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After Effects vs Hitfilm - 5 KEY Differences To Know In 2023!

We recommend After Effects over Hitfilm, but it’s important to understand the differences. Hitfilm may be more accommodating depending on factors such as editing experience, the type of videos you'll be making, computer specs and more. Read on to find out which one is best for you.

March 30, 2023
After Effects vs Hitfilm - 5 KEY Differences To Know In 2023!
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Full Hitfilm vs After Effects Review

Adobe After Effects and Hitfilm are both professional video editing and VFX compositing softwares for people who want to produce high quality videos. Both programs can be used to create similar looking videos and effects. Most tools and functions crossover and several third party plugins are also compatible with either software. But how do you know which one will fulfill your needs best? Read on to find out.

Adobe After Effects vs Hitfilm Express

Upon Artlist's acquisition of Hitfilm, the 'Express' & 'Pro' versions of Hitfilm are no longer a thing. A paid version is still available, however it is seperated into a 'Pro' & 'Creator' version. In our testing, we've understood that although most features of After Effects are available in Hitfilm. The free version of Hitfilm does lack some tools such as the rotobrush and advanced tracking functionally.

Adobe After Effects vs Hitfilm Pro (subscription version)

The paid versions of Hitfilm offer several free templates, sounds, songs and a bonus image editing software. This makes it ideal for those who are working with all sorts of media formats and a variety of different projects. If you're a youtuber, content creator, filmmaker or anyone who could benefit from extra assets for video production, then you should definitely consider purchasing a Hitfilm subscription. After Effects on the other hand, does not offer any bonus templates and sounds as part of their $30 monthly fee.

FXhome Hitfilm By Artlist Pricing

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Using our discount code, all new signups are eligible for 23% discounts on all creator and pro plans. The Creator plan costs just $6.25 a month, whereas the pro version will cost you $9.99 a month.

After Effects Pricing

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There are several pricing options available for Adobe After Effects. You can start off at a monthly fee of $29 a month, or pay yearly.

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