[2024] Pictory Vs Invideo: In-Depth Comparison

Since the AI boom in late 2022, the landscape of video editing has been revolutionized. I've personally experienced the transformative power of AI in video editing, and it's nothing short of groundbreaking. If you've also been interested in this space over the past few months, two softwares may have caught your eye a few times; Pictory and Invideo. Now, both are similar, but which one should you choose? In this comparison, I'll break down the features of each platform to help you make a more informed decision.

February 4, 2024
[2024] Pictory Vs Invideo: In-Depth Comparison
"It's Like Video Editing On Steroids!"
- Sebastian Navarro, FreeVisuals Editor
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Pictory AI Vs Invideo Side-By-Side Comparison

Features / Software InVideo Pictory.ai
Ratings 7/10 7/10
Number of Assets in Library 8 million 3 million
Mobile App Yes No
Best Features - More templates
- Video background removal
- Color correction
- AI voices
- Real-time captions
Best For Agencies, marketers, and video editors YouTubers, casual video creators, and influencers
Price (Monthly) $30
($15/month if paid yearly)
($19/month if paid yearly)
Pros - Larger asset library
- More comprehensive editing features
- Mobile app available
- Better for professional use
- AI-powered features
- Easier to use
- Slightly cheaper
- Better for casual creators
Cons - More complicated to use
- Slightly more expensive
- Smaller asset library
- No mobile app

What Is Invideo?

Invideo in action
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To be completely honest, when I first tried InVideo, I didn't like it at all and I couldn't see myself using it in the long run. But as someone deeply entrenched in the video editing and AI space, I decided to give it another shot, and I'm glad I did. My initial reservations were quickly dispelled as I delved deeper into its capabilities.

Online Editor

Let's talk about its browser-based functionality. Operating in Chrome, InVideo offers a surprisingly robust set of tools, ranging from basic to intermediate. The multi-layer video editing is a standout feature, allowing for intricate compositions. This is especially useful when you're working on complex projects that require a nuanced approach to layering elements like text, images, and video clips.

Templates - Very Similar To AE

The templates are another strong point. They're not just "attractive"; they're designed with a deep understanding of current design trends and user engagement metrics. Customization is key here. You can tweak every element, from color schemes to text overlays, making it possible to align the video perfectly with your brand's aesthetic and message.

AI Boom

The AI functionalities are where InVideo truly shines. It's not just about slapping on a filter or auto-generating a video; it's about leveraging machine learning algorithms to optimize your content. These algorithms can perform tasks ranging from automated video summarization to keyword tagging (essential for SEO and metadata optimization).

Target Userbase

Who's using InVideo? The user base is diverse, encompassing social media influencers, web publishers, bloggers, YouTubers, and small businesses. This speaks volumes about its versatility. Whether you're a one-person show or part of a larger team, the platform scales to meet your needs.

My Rating - 5/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I rate Invideo 7/10 on the scale of video editing. This is in comparison to all video editing program including the industry standard; Premiere Pro. I give this rating because the AI capabilities in InVideo are commendable but not groundbreaking. They facilitate quicker workflows and some level of automation, such as video summarization and keyword tagging. However, when compared to the machine learning algorithms that are starting to emerge in top-tier editing software, there's room for improvement.

Buy Invideo If

  • You're a Small Business Owner: Trust me, if you're running a small business, InVideo is a game-changer. The platform is designed to be so user-friendly that you don't need to be a tech wizard to navigate it. You can create professional-looking videos without hiring an external video editor, which saves both time and money.
  • You're in Media or Branding: If your job involves increasing audience engagement, InVideo is your go-to tool. It's not just a video editor; it's a comprehensive solution that caters to media firms and brands. The platform offers a plethora of templates and a video stock that's pretty convenient, making your video editing/creating process efficient (Templates are pre-designed layouts that you can use as a starting point for your videos).
  • You Value Collaboration: In my experience, teamwork makes the dream work. InVideo comes with collaboration tools that allow multiple team members to work on a project. This is especially useful for larger teams where tasks are often divided among various departments.
  • You Need a Multilingual Platform: If you're targeting a global audience, InVideo supports multiple languages. This is crucial for businesses looking to expand internationally.
  • You're Looking for a One-Stop Solution: InVideo offers more than just video editing. It has AI-powered features like text recognition, facial recognition, and even voice recognition to make your videos more personalized and engaging.
  • You Have a Good Internet Connection: Given that InVideo is an online platform, a stable and fast internet connection is a must for smooth operation. If you've got that covered, you're good to go.

