[2024] Envato's NEW Ai-Assisted Extension For Premiere Pro

I just wanted to briefly cover Envato's new product for Premiere Pro users. They've released a new extension for Premiere Pro users that let's you search the entire Envato Elements library from within Premiere Pro. It also has a new search function powered by AI to help you find exactly what you're looking for.

April 20, 2024
[2024] Envato's NEW Ai-Assisted Extension For Premiere Pro
"It's Like Video Editing On Steroids!"
- Sebastian Navarro, FreeVisuals Editor
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On the 26th of September, the team at Envato Elements released an extension for Adobe Premiere Pro. Before this release, there was no existing plugin that had similar, if not the same functionality.

What It Does

According to Bianca Pellizzari From Envato, the main features of this extension include:

Feature Description Use Case
Download and Search for Items in Premiere Pro No more juggling between apps! With the Envato extension for Adobe Premiere Pro, you can effortlessly search and download premium sound effects, music, and stock videos right within Premiere Pro. Imagine you're editing a documentary on wildlife. Instead of switching to a browser to find that perfect lion's roar or a serene African savannah clip, you can do it all within Premiere Pro, ensuring a smoother workflow.
AI-Assisted Search The extension boasts an AI-powered search feature that analyzes a single frame from a clip in your project and recommends related assets from the vast Envato Elements library. It's like having a personal assistant that understands your creative vision. You've just added a clip of a serene beach at sunset. The AI could suggest related music tracks or sound effects like waves crashing or seagulls chirping, enhancing the ambiance of your scene.
Classic Keyword Search For those who appreciate the traditional way of doing things, the extension offers a keyword search function. Just type in your keywords, and a plethora of assets await your selection. You're working on a retro-themed project. By simply typing "retro" or "vintage", you can access a collection of assets that resonate with that era.
Choose Where to Save Your Assets Organization is key in video editing. The extension allows you to decide where to save your downloaded assets. Plus, if an item has multiple assets, you can pick just the one you need. You're working on multiple projects - a wedding video and a corporate presentation. You can choose to save romantic tracks in a 'Wedding' folder and corporate tunes in a 'Presentation' folder, ensuring no mix-ups.
Browse Without an Envato Elements Subscription Even without a paid subscription to Envato Elements, you can still browse assets to test tracks, footage, and sound effects in your projects. However, for unrestricted access to premium assets, a subscription is needed. You're on the fence about subscribing. By browsing the assets, you can gauge the quality and variety on offer, helping you make an informed decision.

So in short, it's basically the entire Envato Elements Library within a plugin for PR. And no, you do not need to be subscribed to browse assets. Subscription is only necessary for downloading files that aren't included in the free section.

It's almost like a combination of the AI from ChatGPT, the library of Envato Elements and the 'drag 'n' drop' functionality from Motion Bro.

AI Search Accuracy

Since I no longer use PR, I tested the AI search directly through the website a few times. It works amazingly!

Simple Prompts

Based on the 6 queries I put in, it seems as though the search engine works best with simple prompts such as "I am using Premiere Pro to create a slideshow for my summer wedding"

Complex, More Detailed Prompt

Even when I tried a more detailed prompt. The results were still quite accurate and relevant. However...

There was this one occasion where it outputted a few irrelevant results, but this is most likely due to the fact that I used newer terms and phrases which could not be comprehended by the AI.

Don't get me wrong, it still met my expectations.

Comparison With Motion Bro

Before Envato's search plugin, there was Motion Bro - which is the most similar plugin that I can compare to. Although they both offer different functionality, they both share one main similarity which is the ability to drag and drop pre-made templates.


The main difference is that Motion Bro has a smaller library. There is also the fact that Motion Bro doesn't have the AI-search bar. Envato's extension can search the entire library on Envato Elements.

Does Envato's AI Search Plugin Replace Motion Bro?

By all means, get both if you really need them, but I personally believe that the assets on Envato Elements are sufficient.

Also, given that Envato's extension is literally free, why not install it?