Top 5 FCPX Audio Visualizer Templates - FreeVisuals

Here are 5 of the MOST popular audio visualizer templates for Final Cut Pro X. By using these templates, you can quickly create your own sound spectrum in just a few clicks!

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Final Cut Pro Audio Visualizer

Here are 5 of the most popular sound waveform visualizer templates for Final Cut Pro X. With these project files, you can quickly and easily create your own visualizer for your song or podcast. All 5 template bundles featured on this list were made by an experienced motion designer, so you know you're in good hands by choosing any one of these.

Final Cut Pro Audio Spectrum Template


An audio spectrum or sound waveform visualizer is a great way to add a visual element to your song or podcast. They're used by 1000s of independent artists and music channels such as Trap Nation, NCS and Majestic Sound. Audio visualizers are very common in all genres of music, but since everyone is using similar designs, how can you stand out from the rest? With this audio visualizer kit from EasyEdit, you can design your own custom spectrums for FCPX with no prior experience! The on screen instructions and tools included make it easy to create your own audio visualizer in just a few clicks!

Audio Visualizer 1 FCPX/Apple Motion


Using a cover art as a background image for your song on YouTube or other social media platforms can be extremely boring for your audience. With this pack of waveform visualizer with background and text elements included, you can make your song thumbnails more appealing to click on.

Audio Visualizer 2 For Final Cut Pro


Featuring a unique record cover design, these audio spectrum templates are perfect for social media or for making your own full-resolution spectrums for YouTube. Simply extract the main elements such as the record and the spectrum, then make your own background in a 1280p x 720p composition!

Audio Waveform Visualizer 3 For Final Cut Pro


Take a look at this specially designed set of music visualizer templates for Final Cut Pro X! It features 3 unique templates featuring a cool 3D parallax screen shake effect.

FCPX Audio Visualizer Plugin


The FCPX audio visualizer 2 template kit by Pixel Film Studios has absolutely everything you need to design your own custom sound spectrums for your next song or podcast! Take a look at the promo video to see its capabilities and how they can help you!