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Download Modulation Plugin For After Effects - Free Visuals

Zaebect's Modulation plugin provides you with the ability to create cool wave modulation effects without having to know how to code. The plugin installs quickly and works inside of Adobe After Effects. Download it today to start using it for your videos immediately.

February 21, 2023
Download Modulation Plugin For After Effects - Free Visuals
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If you're a VFX artist, video editor, or filmmaker to add waveform effects to your videos and take them up a notch, then the After Effects Modulation Plugin by Zaebects is exactly what you need! This plugin can can be used to bring complex wave effects and glitch animations to regular video/photo layers quickly and easily - providing professional looking results every time. This plugin is a great way for video creators from all levels of expertise to improve the quality their videos.

Adobe After Effects Plugin Modulation

At its core, Modulation 2.1 is a sophisticated and easy-to-use expression-driven tool that allows you to create complex animations and designs with ease. With its comprehensive set of features, you'll have the power to create intricate motion graphics, dynamic infographics, and stunning visual effects with unparalleled speed and efficiency.

One of the key features of Modulation 2.1 is the visual graph editor, which allows you to view and manipulate your expressions in a graphical interface. This feature is particularly helpful for complex expressions, allowing you to easily adjust individual parameters and tweak your animations until they are just right.

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Features Of Modulation Plugin For After Effects

  • Easy to to create cool effects if you have VST plugin and synthesizer experience
  • Control the phase, distortion and Omega
  • Modulation of any property in After Effects
  • Over 20 modulation types, including amplitude, frequency, and phase
  • The ability to apply modulation to multiple properties at once
  • Expressions support for easy automation and scripting
  • A range of built-in presets to get you started
  • Includes 3 low-pass filters
  • Actual physical modulation and demodulation algorithm
  • Control directions
  • Adjust horizontal & vertical amplitude orientations

Zaebects Modulation After Effects Crack

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