photo underneath it's original image or video. This template is a must-have for your After Effects tool kit. It gives your footage an eye-catching, hand-drawn artistic look.

Sketching Effect Presets


The plugin version is no longer available, but this new preset applies the same effect much quicker! One click is all it takes to turn any footage into a sketchbook! This preset let's you add realistic cartoon styling to any video!

Draw On Effect After Effects (FREE)


The Hand Drawn Photo Brush Slideshow features plenty of layers made up of brush stroke effects and typography animations. this templates is a tool kit for converting images and videos with a hand drawn look. The kit is essentially 3 projects in 1!

After Effects Handwriting Effect


Mondo Plus is a photorealistic hand-drawn brush stroke simulator for After Effects. It let's you create text that looks like ti was painted onto the page.

This template includes two opening title sequences. Easily customize:

After Effects Cartoon Effect Plugin


Doodle typeface kit is a toolkit which allows you to add hand-animated fonts to your videos. Each character and element in this library of text is an original design—hand drawn and animated by Attico TV. Once imported, they used auto-trace inside of After Effects to trace each character and element to reduce extra files and increase render time!

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