How Do I Center Text In The Middle In Photoshop? - SOLUTION

For precise layer and text alignment in Photoshop, make sure you utilize the alignment icons located in the top settings bar. These tools offer mathematically accurate positioning, whether you're aiming for centering or edge alignment, effectively eliminating the guesswork from your design process.

September 13, 2023
How Do I Center Text In The Middle In Photoshop? - SOLUTION
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Photoshop Text Alignment Middle Center (Same Method Works For Images Too)

Centering text or layers in Photoshop—you might think it's a straightforward task, but it's often not as intuitive as one might hope. Coming from a background of extensive Photoshop use, I can empathize with the challenges. Let's dive into a foolproof method of achieving perfect alignment.

Photoshop Text Align Tutorial

Step 1

First off, make sure you've got the layer you want to center highlighted in the Layers panel. If your Layers panel isn't open, hit F7 to bring it up. Now, pick up your Move Tool. The keyboard shortcut for this is 'V.' I swear by keyboard shortcuts; they speed up your workflow considerably.

Step 2

Once you've got the Move Tool activated, your next step is to select the entire canvas. Press Command + A on a Mac or Control + A on a Windows machine. The "marching ants" (those animated dashed lines that appear to crawl around your selection) will indicate that your entire canvas is selected. In design lingo, we refer to these as "marching ants" because of their continuous, marching pattern, and they serve as a visual indicator for your active selection.

Step 3

Let's talk alignment options. In the top settings bar, usually situated right above your workspace, you'll notice several icons. Look for the ones that look like little rectangles with lines aligning them. These are your alignment tools. Click the 'Align Horizontal Centers' option to snap your layer to the horizontal center of your selection.

Step 4

Still with me? Great. Now, if you're aiming for perfection and want to center your layer vertically, hit the 'Align Vertical Centers' icon. Here's where the numbers come into play: Photoshop calculates the exact mathematical center based on your canvas size in pixels, ensuring 100% accurate alignment. Trust me, this precision is particularly helpful when you're working on projects that require exact measurements, like UI/UX design.

Step 5

If you’re striving for a full, dead-center alignment, you'd employ both 'Align Horizontal Centers' and 'Align Vertical Centers'. Although it may feel like one click too many, the two-click operation ensures your object is perfectly aligned both horizontally and vertically. After all, we’re talking about a matter of milliseconds here for that extra click.

Step 6

Lastly, you'll want to get rid of that selection you made initially. Deselect it by pressing Command + D on a Mac or Control + D on a Windows system. This step might seem trivial, but keeping stray selections can interfere with subsequent actions. Always good practice to clear your workspace of any unneeded elements, right?

What Do The Alignment Icons Do?

Horizontal Alignment Options:

Option Description
Align Left Edges Aligns the left edge of your layer to the left edge of your selection.
Align Horizontal Centers Aligns the horizontal center of your layer to the horizontal center of your selection.
Align Right Edges Aligns the right edge of your layer to the right edge of your selection.

Vertical Alignment Options:

Option Description
Align Top Edges Aligns the top edge of your layer to the top edge of your selection.
Align Vertical Centers Aligns the vertical center of your layer to the vertical center of your selection.
Align Bottom Edges Aligns the bottom edge of your layer to the bottom edge of your selection.

Centering Text to a Custom Selection

So, you're working on a project and you want to center text but not to the entire canvas. Maybe you're designing a poster, and you want your text to align perfectly in the top right corner. Easy. First, grab your Rectangular Marquee Tool. You can find this by pressing "M" or by clicking the Marquee icon on your toolbar.

(Quick tip: The Rectangular Marquee Tool is a versatile tool in Photoshop. It allows you to make pixel-based selections. Just remember that your "Feather" option in the top bar is set to 0, so the edges of your selection are sharp.)

Once you've activated the tool, click and drag to define your desired selection area. You'll notice marching ants—that's what we call the animated dashed lines that surround the selection.

Now, head over to your layers panel and select the layer containing your text. Need to find it quickly among a sea of layers? Use the eyeball icon next to the layer to toggle visibility and identify it quickly. Once the correct layer is selected, switch to the Move Tool. Press "V" or click the Move icon, which looks like a tiny arrow crossed with a tiny line, in your toolbar.

With the Move Tool active, you'll see alignment icons on the top bar. These are your secret weapons for pixel-perfect alignment. To get your text right in the center of your selection, click on the icons for both vertical and horizontal alignment. Your text will snap into place.

(An aside: These alignment icons work based on the active selection. If no selection is made, the text will align to the canvas.)

Finally, to remove the selection, press Command + D (Mac) or Control + D (PC). Just like that, you've got text perfectly aligned within your specific selection area.