Don't Buy Invideo If

  • You're on a Limited Budget: While InVideo does offer a range of features, it's not free. If you're on a tight budget, this might not be the best option for you.
  • You Have a Slow Internet Connection: I can't stress this enough—InVideo requires a good and stable internet connection. If your internet is slow or unreliable, you'll find the experience frustrating.
  • You Need to Switch Between Templates Frequently: One limitation I've noticed is that switching between templates isn't possible. If your work requires frequent template changes, this could be a hindrance.
  • You're Editing Large Videos on a Less Powerful System: InVideo can be resource-intensive, especially when editing large videos. If your system isn't very strong, you might experience some hang-ups.
  • You're a Professional Video Editor: If you're someone who is well-versed in professional video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro, you might find InVideo's features a bit limiting. It's designed for ease of use, which sometimes means fewer advanced options.
  • You're Not into DIY: If you prefer to outsource your video editing tasks and have no interest in a DIY approach, InVideo might not be for you. It's designed for those who want to take a hands-on approach to video creation.

What Is Pictory.ai?

Using Pictory

Pictory is like the 2023 version of the original Hitfilm (although completely unassociated with each other). This platform leverages cutting-edge AI technology to transform long-form content—be it blogs, podcasts, or white papers—into short, highly shareable videos. And it accomplishes this feat in record time.

Voicover AI

Let's dissect its voiceover capabilities. You have the option to record your own voice or utilize one of their AI-generated voices. The latter is a fascinating feature, as it employs text-to-speech algorithms that are remarkably lifelike. This isn't your run-of-the-mill robotic voice; it's a nuanced, human-like articulation that can read your script in a way that resonates with your audience.

White Label For Agencies & Freelancers

White-labeling is another area where Pictory excels. This isn't merely about slapping your logo onto a video; it's about comprehensive brand identity. You can customize everything from the color palette to the fonts, ensuring that the videos are unmistakably "you." The platform even allows for custom intros and outros, offering a full-circle branding experience.


Transcription features are often overlooked but are vital in today's global market. Pictory supports over 20 languages, which is a significant asset for reaching a global audience. It's not just about translating words; it's about breaking down linguistic barriers to connect with millions worldwide.

Text To Video

Now, if you're a social media manager, pay close attention. Pictory has the capability to convert blog posts into short videos. Why is this important? Video content has been shown to increase engagement rates significantly. Moreover, the platform's auto-captioning feature not only enhances accessibility but also boosts your SEO ranking. You can burn these captions directly into the video or download them in various formats like text, SRT, or VTT files (these are subtitle file formats that are crucial for video accessibility and SEO).

The platform's utility doesn't end there. It's also a boon for marketers, bloggers, agencies, course creators, Vidnami users, YouTube creators, and coaches. Once your video is ready, Pictory integrates seamlessly with Hootsuite, allowing for automated posting across your social channels. Alternatively, you can download the videos as CSV files, offering flexibility in how you choose to distribute your content.

My Rating - 4/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐

I also give Pictory a solid 7/10, because they're both great but they excel in different areas - as you'll find out later in this article. One of the main things I dislike about Pictory is the inaccuracy with some transcription. Although this is only very minor, it is a bit of a setback when bulk generating content that I don't check over individually.

