List Of 5 SECRET After Effects Rain Effects You Need To Try!

If you really want to make your rain effects look unique and realistic in After Effects, then you need to try these 5 rain templates for your videos!

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How To Make Rain Effect In After Effects

Here are 5 of the best templates for creating an assortment of rain effects in After Effect. Most of the rain visuals featured on this list are derivatives from other After Effects project files where the rain effect isn't the focal point. for instance, the second item mentioned on this list is actually a title animation template that features customizable rain overlays as an addition to the principal text. As a result, you'll need to extract the rain elements from each template and transfer it into your own composition.

Realistic Rain + SFX For After Effects


These customizable overlays By muratcand1 allow you to add a realistic rain element into any video. Paired with Proper color correction and you'' be able to change the scene in no time!

Rain On Window Effect


This is a title pack for AE which features an exclusive looking rain on window effect which can be extracted from the templates and used in your composition.

After Effects Rain Templates


Featuring a dynamic water burst animation, this template is perfect for logos, titles, and other on-screen elements in your project.

After Effects Rain Drops


A pack of sci-fi titles in a rainy environment. Take a look at how the text elements reflect onto a realistic rainy road with puddles, splash FX and downpour.

After Effects Rain Transition


You can use this rainy inspired credit sequence for transitions. Paired with a glow scan, these will make perfect transition clips for flashback scenes.