Artgrid Review 2024 + 2 Months FREE Offer (Save $100)

To sum it up, Artgrid stands out for its exceptional compatibility with leading editing software and its refined search filters, making it an ideal choice for freelancers, video editors, and content creators. However, filmmakers aiming for high-quality, unique productions might want to think twice before relying solely on any stock footage platform, including Artgrid.

April 9, 2024
Artgrid Review 2024 + 2 Months FREE Offer (Save $100)
"Video editors relying on templates lack genuine skill and creativity."

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"It's Like Video Editing On Steroids!"
- Sebastian Navarro, FreeVisuals Editor
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Artgrid Review

If I had to sum up the life of a content creator in one word, it would probably be "busy." I've personally experienced the struggle of managing time, creative ideas, and resources. Trust me, the juggle is real.

that said, let's talk about Artgrid. Artgrid is a platform where you can find a wide variety of high-quality stock footage. It covers anything from cityscapes to natural wonders, and you have the freedom to incorporate these clips into your projects. Notably, the licensing (which means the permissions granted to use the footage) is straightforward. Once you've subscribed and downloaded a clip, you can use it virtually any way you want—commercially, for your YouTube channel, and even in feature films. review

What Is

Artlist has been in the royalty-free music scene for years, providing top-notch music tracks for all sorts of creative projects. They are experts in their field, certified by their massive user base and positive reviews. So when they ventured into video with Artgrid, I was genuinely excited. From my perspective, if anyone could elevate the stock footage game, it would be them.

Based on what I've seen, it's hard to overstate how revolutionary this is. Normally, acquiring high-quality footage like this would require a massive budget and specialized equipment, not to mention years of hands-on experience in cinematography. But with Artgrid, even someone just dipping their toes into video creation can access expert-level resources. The platform is user-friendly, so you don't need a film degree to find what you're looking for.

Now, let's talk about credibility—this isn't just a random startup throwing things at the wall to see what sticks. Artgrid is a professionally vetted service, endorsed by some of the top names in the industry. I've always thought that word-of-mouth and real-world application were the best markers of a service's worth, and Artgrid has both. User testimonials and reviews have been overwhelmingly positive, indicating it’s not just a flash in the pan but an industry standard in the making. Their comprehensive guide to using the service is a testament to their in-depth understanding of both experts' and beginners' needs.

Similarly, it appears that Artgrid is 100% transparent about what you get. There's no hidden fees or licensing nightmares to navigate through. Everything is ethically sourced and customer-approved, giving you peace of mind that you're not stepping on any legal landmines when you use their footage.


Artgrid was born out of the minds behind Artlist, a music licensing giant. If I had to guess, the creators saw a gap in the market for high-quality, royalty-free stock footage and decided to fill it. Launched in 2019, Artgrid is relatively new but has been improving its services ever since. he platform has been a breath of fresh air for filmmakers and YouTubers alike. It offers a library of stock footage from some of the world's top cinematographers, which is notably unique to the industry.

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How To Get Started With Artgrid

The procedure to use Artlist is pretty obvious and straightforward;

1. Accessing the Artgrid Homepage: First, you need to go to This will direct you to the Artgrid homepage. The main interface will present itself, and you'll find a navigation bar at the top.

2. Subscription Selection: Navigate to the "Subscription" tab, which is located in the upper right corner of the homepage. Click on it. A dropdown menu or a new page will appear, showcasing various subscription options. Choose the one that best suits your needs. In my opinion, it's essential to review the features and benefits of each subscription before making a choice (scroll above to see the pricing section in this article)

3. Account Creation: Once you've selected a subscription, you'll be prompted to create an account. Look for the "Sign Up" button, often found adjacent to the subscription details. Click on it. You'll be directed to a registration form. Here, you'll need to input your personal details, such as email and password. Mind you, always ensure you use a strong password for security reasons.

4. Payment Details: After account creation, you'll be directed to the payment details page. Here, you'll need to input your credit card or other payment method details. No worries, as mentioned earlier, you won't be charged for the first two months. This is a trial period, allowing you to experience the service without immediate financial commitment. (A trial period is a specific duration during which a service can be used for free or at a reduced cost, allowing users to evaluate its value.)

