FireCut AI Review [2024] - 5 FACTS To Know Before Buying

Created by Suhail Idrees and endorsed by the popular YouTuber Ali Abdaal, Firecut feels like I've got a personal assistant for my editing work. It fits right into Premiere Pro, so I didn't have to learn a new software or change my workflow. It's like Adobe knew exactly what was missing and handed over the perfect tool. I use Firecut on virtually every project now, and it's cut my editing time down by at least 30%. Plus, my videos fit within the content creator style you see nowadays on TikTok and YouTube.

April 12, 2024
FireCut AI Review [2024] - 5 FACTS To Know Before Buying
"Video editors relying on templates lack genuine skill and creativity."

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"It's Like Video Editing On Steroids!"
- Sebastian Navarro, FreeVisuals Editor
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FireCut.AI - Is It Worth It? Here's What I Think!

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Newly released in 2023, Firecut has quickly become my go-to plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro. What makes it stand out is its use of artificial intelligence to simplify the video editing process. This isn't just hype; it's a tool that has genuinely made my workflow faster and allowed me to focus more on creative storytelling rather than getting bogged down in repetitive tasks.

For starters, the installation process is straightforward. Once installed, Firecut integrates seamlessly into Premiere Pro's interface. You'll find it under the "Window" tab, easily accessible without having to dig through menus. This convenience factor is a big plus for me since time saved on searching for tools is time that can be invested in editing.

What I Like About It

  • Easy Silence Removal: This feature is a lifesaver. With just one click, it took away all those awkward pauses in my podcast without me having to go through it minute by minute. It's pretty accurate, too.
  • Auto Zoom for Impact: Loved how it zoomed in on key moments. Made the final video look like I put a lot more effort into it than I actually did. It adds a nice touch without overdoing it.
  • Chapter Detection: The way it breaks down the video into chapters with those neat dividers? Chef's kiss. It made my content look super organized, which my viewers appreciated.
  • Filler Word Removal: Another gem. It got rid of all my 'uhms' and 'ahs,' making me sound way more eloquent than I am in real life. Opus clip also has this same feature but they don't explicitly mention it on their website.
  • Multi-Track Editing: This feature was a deal breaker for my interviews and podcasts. It automatically focused on the person talking, saving me hours of manual editing.

What I Don't Like About It

  • Learning Curve: Took me a bit to figure out all the settings. A simpler tutorial for beginners would be helpful. Maybe a quick-start guide?
  • Customization Limits: While it's great at what it does, I wish I had more control over the auto features. Like, being able to adjust the intensity of the zoom or the sensitivity of the silence detector could make a big difference.
  • Integration Quirks: Since it's a plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro, I had a couple of moments where it didn't play nice with other features I was using. Making it more compatible with the whole range of Premiere Pro tools would be a big plus.
  • Audio Focus in Multi-Track: It generally does a good job of switching between speakers, but sometimes it misses the mark, especially with overlapping dialogue. Improving its ability to handle these situations would make it perfect for podcast editing.


Monthly pricing for Firecut AI

Starter Plan

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I kicked off my video editing journey with the Starter plan, which really stands out for beginners. With a price tag of $19 a month or $11 monthly with the annual option, it's a budget-friendly pick. The tools you need, like the silence cutter, are easy to find right after you upload your video. It feels like the software is guiding you through the process. And the FireCut community? It's like an ever-ready mentor, offering advice and tips, which is incredibly helpful for someone just starting out.

Pro Plan

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Once I got the hang of the basics, I moved up to the Pro plan. At $34 a month, or $24 monthly on the annual plan, it's a step up but worth every penny for the advanced AI features it unlocks. Multi-track editing and AI-driven enhancements are just a click away in the menu, designed for those ready to take their projects to the next level.

Team Plan

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For those working in a team, the Team plan is a game changer. It takes everything great about the Pro plan and adds essential features like centralized billing and admin controls, all for $34 monthly per user. This plan excels in simplifying collaboration, providing an intuitive admin panel that makes managing team members a breeze.

Lifetime Option

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And then there's the Lifetime option. It's like securing a front-row seat to all of's features forever, without worrying about future payments. This option is ideal for those deeply committed to video editing, viewing it as more than just a hobby. Though it requires direct contact to set up, the idea of one-time payment for perpetual access is tempting for any serious editor.


Try it for free

I've been using Firecut AI for a while now, and let me tell you, it's a 'must-have' for anyone like me who spends hours editing videos. You find it as an add-on in Adobe Premiere Pro, right in the 'Extensions' menu. Easy to find and start.

Cut Out All Silences Faster

The first thing that blew my mind was its ability to zap out all the silence in my raw footage. You click on the 'Silence Detection' button, tweak a few sliders based on how aggressive you want it to be, and bam, all those awkward pauses are gone. I use this feature probably on every project, especially for my YouTube videos. It cuts down editing time like crazy.

Zoom Cuts

Then there's this cool zoom-in effect. It listens to your video, picks up on the key moments where you're making a point, and automatically zooms in. It's under the 'Auto Zoom' feature, and you can adjust how much zoom or the kind of effect you want. Honestly, it makes the videos look way more engaging without me having to manually set keyframes for zooms.

Creating Chapters

Creating chapter markers is another thing I love. Right there in the 'Chapter Detection' section, this tool goes through your dialogue, figures out where one topic ends and another begins, and marks them. It even adds these sleek divider clips that make the final video look super polished. I've gotten so many compliments on how professional my videos look, and it's all thanks to this feature.

Removing Filler Words

Now, let's talk about cutting out filler words and repetitive takes. This is probably where Firecut saves me the most time. You find this under 'Filler Word Removal'. It's genius at picking out those annoying 'ums' and 'ahs' or when I say the same thing three times trying to get it right. With a click, it cleans up my takes, making me sound way more eloquent than I actually am.

Multi-Track Sync

For podcasters or anyone working with interviews, the 'Multi-Track Sync' feature is a lifesaver. You upload your tracks, and it automatically focuses on the person speaking the loudest, making sure they're the ones seen on screen. It saves the hassle of manually syncing audio tracks and deciding which video track to show when.