[TEMPLATE DOWNLOAD] How To Make A Video Mosaic In After Effects

These 3 video templates for Adobe After Effects let's you create stylish mosaic photo reveals and transition animations in just a few clicks! Download them and customize them to create your own!

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Adobe After Effects Mosaic Effect

The mosaic video effect is a very popular type of visual effect seen in many types of videos. The only problem is that it is very time consuming and difficult to create inside of Adobe After Effects. Fortunately, there are a few templates available to help you achieve a few variations of this effect quickly and easily. Here are our top 3 favourites.

Adobe After Effects Mosaic Transition

Download Here

This mosaic transition template for Adobe after effects features multiple white-framed images animated onto a plane which eventually forms a single large image. It's a simple to use template which can be customized to suit your need. Adjust anything you like, including the animations, image properties, text animations and more.

Mosaic After Effects Template

Download Here

The mosaic template by Taiga2 available on Envato Elements, is a simple to use mosaic builder for After Effects. All you need to do to customize it is replace the placeholder media in each composition with your own photos and videos. This mosaic template for Adobe After Effects features a stylish and smooth animation which begins with the camera pointed directly at the centre of the frame, and then zooms out smoothly until the entire mosaic is revealed as a single image. The are lot's of 3D parallax elements also featured in this template, which makes is extra unique compared to the others. It also includes optional text, title and overlay animations which can be added in or removed in just one click.

After Effects Mosaic Photo Reveal

Download Here

With over 16,000 downloads, this is one of the most popular After Effects Templates of all time! With this mosaic photo reveal template on VideoHive, you can quickly and design your own photo mosaic animation within just a few clicks!

How To Make The Mosaic Effect In After Effects

All three templates are easy to use. To make the mosaic effect inside of After Effects, simply replace the placeholder footage in each composition with your own. Each template project file will feature clear instructions as to which compsoiton needs to be fulfilled with your own media such as photos and videos.