Epidemic Sound Free Trial [2024] - How To Get 7 Days FREE!

Navigate to Epidemic Sound and click the option for a 7-day free trial, choosing the Personal Plan if it fits your needs, and create an account with your email. Enter payment information to secure the trial but remember, you won't be charged until the trial period ends, giving you full access to explore and utilize their vast music library for your projects.

April 9, 2024
Epidemic Sound Free Trial [2024] - How To Get 7 Days FREE!
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What Is Epidemic Sound?

Epidemic Sound pricing plans & 7 day free trial

Epidemic Sound is a company that provides a subscription-based service offering royalty-free music and sound effects for content creators. It's designed to simplify the process of finding and licensing music for various types of projects, ensuring that creators can use music without worrying about copyright infringement or licensing issues. Here's a detailed look at what Epidemic Sound is, who uses it, and its potential applications:

Who Uses Epidemic Sound?

The user base of Epidemic Sound spans across a broad spectrum of content creators. This includes YouTubers, podcasters, filmmakers, video producers, businesses, and even game developers. Each group finds unique value in the service, whether it's to elevate their video content with engaging background music, to craft a captivating auditory experience in podcasts, or to underscore the narrative in indie games. The common thread among these users is their need for high-quality, accessible, and legally sound music and sound effects, which Epidemic Sound provides.

Example Use Cases

  1. YouTube Vlogging: Consider a vlogger looking to add depth to their travel content. By leveraging Epidemic Sound's upbeat tracks, they can significantly enhance the viewer's experience, making the video not just a visual but an emotional journey as well.
  2. Podcast Production: A podcaster aiming to establish a strong auditory brand identity might use distinctive intro and outro music from Epidemic Sound. This not only sets the tone for their content but also aids in listener recall, a crucial aspect of building a loyal audience.
  3. Corporate Videos: Businesses often need to communicate their message effectively, and a motivational soundtrack can make a promotional video much more compelling. Epidemic Sound's library offers a range of tracks that can be matched perfectly to the video's tone, ensuring the message is not just heard but felt.
  4. Educational Content: For educators and tutorial creators, maintaining audience engagement is key. Background music from Epidemic Sound can be the difference between a dry lecture and an engaging learning experience, making complex information more digestible.
  5. Indie Game Development: In the realm of game development, atmospheric music and sound effects are paramount in creating immersive worlds. Epidemic Sound enables indie developers to access a plethora of sounds that can bring their game environments to life, enriching the player's experience without the steep costs usually associated with custom audio production.

How To Sign Up For Epidemic Sound Free Trial

So yes, Epidemic Sound does offer a 7-day free trial plan, as you can see in the image above. Here's how to sign up for it:

Epidemic sound free trial button

First up, direct your browser to the Epidemic Sound homepage. Here, you'll find a clearly marked option to begin a free trial, typically presented as a large, can't-miss button near the top of the page. This button is your gateway, much like the entry point to a vast digital music archive waiting to be explored.

Upon clicking this, you're taken to a page where you select a subscription plan. For beginners and personal projects, the Personal Plan is a great start. Priced at $10.99 USD per month (when billed annually), it's your all-access pass to unlimited downloads for personal use, spanning everything from YouTube videos to podcasts. If you choose to pay monthly, then this price will be $17.99 a month.

Next, you'll create an account. This step involves entering your email address and setting a password, a process as simple as signing up for a new email account. This email address becomes your key to accessing Epidemic Sound's comprehensive music library.

Registering an account with Epidemic Sound

The following stage involves entering your payment information. Although it's a free trial, Epidemic Sound requires this detail to facilitate a smooth transition to a paid subscription, should you choose to continue. It's akin to a security measure, much like a deposit.

Here, you'll input your credit card details or link a PayPal account. But don't worry, you won't be charged during the 7-day trial period. This phase is your risk-free opportunity to explore the service and see if it meets your needs.

After setting up your payment method, you'll confirm the start of your subscription. Voila! You're now poised to dive into Epidemic Sound's extensive music library. Imagine stepping into a digital music store where every track is readily available, waiting to complement your video content.

During the trial, immerse yourself in exploring various music genres, moods, and effects. It's an integral part of the creative process, akin to selecting the perfect color grading for your footage. Each track you test could significantly influence your content's emotional impact, so don't hesitate to download and experiment with different options.

Should you decide Epidemic Sound isn't the right fit, cancelling before the trial ends is straightforward. Simply go to your account settings to find the cancellation option. It's as easy as deciding against using a particular shot in your edit – a choice you're free to make at any moment.