5. Checkout: Once your payment details are in place, navigate to the "Checkout" button, located at the bottom of the page. Click on it. A confirmation page or pop-up might appear, summarizing your subscription details. Review it. If everything looks good, confirm your subscription. Take it from me, always double-check your details to avoid any future complications.

6. Completion: After confirming your subscription, you'll receive a notification via email, confirming your successful subscription. At the end of the day, it's a straightforward process, and you're now ready to enjoy the services offered by Artgrid.

Why I Am Qualified To Even Write This Review

You've gotta know where I'm coming from to even consider taking my two cents seriously. So here’s a bit more about my background. I've been hustling as a freelance video editor and VFX artist for years now, so I know a thing or two about the importance of quality stock footage. Before I discovered Artgrid, I was pretty much juggling between Shutterstock and Pexels for my projects. They were decent, don't get me wrong, but something was missing.

Then Artgrid popped onto the scene in 2019, and with the "shiny object syndrome" i had, I couldn’t resist giving it a whirl. Initially, I was kind of managing between both Pexels and Artgrid to see which one really hit the mark. It was like dating two people at the same time, you know? Got to see who’s really ticking all the boxes.

It took me about 5 months to make the switch entirely to Artgrid. I decided to go all-in because It was easier to use and had all the footage i needed (and i was also paying for it so I might as well use it lol).

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Using Artgrid In Comparison To Other Stock Footage Platforms


  • Royalty-Free Access: Artgrid provides a single, worldwide license, eliminating the need for additional royalties. This means zero extra costs for you, no matter how widely you distribute your project.
  • Budget-Friendly Options: Plans start as low as $25 per month when billed annually, which makes it significantly more affordable compared to some competitors that can charge upwards of $50 per month for similar services.
  • Unlimited Downloads: Once subscribed, you can download an unlimited number of clips. In contrast, some platforms offer only 5-10 downloads per month within similar pricing tiers.
  • Quality and Versatility: You have the flexibility to download footage in various formats, including 4K, HD, and LOG. This offers more control over your creative output.
  • Dynamic Content: Artgrid adds new clips regularly, ensuring an ever-evolving library. Some platforms only refresh their content quarterly, making Artgrid more dynamic by comparison.
  • Commercial and Personal Use: The subscription covers an expansive range of use-cases, from personal projects to commercial endeavors, offering substantial value for creators of all scales.
  • User Experience: The platform features an intuitive interface that has a user-friendly design, making navigation 30% quicker than some other stock platforms, based on user testimonials.
  • Money-Back Security: A 14-day money-back guarantee is in place, providing a two-week safety net for you to decide if the platform suits your needs.
  • Long-Term Benefits: Opting for an annual subscription gives you two months free. That’s a saving of $50, or essentially a 16.6% discount on the monthly rate when calculated annually.


  1. Annual Commitment: There's no option for a monthly subscription. If you need stock footage for just a month, you're out of luck.
  2. Subscription-Only Model: You can't purchase individual clips. If you need just one or two clips, you might find other platforms with a pay-per-clip model more economically feasible.
  3. Cost Barriers for Some: The cheapest plan, billed annually, still sums up to $300 per year, which may be too steep for hobbyists or smaller content creators.
  4. Limited Product Range: Artgrid focuses solely on video, whereas some other platforms offer photos, sound effects, and music tracks, making them more of a one-stop-shop.
  5. Growing but Limited Categories: Though the library is vast, some niche categories have fewer than 100 clips, limiting options for very specialized projects.

My Opinion On Whether Or Not Artgrid Is Worth It?

TL;DR - Yes, i'd recommend For video editors, content creators, and freelancers who are often working under tight deadlines and even tighter budgets, Artgrid is a great option to consider. However, for filmmakers striving to produce high-quality, original works, a reliance on any stock footage should be carefully considered. It's all about aligning the tool with the task at hand, and in that respect, Artgrid excels in specific use-cases.

Here is my brutally honest opinion, Artgrid is just like any other stock footage site. The only reason as to why I'd recommend it over the others is because of it's accurate search filters, (slightly) higher quality footage and library. As you will find out later in this review, Artgrid does in fact have better quality footage (on average) compared to most other stock video platforms. This may be because of a stricter upload criteria and standard, which then again, is a good thing if you're a consumer not publisher.

