ALL 41 File Formats Supported By After Effects In 2024

After Effects supports a wide range of video, audio, and image formats for both import and export. Familiarize yourself with the most popular formats like QuickTime (MOV), MP3, JPEG, and Adobe Photoshop (PSD) for smoother workflow, while also being aware of format-specific nuances and limitations to optimize your post-production process.

December 18, 2023
ALL 41 File Formats Supported By After Effects In 2024
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File Formats Supported By After Effects In 2024

Contrary to popular belief, After Effects does actually support a myriad of video, audio, and image formats. However, the sheer number of these formats can be overwhelming, especially when determining which ones are most commonly used and which ones are more niche.

What This Article Offers:

  • Format Breakdown: A comprehensive list of video, audio, and image formats supported by After Effects.
  • Popularity Ranking: Formats are reordered based on their common usage in the industry, helping you prioritize.
  • Insightful Comments: Brief notes on select formats, providing context and crucial information that can influence your choice.

All 24 Adobe After Effects Supported Video Formats

  1. QuickTime (MOV): Import and Export - One of the most commonly used formats for video editing and playback on Apple devices.
  2. H.264 (M4V): Import only - Widely used for streaming and playback due to its efficient compression.
  3. MPEG-4 (MP4, M4V): Import only - Popular for online video streaming and sharing.
  4. Video for Windows (AVI): Import and Export - An older format, commonly used on Windows systems.
  5. Adobe Flash Player (SWF): Import only - Once popular for web animations but now largely obsolete.
  6. Animated GIF (GIF): Import - Commonly used for short animations on the web.
  7. DV: Import and Export - Standard for digital video camcorders.
  8. MPEG-2 (MPG, M2P, M2V, M2P, M2A, M2T): Import only - Used for DVDs and broadcast.
  9. MPEG-1 (MPG, MPE, MPA, MPV, MOD): Import only - Older compression standard.
  10. AVCHD (M2TS): Import only - Used in many HD camcorders.
  11. XDCAM HD and XDCAM EX (MXF, MP4): Import only - Professional video format.
  12. RED: Import only - High-quality format used in cinema cameras.
  13. Sony X-OCN: Import only - Used in high-end Sony cameras.
  14. Canon EOS C200 Cinema RAW Light (.crm): Import only - RAW format for Canon cinema cameras.
  15. MXF/ARRIRAW: Import only - Professional format used in ARRI cameras.
  16. 3GPP (3GP, 3G2, AMC): Import only - For mobile devices.
  17. Windows Media (WMV, WMA): Import only - Windows-specific format.
  18. Open Media Framework (OMF): Import and Export - Used for exchanging digital media between different software.
  19. Adobe Flash Video (FLV, F4V): Import only - Once popular for web video but now less common.
  20. Media eXchange Format (MXF): Import only - Professional video format.
  21. Panasonic: Import only - Specific to Panasonic cameras.
  22. Sony VENICE X-OCN 4K 4:3 Anamorphic and 6K 3:2 (.mxf): Import only - High-end Sony cinema cameras.
  23. RED Image Processing: Import only - Specific to RED cameras.
  24. H.265 (HEVC): Import only - Newer compression standard, efficient but requires more processing power.

All 5 Audio Formats Supported By After Effects

  1. MP3 (MP3, MPEG, MPG, MPA, MPE): Import and Export - Most common audio format.
  2. Waveform (WAV): Import and Export - Uncompressed audio format, high quality.
  3. Advanced Audio Coding (AAC, M4A): Import and Export - Common for streaming and Apple devices.
  4. Audio Interchange File Format (AIF, AIFF): Import and Export - High-quality audio format, commonly used on Apple devices.
  5. MPEG-1 Audio Layer II: Import only - Older audio compression standard.

All 15 Image Formats Supported By After Effects

  1. JPEG (JPG, JPE): Import and Export - Most common image format for photos.
  2. Adobe Photoshop (PSD): Import and Export - Standard for digital image editing.
  3. Portable Network Graphics (PNG): Import and Export - Supports transparency, commonly used on the web.
  4. TIFF (TIF): Import and Export - High-quality image format.
  5. Adobe Illustrator (AI, EPS, PS): Import only - Vector graphics format.
  6. OpenEXR (EXR): Import and Export - High dynamic range (HDR) image format.
  7. Adobe PDF (PDF): Import only - Common document format.
  8. Targa (TGA, VDA, ICB, VST): Import and Export - Older image format.
  9. SGI (SGI, BW, RGB): Import and Export - Used in older graphics software.
  10. Bitmap (BMP, RLE, DIB): Import only - Basic image format.
  11. Camera raw (Various Formats): Import only - Unprocessed images from digital cameras.
  12. Cineon (CIN, DPX): Import and Export - Used in film industry.
  13. CompuServe GIF (GIF): Import only - Older image format.
  14. IFF (IFF, TDI): Import and Export - Older image format.
  15. Softimage (PIC): Import only - Specific to Softimage software.