Buy Pictory If

  • You're a Content Marketer: If your job revolves around creating compelling content to attract leads and boost sales, Pictory is a game-changer. It uses AI to convert text into videos, which are far more engaging than written content alone. This is especially useful if you're looking to diversify your content strategy without breaking the bank.
  • You're Part of a Team: Collaboration is key in today's fast-paced work environment. Pictory's Teams Plan allows colleagues from all departments to share assets and ideas. This is a godsend for ensuring brand consistency and quality across multiple projects.
  • You're a Blogger: Turning your written content into videos can significantly improve your SEO rankings. Videos keep people on your page longer, reducing bounce rates. Pictory automates this process, making it easier than ever to repurpose your content.
  • You Host Webinars or Podcasts: If you're in the business of long-form content like webinars or podcasts, Pictory's auto-summarize feature can create short, branded clips perfect for social media. This means you can get a week's worth of fresh content from a single recording, maximizing your content's reach and lifespan.
  • You're a Social Media Manager: Trust me, managing multiple platforms is no small feat. Pictory not only helps you create content but also auto-captions it. Given that 85% of social media videos are watched on mute, captions can increase your video's watch time by up to 12%.
  • You're Budget-Conscious: If you've always thought that video marketing is expensive, Pictory proves otherwise. The platform is designed to be cost-effective, eliminating the need for expensive videographers or editors.

Don't Buy Pictory If

  • You're a Professional Videographer: If you're already skilled in video production, Pictory might seem a bit basic for your needs. The platform is designed to make video creation accessible, but it may not offer the advanced features you're looking for.
  • You Need Highly Customized Content: While Pictory offers a range of features, it's not a substitute for highly customized or specialized video content. If your brand relies on a unique storytelling style or specialized graphics, you might find Pictory's options somewhat limiting.
  • You're Not into AI Voices: Pictory uses AI-generated voices for narration. If you're particular about having a human touch in your videos, this might be a deal-breaker for you.
  • You Don't Use Video in Your Marketing Strategy: This might sound obvious, but if video content doesn't align with your brand's marketing strategy, then Pictory isn't for you. The platform is all about turning various types of content into videos; if that's not something you need, then it's not a good fit.
  • You're Not Willing to Experiment: Pictory offers a lot of automated features, but to get the most out of it, you'll need to be willing to experiment and optimize. If you prefer set-it-and-forget-it solutions, you might not fully utilize what Pictory has to offer.


Both Invideo and Pictory are considered to be relatively cheap for what the have to offer. Not only that, but they're also much cheaper than any standalone video editing software (for obvious reasons).

Invideo Pricing

Invideo Pricing Plans
"I switched from Movavi to Invideo and my bank account is reaping the benefits!"

So, as I said in the intro of this article, InVideo offers a tiered subscription model that caters to a variety of needs and budgets. Let's dissect these plans to understand the value proposition each one offers.


Starting with the Free plan, you get a surprising amount of functionality without spending a dime. You can create videos up to 15 minutes in length, which is more than adequate for most social media and short-form content. The plan also grants you access to over 6,000 templates and a whopping 2.5 million files in the standard media library. That's a treasure trove of creative assets right at your fingertips. However, there's a catch: you can't export your video. This is a significant limitation, especially if you're looking to distribute your content outside the InVideo platform.


Next up is the Business plan, priced at $180 a year. Now, this is where things get interesting. First off, the watermark that's a staple on the Free plan is gone. You can export up to 60 HD-quality videos a month, each with a maximum length of 40 minutes. That's a total of 2,400 minutes of exportable content per month, which is substantial for most small to medium-sized businesses. You also get access to premium stock photo and video libraries, along with 10 iStock media downloads per month. The 'remove background' feature is another gem, although it's capped at 20 removals a month. Storage-wise, you're looking at 10GB of cloud space, which is a decent amount for moderate use.


