Glow Transition After Effects Preset

The Glow Transition After Effects Preset features a colorful a to b color slide animation. ‍Place it over two clips to hide the jump cut between them. You can also use this without the colors if you'd prefer a plain white glow for your video. Simply set the colors to white to remove any saturation and contrast.

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Download this seamless transition preset for Adobe After Effects, no plugins required! Featuring smooth animation from clip A to B. Use with motion blur and add other effects to create your own variation.

the glow effect in Adobe After effects is versatile for many different uses. Commonly used for color grading and creating fun scenes, the glow effect can also be used for transitions, music video effects, VFX and more. In this example, the glow effect is being used to transition between two clips by progressively increasing the threshold over the cut between two clips. Simply download this preset and drag and drop it over your video layers to see the transition instantly in your timeline.

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