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How To Rename Premiere Pro Project - EASY Method

You can rename a project by right-clicking on it in the Project panel and choosing "Rename." This will allow you to rename the project directly in the Project panel. For a more detailed explanation on how to rename a Premiere Pro project, keep reading.

April 16, 2023
How To Rename Premiere Pro Project - EASY Method
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As a video editor, you know that having organized and easily accessible project files is crucial to your workflow. One way to achieve this is by renaming your Premiere Pro projects. When organizing your video editing assets on your file explorer or desktop, it can be helpful to rename certain projects to identify them quicker and easier.

Tutorial: How To Rename A Project In Adobe Premiere Pro

To do this with your Premiere Pro projects, simply open the project file, then open up the file menu and select "save as" and type in your own file name.

Alternatively, you can rename a project by right-clicking on it in the Project panel and choosing "Rename." This will allow you to rename the project directly in the Project panel or, the easiest and simplest way to rename a project is to do it directly from your file explorer. Just right click the project and select the rename option to write whatever you like.

Keep in mind that renaming a project in Premiere Pro does not rename the individual files that make up the project. It simply changes the name of the project file itself. If you want to change the names of the individual files, you will need to do so separately.

How To Change Project Name In Premiere Pro (Step By Step)

Here's a video you should watch if you're still struggling to rename your Premiere Pro project.

Step 1: Open Premiere Pro - Launch Premiere Pro and select "Open Project" in the welcome screen, or go to the menu bar and click on "File" and select "Open."

Step 2: Locate the Project - Find the project you want to rename, right-click on it, and select "Rename" from the drop-down menu.

Step 3: Rename the Project - A small window will pop up, where you can rename your project. Enter the new name you want to use and click "Enter" to save it.

Step 4: Confirm the Name Change - After renaming the project, confirm that the name has changed by looking at the project file in the Premiere Pro browser.

That's it! Renaming your Premiere Pro project is a straightforward process that can make a significant difference in your workflow.

Pro Tip: Use Third Party Plugins To Help Organize & Speed Up Workflow

Organizing projects to keep track of your work in Premiere Pro is one way to stay efficient. You can also use plugins to reduce repetitive tasks, here is one of our favorites for Premiere Pro:

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Final Thoughts On Our Premiere Pro Change Project Name Guide

Renaming your Premiere Pro projects may seem like a small task, but it's an essential one. By giving your projects a descriptive and meaningful name, you can quickly locate specific files, avoid confusion, and save time. It also helps you stay organized and efficient, especially when working with a team.