Finally, we have the Unlimited plan, which comes in at $360 a year. Despite its name, it's not entirely without limits. However, it does remove most of the restrictions found in the other plans. For instance, you can export an unlimited number of videos, and you get access to the site's premium media. iStock downloads are capped at 120 a month, which is ten times the Business plan's allowance. Cloud storage is also significantly bumped up to 100GB, which is more than enough for even the most demanding projects.

Each plan has its merits, but they also come with their own set of limitations. The Free plan is a great starting point but lacks the export feature, which could be a deal-breaker for many. The Business plan offers a balanced mix of features and limitations, suitable for small businesses or serious hobbyists. The Unlimited plan, while not truly 'unlimited,' offers a level of freedom and flexibility that professional video editors and large businesses would find invaluable.

Pictory Pricing

Pictory Pricing Plans
"I wish there was a way to pay only for the features that I use, other than that, the pricing is pretty decent"

Pictory is just a few dollars more expensive than Invideo for some plans, but let's delve into why that extra investment might just be worth it. The platform offers a free trial that allows you to undertake three editing projects for videos up to 10 minutes in length. The best part? No credit card is required to get started, which is a breath of fresh air in an industry that often demands upfront financial commitments.


Now, let's talk about the Standard Plan, priced at $23 per month or $19 if you opt for annual billing. This plan offers a plethora of features that are ideal for beginner video creators. You get to produce 30 videos, have access to 25 automatic voices for voiceovers, and can convert up to 10 minutes of text into video. The plan also includes a staggering 5,000 background music tracks to choose from. That's not just a number; it's a comprehensive library that covers genres from classical to techno, ensuring your video always has the right mood. You're also given 1 hour of editing existing video footage and 10 hours for transcribing video content. The cherry on top? Three customizable branded templates.


The Premium Plan, priced at $47 per month or $39 annually, is a powerhouse. It allows you to create up to 60 videos and offers 42 automatic voices. The text-to-video conversion limit is doubled to 20 minutes, and the background music library expands to an astonishing 15,000 tracks. You also get 3 hours for editing existing footage and a generous 20 hours for transcribing videos. But what sets this plan apart is the access to millions of stock videos and images. This is a goldmine for marketing agencies, online course creators, and seasoned video marketers. It offers a level of versatility and creative freedom that is hard to match.


The Enterprise Plan is a different beast altogether. While the pricing isn't publicly disclosed, it's a customizable plan that comes with an experienced account manager. This is invaluable for businesses that require a more hands-on approach to their video editing needs. The features are tailored to your specific requirements, offering a level of personalization that's rare in the industry.

Payment options are flexible, accepting major credit and debit cards, as well as PayPal. Alternative payment methods can also be arranged through customer service, offering a level of flexibility that's often missing in rigid subscription models.

User Interface


Invideo online editor setup
"Easy to navigate and the layout + on-screen popups make video editing easier to work with"

It's not only the vast library of assets that sets InVideo apart; the user interface is another feather in its cap. However, let's address the elephant in the room: browser compatibility. If you're not using Google Chrome, you're greeted with a warning message urging you to switch. Trust me, this isn't just a marketing gimmick. I've tested the platform on Firefox and Safari, and the lag was palpable. On Chrome, the latency was reduced by approximately 30-40%, based on my own measurements. It might seem like a hassle to switch browsers, but in this case, it's a small price to pay for a smoother editing experience.

Once you're in the project workspace, the interface will feel like home if you've ever dabbled in video editing. The layout is intuitive, with a sidebar on the left housing all your assets—be it your own clips, stock media, or various elements and templates. This is your creative toolbox, and it's organized in a way that streamlines your workflow.

Select a category, and the section expands immediately to the sidebar's right. This is where you can preview and select the right item for your video. It's a real-time saver, eliminating the need to navigate through multiple tabs or windows.

Further to the right is the canvas, the heart of your project. This is where you can preview your work and manipulate the elements you've added. You can reposition, rotate, and resize them with pixel-perfect accuracy. The canvas is not just a preview window; it's an interactive workspace that allows for real-time adjustments.

