5 BEST Final Cut Pro Slideshow Templates In 2024

Here're our top picks for the most aesthetic and popular templates to help you create slideshows on Final Cut Pro. Perfect for weddings, anniversaries, travel, and more!

January 22, 2024
5 BEST Final Cut Pro Slideshow Templates In 2024
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Final Cut Pro Picture Slideshow Template

More than 68% of the videos we watch online use motion graphics in some way? That includes slideshows, especially if they were made on FCPX.

Let's be real, learning motion graphics can be pretty tough, and making your first ever slideshow might not turn out the way you want it to. Luckily, with pre-made Final Cut Pro slideshow templates, you can get the job done even if you have little or no video editing/motion graphic skills.

These templates, created by professional motion designers, are fully customizable, so you can add your own media and text to make them unique. That means you can create a video that was impossible to make from scratch in just a few easy steps.

So if you're looking for some dope FCPX slideshow templates, check out the list we've got below. These are designed by experienced motion graphic authors on Motion Array, Videohive and Envato Elements, and they're sure to make your video stand out!

Create A Slideshow On Final Cut Pro X

slideshow for fcpx


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This template helps you to design your own slideshow using pre-made animations which are customizable in FCPX.

You've  got two options to choose from: first, there's the "easy edit" template that'll let you pick your color scheme and update your text in just a few minutes. Or, if you want to go all out and customize everything, you can use the advanced template.

Final Cut Pro Photo Slideshow Template Free

free slideshow template final cut pro
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Want to make a dope 30-second ad for your brand, campaign, or product? This template is one of the simpler slideshow designs featured on this list.

You can add up to 12 media clips and 12 editable text layers. Plus, you can easily change the color and adjust the opacity of the effects in FCPx.

It's perfect for showing off your wedding, anniversaries, travels, vacations, friends, and family photos. Trust me, your audience will be impressed with how masterfully and beautifully animated this template is.

2 Cinematic Slideshow Templates for Final Cut Pro X

final cut pro slideshow
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Hakuna Matata's cinematic slideshow template is the most ideal template for showcasing your memories, weddings, anniversaries, romantic moments, sports, fashion, modeling, friends, and family photos. If you post this to social media, your viewers will be impressed with how beautiful and elegantly animated this FCPX template is.

Trust me, this is a great way to make your media stand out and look super professional.

3D Parallax Slideshow Final Cut Pro Template

download final cut pro template slideshow
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These are not bespoke designs, but you can use them as a starting point to make them more unique to your brand or style.

With Any Motion's Beautiful Slides template, you can add up to 33 media placeholders and 21 editable text layers, and easily control the color and effects in Final Cut Pro 17 (also compatible with 18). If you're an After Effects user, you can also download the After Effects version of this template which has more customizability and smoother animations.

Template Containing Final Cut Pro Slideshow Effects

fcpx slideshow template free

Not much has to be said about this template, watch the promo video to see how minimalistic and stylish it is. Every detail from the typography designs to the slide durations have been planned to make the most perfect looking presentation for your videos.

Watch the whole video to the end. It features some of the most eye-catching transitions and effects that usually can only be found in paid transition bundles.

Customize Your Slideshow & Re-design It To Make It Your Own

Apple's editing solutions are composed of two separate programs, namely Final Cut Pro and Motion. These two programs not only enable you to create live-action videos and animation, but they also work hand in hand to allow you to utilize Motion animated elements within FCPX. When it comes to Final Cut Pro slideshow templates, they are essentially animated Motion projects that you can conveniently install in FCPX and then customize with your own media, titles, and brand elements.

Once you have downloaded your preferred template, the real fun begins as you get to personalize it to your liking. The first step involves installing the template so that it can work seamlessly from within FCPX. To do this, locate your downloaded file and unzip it. Within the unzipped folder, you'll find a second folder that bears the name of your chosen template, and that's your project folder right there.

To proceed, open a second Finder window and navigate to the following folder: Applications > Final Cut Pro > Contents > Plugins > MediaProviders > MotionEffect.fxp > Contents > Resources > Templates. Depending on your preference, you could choose either the Titles or Generators folder for Slideshow Templates. From there, simply drag the project folder to the relevant templates folder and launch Final Cut Pro! The template will now appear in your Generators/Titles panel.

To customize your template, drag it to the Timeline and make use of the Effects Control Panel to adjust it to your liking. Simple, right?