DaVinci Resolve Fade Out Audio Tutorial - 3 EASY Steps!

Gradually reducing the audio volume of your soundtrack is a great way to end a video, transition between scenes, and conclude overlaying sounds without a sudden pause. In this tutorial, we'll show you how to animate an audio volume fade out of your video in DaVinci Resolve 18 and beyond.

October 19, 2023
DaVinci Resolve Fade Out Audio Tutorial - 3 EASY Steps!
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In video production, audio plays a crucial role, and fading out audio at the end of a clip is a simple but powerful technique that can add emotional impact to your video.

How do you fade-out music on DaVinci Resolve 18?

An audio fade effect is a technique where the audio volume is gradually increased or decreased. Depending on the direction of volume increase (or decrease), it can be used to start or end an audio track at a specific volume level, and also used as a transition between two audio clips to make the transition smooth. To do this in DaVinci Resolve, start by positioning your cursor above the audio track in your timeline. Two extremely small arrows should appear at the top edge of the track. To fade the audio, hold the end of the audio clip and drag it towards the start of your track.

Pro tip: When adjusting the duration of the fade, you can also drag down to increase/decrease the audio curve to make the sound fade out faster or slower towards the beginning or end.

For the visual learners, here's a great tutorial on how to fade audio in under 1 minute.

Audio transitions in DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve includes a few audio effects you can use to create transitions from one soundtrack to another. While you may not be able to achieve the same complexity of transitions that can be done in FL Studio, Ableton or other DAWs and audio programs, you can still use effects in DaVinci to make basic transitions suitable for most videos.

One of our favorite sound transitions which can be done in DaVinci is the reverb and distortion transition. When the reverb effect is applied to an audio clip, it creates the illusion that the audio is being heard in a specific space or environment. This can be useful for creating a sense of depth and atmosphere in-between the transition. By combining the two effects over a fade, you can create a futuristic-sounding sound morph to end or introduce a new sound into your video.

Creating crossfades in DaVinci Resolve

A crossfade is a great way to transition between two or more audio tracks using the DaVinci audio editing tools. You won't be able to beatmatch your tracks the same way DJs do, but you'll still be able to add in your own fun audio transitions from one sound to another.

DaVinci makes it quick and easy to do this as they have included a crossfade transition preset which can be found in the audio transitions menu, simply drag and drop it onto any two audio tracks positioned alongside each other. You can then use the settings to adjust the duration and alignment of the transition to your liking.

How to fade audio in DaVinci Resolve - Reddit

Let's have a look at what the reddit community has to say about audio transition effects in DaVinci. These comments on this particular post have plenty of helpful information on audio fading techniques. Have a look below:

Final thoughts on DaVinci Resolve audio fade out

In conclusion, creating a fade out effect for your audio tracks in DaVinci Resolve is a simple but effective way to add emotional impact to your video. By following the steps outlined in this tutorial, you can create a professional fade out effect that will enhance the overall quality of your video production. Keep in mind the tips we've shared to make your fade out effect more natural and seamless, and experiment with using fades as transitions between clips. With a little practice, you'll be able to master the art of audio fading and take your video production to the next level.