How To Remove In And Out Points In Davinci Resolve - 1 Step

To clear In and Out points in DaVinci Resolve, use the Opt/Alt + X keyboard shortcut or navigate to the Mark menu at the top-left and select Clear In and Out. Familiarizing yourself with these methods ensures precision in editing and a smoother workflow.

October 1, 2023
How To Remove In And Out Points In Davinci Resolve - 1 Step
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How Do I Clear In And Out Davinci Resolve 18?

You're not the only one who has stumbled upon the intricacies of video editing, especially when working with software as comprehensive as DaVinci Resolve. Setting In and Out points is a foundational skill in the realm of video editing. These points allow editors to define specific sections of a video clip they wish to use, ensuring precision in their edits. The importance of mastering this skill cannot be overstated; it's akin to a painter knowing exactly where to place brush strokes on a canvas. With the right knowledge, you can not only set these points with ease but also modify or remove them as your project evolves.

In This Article:

  • Understanding the significance of the Timeline in DaVinci Resolve
  • The essence of In and Out points and their role in video editing
  • Step-by-step guide to setting, modifying, and clearing these points
  • Tips and shortcuts to enhance your editing efficiency and precision.

Prerequisite: Accessing the Timeline

Firstly, open DaVinci Resolve and ensure you're in the Edit tab. This is where you'll spend most of your time editing your videos. You'll find the Edit tab at the bottom of the screen, represented by a filmstrip icon. Once you're there, look for the timeline. It's the large area at the bottom where you'll see your video clips laid out in sequence.

Prerequisite: Identifying In and Out Points

In the editing process, you'll often set 'In' and 'Out' points. These points define a specific section of your clip that you want to use. You see, when you press the "i" key, you're marking the start (In point) of the section you want. Similarly, pressing the "o" key marks the end (Out point) of your desired section. This is a handy tool, but sometimes, you might set these points accidentally or want to change the section you've highlighted.

Step 1: Clearing the In and Out Points Using Keyboard Shortcuts

Now that you've identified the In and Out points, let's look into how to clear them. Believe me, it's simpler than you might think. On your keyboard, press the Opt/Alt key and, while holding it down, press the X key. This combination, Opt/Alt + X, will clear the set In and Out points. It's a quick way to reset any section you've highlighted.

Step 2: Clearing the In and Out Points Using the Menu

For those who prefer using the menu, no worries, there's a way for you too. At the top-left of your screen, you'll find a menu labeled Mark. Click on it. A dropdown menu will appear, and in it, you'll find an option that says Clear In and Out. Clicking on this option will do the same thing as the keyboard shortcut – it will remove the set In and Out points.

Additional Tips

By the way, if you're using DaVinci Resolve 18.0, there's another shortcut you might find useful. The G key on your keyboard can also clear the In and Out points. It's just another way to achieve the same result, so choose whichever method you find most comfortable.