8+ BEST After Effects Cartoon Effect Templates (2 Are FREE)

These After Effects cartoon effect templates will turn your videos into pure gold (or at least a really shiny bronze). By using these templates, you can quickly add cartoon and 2D animation elements to your videos in just a few clicks!

February 5, 2024
8+ BEST After Effects Cartoon Effect Templates (2 Are FREE)
"It's Like Video Editing On Steroids!"
- Sebastian Navarro, FreeVisuals Editor
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One of the most popular types of After Effects project files are those with cartoon themes. These project files offer a range of features that can add depth and visual interest to video content.

Cartoon Styling In After Effects

Cartoon styling and 2D animation/RTFX is extremely time consuming and difficult to recreate inside of After Effects. You'll need to dedicate hours of off-screen and on-screen work just to create a 1 - 2 minute made up purely of cartoon elements. Luckily there are template available which do the hard parts for you. By using these cheap and free templates, you can quickly and easily implement your own fully customized 2D cartoon effects into your own videos!



With over 100 elements hand-drawn by FX monster, this pack will surely have something for you! You can add it over raw footage or motion graphics, whichever works best in your eyes.

Pretty Sweet - 2D Animation Toolkit


Another bestseller by FX Monster. This bundle of cartoon animations are perfect for 3D, cartoon and real life scenes.

140 Cartoon Effect After Effects Elements


This is the #1 most downloaded cartoon effects overlay bundle available on VideoHive. With over 15,000 sales and a 4.9 star rating as of December 2022, this pack has been proven to be one of the best.

RTFX Generator [1850 FX elements]


This RTFX generator gives you the ability to create, edit and customize cool cartoon elements for your videos. Just like the other elements featured on this list, you can use the puppet tool to further edit the direction, motion and animation of each individual effect.

Cartoon Elements Pack


This mini bundle of cartoon fx elements are available for free download with any Motion Array subscription, even a free trial.

Creative Colorful Titles


Focusing mainly on title animations, this pack of cartoon fx makes great openers and intros for your videos. Best part is that they're fully customizable inside of Adobe After Effects, so you can change absolutely every aspect of it.

Cartoon Effect Templates For Adobe After Effects


This is one of the largest cartoon effect element packs available on Motion Array. Get it now before it becomes permanently deleted!

After Effects Cartoon Effect Plugin


AEJuice has created this amazing After Effects cartoon plugin for creating cool comic book effects for any video!

Things To Know Before Choosing A Template

Consider the Style

There are a range of different cartoon styles available, from simple and minimalist to more complex and detailed. Consider the style that best fits the needs of the project and the intended audience.

Look for Customization Options

Customization options can make project files more versatile and allow for greater creativity. Look for project files with customization options such as color changes, text changes, and more.

Check for Compatibility

Before selecting a project file, check for compatibility with your version of After Effects. Some project files may only be compatible with certain versions, so it is important to double-check before making a purchase.