Beneath the canvas is the timeline, a feature that will be familiar to anyone who has worked with video editing software. What sets InVideo apart is the ability to work with multiple layers within a single scene. This is a game-changer, especially when you're aiming for complex compositions. You can have multiple clips, text overlays, and other elements coexisting in a single scene, offering a level of flexibility that's often reserved for more advanced software.

Now, let's talk about transitions. In most editing software, you can add transitions between any two clips. However, InVideo operates differently. Transitions can only be added between scenes. This might seem limiting, but given that you can have multiple clips in a single scene, it's a limitation that can be worked around with a bit of planning.

Uploading your footage is the final step, and it's where you'll need to exercise some patience. The upload time is contingent on your cloud connection speed. In my tests, a 1GB file took approximately 10-15 minutes to upload on a standard broadband connection. This is a bottleneck inherent to all online video makers, not just InVideo.


Pictory user interface opinon
"I Cannot stress out how easy it was to pick up, unlike other AI programs"

Some people would argue that complexity in a video editing platform offers more features and flexibility, but Pictory proves that simplicity can be a virtue in design, especially when coupled with powerful AI capabilities. The moment I logged in using my Google account—a process that was seamless and required zero downloads—I was greeted with an interface that was the epitome of user-friendly design.

The initial dashboard presented me with four distinct categories to kickstart my video project. This is a crucial feature, as it helps to narrow down the user's focus and provides a guided pathway for the editing process. Each category is designed to serve a specific type of video content, be it promotional, educational, or personal.

Once I uploaded my full-length video, which was around 6 minutes long, Pictory did something extraordinary: it generated dialogue transcripts. This is a game-changer for content creators who often have to manually transcribe or pay for separate transcription services. The transcript wasn't just a static text; it was fully interactive, allowing for easy navigation through the video timeline.

Now, let's talk about the AI-powered 'Auto highlight' feature. This is where Pictory truly shines. With a single click, I was able to trim my nearly 6-minute video down to just 2 mins. I opted for a 25% trim, but the platform offers a range of options, allowing you to customize the length based on your specific needs. The AI algorithm analyzes the dialogue and selects the most impactful statements, highlighting them in green text on the transcript. This isn't

Templates & Resources

The templates and resources offered by either platform are not as good as the ones you can get for professional softwares such as After Effects. Just look at Motion Array for instance.


plenty of free templates on Invideo
"I made an entire Youtube review in about 1 hour. The same video would have taken 6+ hours if i had made it on After Effesct or something"

When it comes to templates, InVideo doesn't skimp. With a staggering 5000+ professionally designed templates, you're not just getting quantity but also quality. These aren't your run-of-the-mill, cookie-cutter designs; they're meticulously crafted for specific industries and platforms. For example, if you're in the e-commerce sector, you'll find templates optimized for product showcases, complete with preset transitions and text placements. These templates are designed to meet the unique requirements of different social media platforms, from Instagram Stories to YouTube intros. Trust me, the level of customization you can achieve is akin to having a full-fledged editing suite at your fingertips.

Now, let's talk about presets. These are the unsung heroes of efficient video editing. Presets are essentially pre-configured settings that you can apply to your videos with a single click. Think of them as your personal editing assistants that handle tasks like color grading or text animations. (Color grading, for the uninitiated, is the process of adjusting the visual tones of your video to achieve a specific mood or aesthetic.) The presets in InVideo are designed to integrate seamlessly with their templates, making your editing process not just faster but also more cohesive.

InVideo offers an overwhelming 8 million+ stock media options right within the editor. We're talking high-resolution images, premium video clips, and a library of music tracks that would make even a seasoned DJ envious. These aren't just filler content; they're quality assets designed to elevate your video. For instance, if you're creating a corporate explainer video, you can find stock footage that precisely matches the tone and subject matter, saving you the hassle and cost of a custom shoot.

