5 BEST Adobe After Effects Scripts You NEED In 2024!

Here are the Top 5 MOST popular and useful scripts for After Effects in 2022! Download these scripts to help you create better quality videos faster in Adobe After Effects!

November 24, 2023
5 BEST Adobe After Effects Scripts You NEED In 2024!
"It's Like Video Editing On Steroids!"
- Sebastian Navarro, FreeVisuals Editor
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Best After Effects Script Examples

Scripts can be used in After Effects to speed up your workflow and create custom effects in less time. Some of the scripts featured on this list can help you create cool effects, while others can help you edit faster by automating actions and by setting the most ideal effect properties.

5+ Prism Lens Effect Toolkits

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These prism lens builders are used to create a visual effects which looks like the camera lens is being pointed through a shard of broken glass at a certain angle. With several styles available, you can easily add some extra flair to your videos with just a few clicks. We have put together a massive list of our favorite Prism lens builders and toolkits. Read more here.

Sand Particle Kit

Download Here

One of the best particle generators for After Effects in 2023! This software add-on can automatically turn 2D planes and layers into 3D particles in less than a minute!

Digital Screen Constructor

Download Here

The digital screen constructor from AEJuice is a plugin that allows you to create eye-catching screens from your footage in just a few clicks. With this plugin, users can choose from a variety of different screen styles, which can then be further customized to their preference.

Photo Animator

Download Here

Imagine Photomotion turned into a plugin. This script let's you quickly convert photos into 3D scenes which can then be animated however you like. Although it's not as effective as Photomotion, VoluMax or other photo animation toolkits, The photo animator script let's you achieve a similar effect in a short amount of time.

Motion Type

Download Here

Motion Type let's you design and animate fancy tet and scripts quickly and easily inside of After Effects.

Download Scripts For Adobe After Effects

Download these After Effects scripts from VideoHive to start improving your video editing skills! the download link for each script is included in below the thubnail image. Once clicked you'll be redirected to the download page on VideoHive for the particular script or plugin.

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