Movavi Free Trial - How To Try Movavi For FREE In 2024!

Just like most other online video editing programs, Movavi also offers a free trial plan across all their products, from their video converter to their video editor. On this page, I'll show you the easiest way to get a hold of these free trials.

May 27, 2024
Movavi Free Trial - How To Try Movavi For FREE In 2024!
"It's Like Video Editing On Steroids!"
- Sebastian Navarro, FreeVisuals Editor
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How To Download Movavi Video Editor & Other Products For Free

Red Arrow pointing to the 'Download for free button"

Find the Right Tool on Movavi's Website:

On Movavi's website, you'll see a row of dropdown links titled from "video" all the way down to "photo". It's your menu to all the tools they offer. Just browse through to find the particular product you're interested in downloading the free trial for.

Download the Software

Once you're on the page of the specific program you want to download. Click the "download for free" button located at the left of the page. You may notice that some products like the 'Unlimited" bundle don't have a free download button. This is because Movavi doesn't offer a free version of the particular product.

Install the Software:

After downloading, the file will land in your 'Downloads' folder. You'll see prompts popping up, guiding you through setup—kind of like following a quick start guide. Choose the folder where you want to install it.

Launch Movavi:

Now, with everything set up, double-click the Movavi icon. The software springs to life, ready to brew your video projects with its suite of features.

Limitations Of The Free Version

I've given these features a good run. My advice? Jump in and see how it fits your needs. Yes, the limitations can be a bit of a surprise, but it's all part of the trial experience. Play around with each tool, keep an eye on the limitations, and you'll get a solid feel for what Movavi Video Suite can do.

Upon installation, users gain access to the entirety of the software's functionality. This approach ensures that potential buyers have the opportunity to thoroughly assess each feature, determining how well it aligns with their needs. However, it's important to note that the trial period is limited. From the moment the software is installed, users are given a specific duration to utilize the program, which could vary from a few days to a month, accompanied by certain usage limitations.

Video Suit Trial Limitations

Movavi Video Suite

With Movavi Video Suite, you get a 7-day sneak peek. It's enough time to play around and see what's what. You'll notice a "Trial" watermark on your videos. It's their way of saying, "Hey, this is just a test run."

Video Editor

When you're editing and decide to save your masterpiece as an audio file, keep in mind you'll only get half the length. Found this out the hard way when I was trying to export a full song and ended up with just a snippet. The save option is straightforward to find, right there in the export menu, but remember, you're getting just half your audio out.

Video Converter

Trying to convert audio files? You'll bump into a similar half-length situation. And if you're in a rush using SuperSpeed mode for videos, same deal—only half the video gets converted. The converter is pretty easy to navigate; just pick your file, choose a format, and hit convert. Just keep an eye on the file length.

And there's the video file format converter. Movavi's video converter can swiftly change MKV files to MP4, making it a breeze to switch formats. The interface is intuitive; just drag your MKV file, choose MP4, and hit convert. In moments, you'll have a high-quality MP4 file ready to go, no fuss, no hassle.

Screen Recorder

If you're thinking about recording your screen and sharing it straight to YouTube, there's a catch. You can't add descriptions or tags beforehand. Found this a bit limiting when I wanted to share tutorials. The recording feature itself is a breeze to use—just select the area you want to record and hit the big red button.

Audio Capture

Audio capture is neat but limited to 2 minutes. It's great for quick sound bites but not for longer sessions. The setup is simple: hit record, do your thing, and stop when you're done. Just watch that timer.

Video Editor Trial Limitations

Movavi Video Editor Alone

Here's something you've got to keep in mind: there's a 60-second cap on videos and a half-length limit on any audio you're working with. I found this out while working on a project where I needed more than just a minute of video. Ended up having to break my work into chunks. As for audio, when I tried saving a longer track, only got half of it. It's something to plan for if you're editing longer pieces.

Advanced Features

Some of the cooler, advanced features won't be at your fingertips when exporting your projects. This was a bit of a letdown when I wanted to add some fancy effects to a video I was pretty proud of. The software's pretty up-front about what's locked behind the full version, so you won't waste time on something you can't use yet.

My Approach

I've run through these trials a few times. My game plan? Focus on what's available. There's plenty you can do within the limits. It's all about creativity—working within the confines to see what you can come up with. And remember, those restrictions like the watermark or the half-length audio—they're just part of the trial experience.

Despite these limitations, there's a lot of room to play. I've made some neat stuff under 60 seconds and got creative with the audio limits. It's like a challenge: How much can you do with what you're given? Turns out, quite a bit.