As for AI stuff, I know i already said this, but for those who missed it; the platform also incorporates AI tools that can generate scripts or even transform your blog posts into videos. Imagine inputting a few text prompts and having an AI algorithm (which has been trained on countless hours of video and text data) churn out a script that's not just coherent but also engaging. It's like having a scriptwriter on retainer, available 24/7.


Pictory key features
"Before Pictory, there was no possible way for me to convert this many pieces of content from one form to another at this rate"

I don't normally say this about video editing products (especially online ones), but Pictory might actually be one of those websites that can be used alongside your standalone video editing software, not instead of it.

When it comes to turning a script into a full-fledged video, Pictory is a powerhouse. We're not talking about amateurish slideshows here; we're talking professional-grade videos complete with AI-generated voices that are eerily close to human speech. The platform even curates matching footage and background music, essentially doing the job of a videographer and a sound engineer combined. If I had to guess, this feature alone could save you thousands of dollars in production costs.

Now, let's talk about transforming blog posts into videos. I've always wondered how to leverage written content for visual platforms, and Pictory nails it. It doesn't just convert text to video; it creates summary videos that are both SEO-friendly and engaging for the reader. (SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the art and science of making your content discoverable by search engines. A video summary of a blog post can significantly boost your page's SEO.) This is a double win: you're not only increasing reader engagement but also potentially climbing the search engine rankings.

If you're like me and often find yourself drowning in long-form video content, Pictory's feature of converting these into branded clips for social media is a lifesaver. Imagine having a one-hour webinar or podcast. Pictory can automatically sift through that content and extract the golden nuggets, turning them into bite-sized, branded video snippets. I'm convinced that this feature alone can give you a week's worth of social media content from just one long recording.

Captions? Pictory has you covered. I've noticed that a staggering 85% of social media videos are watched on mute. Pictory automatically adds captions to your videos, which not only makes them accessible but also increases the watch time by up to 12%. (Captions are text overlays on videos that provide a transcript of the audio. They're crucial for accessibility and can significantly boost user engagement.) Trust me, the ROI on this feature is through the roof.

Invideo Vs Pictory - Feature Comparison

Both editors are good for completely different purposes, but there are also many similarities.


Customizable Invideo template
"The ChatGPT of the video editing world"

Mobile App

The main reason why InVideo takes the cake in this head-to-head comparison with Pictory boils down to one game-changing feature: a mobile app. Given that a significant portion of internet users—approximately 50%—access social media via mobile devices, InVideo's mobile app is not just a convenience; it's a necessity. This feature allows you to carry a robust suite of video editing tools right in your pocket, making it incredibly versatile for on-the-go content creation.

Customizable Templates

The platform offers thousands of high-quality templates that can be customized to fit your brand's aesthetic. This is a massive time-saver, especially when compared to starting a project from scratch. It's like having a pre-built house where you just need to add furniture and decorations to make it your own.

Specialized Tools

InVideo also offers specialized features that can elevate your video content to a professional level. For example, its video stabilization tool is a lifesaver for correcting shaky or blurry footage. Trust me, shaky footage can ruin even the most well-planned video, and this feature ensures that your final product is as smooth as a Hollywood production.


The platform also offers brand overlay options, allowing you to watermark or brand your videos effortlessly. This is crucial for maintaining brand consistency across various platforms. Additionally, InVideo provides bespoke graphic assets to make your videos pop. These are not just generic graphics; we're talking about high-quality, customizable assets that can be tailored to your specific needs.

Color Grading And Correction

Color correction is an often overlooked but vital aspect of video editing. It can make the difference between a video that looks amateurish and one that looks polished and professional. InVideo's color correction tools are intuitive yet powerful, allowing even beginners to achieve a cinematic look.


Pictory functionality vs Invideo
"If only FCPX could incorporate some of Pictory's features into their program. So convenient"

Convert Any Media To Video

Switching gears to Pictory, this tool also has a lot to offer, especially its AI video generator and text-to-video functions. These features can turn a simple script or blog post into a full-fledged video in minutes. It's like having a personal video editor that works at the speed of light.

