How To Export Gif In After Effects [Plus FREE Plugin]

Exporting Gifs from After Effects has never been easier! The AEJuice Gif Exporter plugin is a great free alternative to GifGun. To export a Gif from After Effects, simply select a composition, then open the free gif exporter plugin and hit render!

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FREE Adobe After Effects GIF Export Plugin

Exporting your After Effects compositing into a gif can be a complicated and time consuming process. That's why AEJuice created the Gif Exporter Plugin which is available for free. This After Effects gif plugin let's you quickly and easily take any composition and turn it into a compressed gif within just a few clicks.

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Can After Effects Export Gif?

Without the use of plugins, After Effects will not be able to export files in gif format. You can download free plugins such as the AEJuice Gif Exporter to export gifs in just a few clicks from your After Effects composition.

GifGun After Effects Free Download

If you've researched gif exporting plugins for After Effects in the past, you may have come across the plugin known as GifGun. Unfortunately, GifGun will cost you $30 US to download. While there aren't any methods to downloading this plugin for free, the AEJuice Gif export plugin makes a great GifGun alternative. We're glad to tell you that the AE Juice Gif Exporter plugin has the same capabilities as GifGun, but it's 100% for free! Best part is, you also get access to other effect packs by AEJuice included with the plugin download.

How To Export A Gif In After Effects

Wondering how to export a gif from after effects? With the AEJuice Gif Exporter plugin, all you need to do is select the desired composition that you want to turn into a gif, then select the render option in the plugin. You also have multiple options to further customize the gif export settings. You have control over alpha channels, what to render, render settings, loop settings, framerate, output module and more!

How To Export Transparent Gif From After Effects

Follow the steps above to render a gif in Adobe After Effects as per normal, then select alpha channel in plugin interface to export your composition as a transparent gif file. Depending on what effects are used in the composition, transparency may not always be fully achievable, especially if you have semi-transparent effects such as light rays in your footage.