5 BEST Beach Lightroom Presets To Make Your Ocean Shots Pop!

Your beach photos look terrible because you didn't use the correct preset on lightroom. Avoid making the same mistake again by using any of the ocean and beach inspired preset packs for lightroom featured on this list.

January 14, 2023
5 BEST Beach Lightroom Presets To Make Your Ocean Shots Pop!
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Get That Perfect Beach Bod... for Your Photos with These Lightroom Presets

These beach presets for lightroom will help improve the tones and colors of your beach/ocean photos. They often have a relaxed and warm look and can be used to correct details and set a specific look with just a few clicks. By using these presets, you can get your shots ready for Instagram and other social media platforms by improving the saturation, white balance, brightness and structure of your images. Another unspoken benefit of using these beach presets is that you can use them to easily create your own theme or style throughout your photos. If you apply the same preset with little adjustment to a variety of photos, they'll all look relatively similar, like they've been shot at the same place with the same camera by the same photographer. This is great for creating a mood board, Instagram profile square and just building your own theme in general.

Best beach presets for lightroom - SUMMER BLUES By Flourish Presets

These presets are known for their ability to create a natural and inviting atmosphere, bringing out the blue hues of the water and the warmth of the sand and enhance the overall aesthetic of the image.

Best for: Shots featuring palm trees and plants

Features: Warmer tone, with saturation for hints of green

Beach sunset lightroom presets - The Dreamy Bright Preset Collection By Wilde Presets

The Dreamy Bright preset is a Lightroom preset designed to brighten photos with just one click. We tested it on beach photos and it works great! In fact, we actually found it to work best on beach photography over every other environment.

Best for: Shots that mainly consist of the water rather than sand

Features: very bright glow

The Honey Lightroom Preset

The Honey Mobile Lightroom Preset pack enhances tan or darker skin tones in images to create a summer and travel vibe.

Best for: Photos with plain, bright backgrounds, such as a beach during the daytime where the sky is blue or cloudy

Features: Subtle warmth and a hint of glow

Malibu Blue Lightroom Preset

This is one of our personal favorites. The Malibu Blue Lightroom Preset adds a cool blue tone to images to create bold and vibrant look. It only comes with one preset which is the only downside. Other than that, this preset works great for almost every beach photo.

Best for: Photos consisting of dark blue to light purple shades. It works best on photos of an evening sky or a blue ocean.

Features: Blue accentuation and slight hue shift

Millennial Pink Lightroom Preset

The Millennial Pink Lightroom Preset adds a light-blush tone with warm gold radiance to images, creating a soft and subtle vintage vibe. It is perfect for those who love muted colors.

Best for: Once again, we found that this preset works best for photos consisting of dark blue to light purple shades. But instead of increasing the blue tones like the previous preset did, this one helps to bring out the pink parts of your shot.

Features: Pink accentuation with plenty of desirable shadow.