Artgrid Vs Motion Array - 9 MAIN Differences

If you're a filmmaker or content creator, your choice between Artgrid and Motion Array hinges on your specific needs and the type of assets you require. Opt for Artgrid if you need cinematic, high-quality footage with a universal license, or go for Motion Array if you're looking for a diverse range of assets and flexible subscription plans.

September 18, 2023
Artgrid Vs Motion Array - 9 MAIN Differences
"It's Like Video Editing On Steroids!"
- Sebastian Navarro, FreeVisuals Editor
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What Is Better; Artgrid or Motion Array?

Artgrid and Motion Array are at the top of the game. Let's face it, both platforms offer high-quality assets, but they cater to different needs and budgets.

You see, Artgrid is your go-to for cinematic footage and curated collections. The platform specializes in high-quality, professional-grade stock footage that can elevate any project. The pricing tiers are on the higher side, starting from $24.92 a month. Trust me, the quality justifies the cost. They operate on an annual subscription model, which means you commit for a year but get unlimited downloads during that period. However, their licensing options are more restrictive compared to Motion Array. (Licensing options refer to the permissions and restrictions on how you can use the downloaded assets.)

On the other hand, Motion Array is an all-in-one platform. It's not just about video footage; they offer a wide range of assets including Premiere Pro templates, plugins, music, and sound effects. Their monthly subscription starts at $29.99, but they also offer annual plans where you can save over $100. Honestly, the flexibility here is a big plus. You can even opt for team plans, which start at a discounted rate of $224.99 per member annually. (Team plans are ideal for collaborative projects involving multiple team members who need access to the platform.)

Factors Motion Array Artgrid
Main Function All-in-one platform for content creators, offering video assets, music, sound effects, and more. Known for high-quality video footage and music.
Monthly Pricing $29.99 USD per month Starts from $24.92 a month
Subscription Plans Both monthly and annual plans Only annual plans
Tutorials Provides tutorials and how-to articles Does not provide tutorials
Plugins Offers plugin options Does not offer plugins
Content Variety Wider variety including Premiere Pro templates and plugins Cinematic footage and curated collections
Founded Date 2013 2016
Customer Reviews Information not available Information not available
Additional Features Video collaboration tools, Adobe extension, portfolio builder, unlimited downloads. Royalty-free music and videos, hand-picked clips, professional grade stock footage.

What Is Motion Array?

When it comes to video editing and post-production, the software is just the starting point. The real breaking point comes when you integrate high-quality digital assets into your workflow. That's where Motion Array comes in. The platform offers a comprehensive range of assets, not just limited to video footage but extending to VFX (Visual Effects) and SFX (Sound Effects). These are critical elements that can elevate your project from good to outstanding.

With a monthly subscription starting at $29.99, you gain unlimited access to their entire library. In my opinion, this is an incredible value proposition, especially when you consider the quality and range of assets available. They even offer annual plans that can save you over $100, making it even more cost-effective in the long run.

Now, about the assets themselves. Motion Array doesn't just offer stock footage; it provides a holistic suite of resources. You'll find Premiere Pro templates, which can significantly speed up your editing process by providing pre-made sequences and settings. Then there are plugins that can extend the functionality of your editing software, allowing for more complex effects and transitions. (Plugins are essentially software add-ons that provide additional features to your primary video editing software.)

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What Is

If you're deeply involved in video creation, be it as a filmmaker, YouTuber, or even a small agency, Artgrid is yet another platform you can't afford to overlook. The platform operates on a flat-rate model, meaning you pay an annual fee—starting at $24.92 per month—and gain unlimited access to their extensive library. (Flat-rate models are advantageous because they eliminate the worry of additional costs for extra downloads.)

In terms of usability, Artgrid is designed to be user-friendly. Signing up is a straightforward process involving just five steps: navigate to the homepage, select a subscription, create an account, add payment details, and check out. You won't be charged for the first two months, giving you ample time to explore the platform's offerings.

Unlike Motion Array, Artgrid is particularly beneficial for:

  • Filmmakers: The footage is film-grade quality, making it an invaluable resource for short films and low-budget projects.
  • Online Platforms: You have free rights to use the footage on YouTube, TikTok, and any emerging social media platforms.
  • Repeat Usage: Once you download a clip, you can use it as many times as you like, in as many projects as you like.
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Which One To Choose?

If you're at a crossroads between Artgrid and Motion Array, your choice ultimately boils down to your specific needs and the type of content you produce. Trust me, both platforms have their unique strengths. Artgrid is tailored for professionals who require cinematic, high-quality footage. It's ideal for filmmakers, YouTubers, and even small agencies looking for top-notch, film-grade assets. The platform is particularly beneficial if you're committed to an annual subscription and require a universal, non-expiring license. On the other hand, Motion Array is a more versatile, all-in-one platform suitable for a broader demographic, including video editors, content creators, and even marketing teams. It offers not just footage but also a wide array of digital assets like Premiere Pro templates and plugins. If you're looking for flexibility in subscription plans and a diverse range of assets, Motion Array is your go-to platform. In any case, both platforms offer exceptional value; your choice should align with your project's scope, budget, and asset requirements.