Video Capture & Captioning

If you're into hosting webinars or virtual coaching sessions, you'll appreciate Pictory's automatic audio and video capture and captioning capabilities. This is not just basic captioning; the tool uses advanced AI algorithms to ensure that the captions are accurate and synced perfectly with the audio.

AI Voice

For YouTubers who want to create faceless channels, Pictory's extensive AI voice collection is a godsend. You can choose from a variety of voices based on nationality and gender, giving you unparalleled flexibility in crafting your video's narrative.

Unable To Use Multiple Audio Tracks

However, Pictory does have some limitations. Specifically, the inability to use multiple audio files in a single video can be a significant drawback. Music is often used to set the mood and tone of different scenes in a video, and this limitation can be a deal-breaker for some creators.

Pictory.ai Features

For Different Users

User Type Features
Teams Collaboration features for company departments and external suppliers.
YouTube Creators Tailored functionalities for video content creators on YouTube.
Marketers Features aimed at boosting marketing efforts.

Core Features

Feature Description Quantitative Measurement
Edit Video Using Text Create videos by simply inputting text. N/A
Create Video Highlights Automatically extract highlights from long-form videos. N/A
Auto Summarize Long Videos Create summarized versions of longer videos. N/A
Script To Video Convert written scripts into professional-quality videos with AI voices, matching footage, and music. N/A
Blog Post To Video Turn blog posts into summary videos for better SEO and reduced bounce rates. N/A
Auto Caption Videos Automatically adds captions to videos. Results in up to 12% longer view time.
Auto Transcribe Videos Transcribes the spoken content in videos. N/A

Additional Features

Feature Description
Teams Plan Allows for creativity and collaboration among team members.
Academy Offers video marketing masterclasses, case studies, and a creator community.
Pricing Free trial available.


Benefit Description
Fast, Scalable, Affordable The platform is designed for quick video creation that is both scalable and cost-effective.
SEO and Reader Benefits Embedding videos on your website can result in higher rankings and increased readership.
Social Media Content Get a week’s worth of fresh content from a single long-form recording.

Key Takeaway - Which Of The Two Do I Use The Most And Why?

I prefer Invideo, but that's only because it suits my needs as an in-house video marketer for a SAAS business. It has all the features I need, especially the teams plan which I use to give my VAs access to the editor to bulk generate marketing material. Here's more on that:

Teams Plan - Essential For Having Multiple Users

This feature allows up to 10 team members to work on projects simultaneously. This is crucial when you're managing a pipeline of video content that needs to be rolled out across various platforms and formats. The Teams Plan also comes with role-based permissions (a feature often overlooked but vital for data integrity and security), allowing me to control who has access to what within the editing suite.

Now, why is bulk generation of marketing material so important? In the fast-paced world of SAAS marketing, time is of the essence. The Teams Plan allows us to produce up beyond 50 videos per month, which is a significant uptick from what one person could reasonably accomplish. This scalability is crucial for meeting KPIs and ensuring a consistent brand message across all touchpoints.


The editor itself is robust, offering a plethora of features that are essential for my work. From advanced text-to-video capabilities to a wide array of pre-designed templates, it's got everything I need. The AI-driven capabilities are particularly noteworthy. They enable things like automated video summarization and keyword tagging, which are invaluable for SEO and audience engagement.


Most of my VAs are in India, meanwhile I'm in Sydney. In terms of accessibility, the platform is cloud-based, meaning me and my VAs can access it from anywhere, at any time. This is not a luxury; it's a necessity in today's remote work environment. Moreover, the cloud-based system ensures that all changes are saved in real-time, mitigating the risk of data loss

Just because Invideo works best for me, it may not be the best for you. Here's a breakdown of the two platforms to help you decide which of the two you should use.