Transcribe Sequence Greyed Out In Premiere Pro? - SOLUTION

If you encounter the 'Transcribe Sequence Greyed Out' issue in Premiere Pro, switch to the Transcript tab to check if the sequence has already been transcribed. If you're using newer versions of Premiere Pro, be aware that the workflow has changed, so ensure you're transcribing from the original Source media clips or use the 'Static Transcript' option if needed.

October 2, 2023
Transcribe Sequence Greyed Out In Premiere Pro? - SOLUTION
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Why Is My Transcribe Button Greyed Out In Premiere Pro?

If you've ever tried to transcribe audio within a video sequence in Premiere Pro, you've likely come across the "Transcribe Sequence" feature. This powerful tool is essential for editors and content creators who want to generate accurate text representations of their audio, be it for accessibility, editing, or other post-production needs. The ability to transcribe directly within Premiere Pro streamlines the editing process, eliminating the need for third-party software or manual transcription.

In This Article:

  • Insights into the "Transcribe Sequence Greyed Out" issue
  • Potential solutions and workarounds from various sources
  • The evolving nature of transcription features in newer Premiere Pro versions
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Accessing the "Transcribe Sequence" Option

When you open Adobe Premiere Pro, you'll find a plethora of options and tools at your disposal. One such tool is the "Transcribe Sequence" option. This is located within the Text panel, specifically under the Caption tab. To access this, you'd typically click on the "Window" menu at the top, select "Text," and then navigate to the Caption tab.

Why is "Transcribe Sequence" Greyed Out?

Now, if you've been using Premiere Pro and have come across the "Transcribe Sequence" option being greyed out, you're not alone. This can be a bit confusing, especially for beginners. In a nutshell, this happens when you've already transcribed the sequence but haven't created captions for it. Think of it like having written a draft of an email but not having sent it yet. The draft is there, but the final action hasn't been taken.

How to Resolve the Issue

To address this, you need to switch to the Transcript tab, which is right next to the Caption tab in the Text panel. Once there, look for the result of your transcription. If you don't see any transcription results, and the "Transcribe sequence" button is still greyed out, it means there's an issue that needs further attention.

Now that you're in the Transcript tab, if you see the "Re-transcribe sequence" option available, it means you can re-do the transcription. If not, it's a sign that the sequence has already been transcribed, and you might need to look into other options or settings.

Workflow Changes

Believe me, software updates can sometimes change the way things work. In newer versions of Premiere Pro (like 23.4 and beyond), there's an added feature of Source Media transcription. This is in addition to the Sequence (Static) Transcription. So, if you're using one of these newer versions, you'll notice these changes.

For instance, if you see the "re-transcribe" option greyed out in the Sequence view, it's because this action is reserved for the original Source media clips. It's like trying to edit a photocopy of a document when you should be editing the original document itself.

If your timeline has multiple clips and edits, you'd need to transcribe each clip individually. But, on the other hand, if your end goal is just to create captions, there's no need to worry. Just click on the "CC" option in the Transcript tab, and you're good to go.