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List Of 200+ Adobe After Effects Shortcuts (Plus FREE Plugin)

Here is a list of over 200 most essential shortcuts for Adobe After Effects! If you want to streamline your video editing workflow, then you should definitely consider learning and becoming familiar with these hotkeys!

January 26, 2023
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After Effects Keyboard Shortcuts

keyboard shortcuts in Adobe After Effects are used to speed up your video editing & VFX compositing workflow. By using hotkeys, you can quickly and easily perform a task or find a tool without having to move your mouse! While they may take some time to memories, it's definitely worth learning these hotkeys as they are very beneficial for improving your editing skills in the long term. We suggest you try to learn 4 - 5 shortcuts each day, and implement them repeatedly throughout your editing process in order to memories them from top to bottom.

Popular After Effects Shortcuts For Mac & Windows

Here are some of the most popular AE keyboard shortcuts from the PDF. These 8 hotkey combinations are the most commonly used according to what people are looking up on google. If you're wondering why these are all formatted weirdly, it's because SEO said so.

After Effects Cut Shortcut Key

The #1 most searched AE shortcut key. Simply move the playhead where you want it to cut, then press Alt + [ on PC or Option + [ on Mac.

After Effects Position Shortcut

To open up the position controls of a selected layer, press 'P' on your keyboard.

After Effects Scale Shortcut

Use Cmnd/CTRL + Option + F to scale a selected layer to the same size as the composition frame.

After Effects keyframe shortcut windows

There are plenty of keyframe related shortcuts for After Effects. One of the most commonly used is F9 & Shift + F9 to add easing to keyframes.

Opacity shortcut After Effects

Access opacity controls of a selected layer by simply pressing the 'T' key.

Split shortcut After Effects

Split layers by pressing CMD/CTRL + Shift + D.

After Effects Shortcuts PDF

Download After Effects Hotkeys PDF File

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More Adobe After Effects Shortcuts - Scripts, Extensions & Plugins

AE hotkeys not enough? Here are some of the most-downloaded After Effects scripts from 2022 - 2023. Backed by 1000s of professionals worldwide, you'll be making no mistake by downloading any of these!