I've personally found that Artgrid footage is exceptionally compatible with leading video editing software like Adobe After Effects, Motion Array, and Premiere Pro. For example, many clips come pre-keyed or in LOG format, allowing for more straightforward integration and color grading in these software. This saves you precious time—time that, as freelancers and content creators know, translates to money. The seamlessness with which Artgrid clips can be imported and edited in these platforms is not always mirrored in other stock footage sites, based on my years of experience.

Once again, Artgrid also has a slight edge when it comes to filtering options. While most platforms offer basic search and categorization, Artgrid allows for more refined filtering. You can sort by camera type, frame rate, or even by the color profile. Such detailed search criteria can make the difference between finding a clip that's "good enough" and one that's "just perfect."

Now, let's address the filmmakers. If you're looking to produce a high-quality film, I'd exercise caution before relying too heavily on Artgrid or any stock footage platform. The reason is simple: uniqueness and originality. While stock footage is excellent for fillers, background, or even primary footage for specific projects, a high-quality film usually demands footage that's unique to its narrative and vision. Stock footage, by nature, is not exclusive to you; it can be used by any number of people for any number of projects. Therefore, in the realm of top-tier filmmaking, stock footage, no matter its quality, could potentially dilute your film's originality.


Artgrid Pricing Plans Compared

Artgrid offers three distinct annual plans, each catering to specific needs, all the while providing secure, transparent, and user-friendly experiences. See below for a comparion table.

Junior - HD Plan

The Junior HD Plan is essentially the entry-level offering, but it's by no means basic. For those new to the terminology, "Full HD" stands for "Full High Definition," which translates to a resolution of 1080p. In this plan, the footage is delivered in H.264 format, which is a widely supported video codec (a method for compressing and decompressing digital media).

If you're an aspiring YouTuber or social media influencer, this plan could be the perfect match for you. It provides high-quality footage that satisfies the standards of most social media platforms. With a price tag of just $24.92 a month, billed at $299 annually, it's the most cost-effective way to add professionally vetted, ethically sourced footage to your creative arsenal.

Creator 4K Plan

Lauded as Artgrid's most popular plan, the Creator 4K Plan offers footage in ProRes and DNxHR formats. If you're not familiar with these terms, ProRes and DNxHR are professional-grade codecs that offer superior quality and are easier to work with in post-production. The "4K" denotes a resolution four times greater than Full HD, which results in significantly sharper and more detailed images.

This plan is ideal for creators who are looking to enhance their videos for a wider range of display sizes—be it smartphones, tablets, or large TV screens. At $39.92 a month, billed annually at $479, it offers an excellent middle-ground solution, providing real-world applications for both hobbyists and more serious content creators.

Pro RAW/LOG Plan

The Pro RAW/LOG Plan is designed for seasoned professionals, particularly those involved in high-stakes projects like streaming service content or commercials. This plan offers the pinnacle of what Artgrid has: 4K-8K clips and RAW/LOG footage. RAW and LOG are specialized formats that allow for extreme levels of customization in post-production. They provide an in-depth level of control over aspects like color grading, thereby enabling you to produce truly cinematic results.

Despite its higher price of $49.92 a month, billed annually at $599, the cost is justifiable for anyone looking for the highest level of quality and flexibility. It offers you the freedom to manipulate your footage in ways that most other formats simply can't provide.

Artgrid's plans are only billed annually, making it a commitment, but given the platform's reliable, industry-standard quality, it's a commitment worth making. Each plan grants you unlimited access to Artgrid's comprehensive library, replete with professionally color-graded footage, all under the same unlimited license. It’s a truly exceptional offering in today’s saturated market, and one that comes highly recommended for anyone serious about video production.

Pricing Option Monthly Cost Annual Cost Best For Key Features
Junior - HD $24.92 $299 YouTube & Social Media Creators Full HD 1080p, H.264 format
Creator 4K $39.92 $479 Professional Content Creators 4K Resolution, ProRes and DNxHR formats
Pro RAW/LOG $49.92 $599 Filmmakers & Commercial Producers 4K-8K, RAW/LOG, ProRes or DNxHR

Artgrid Student Discount

Contrary to popular belief, Artgrid does not actually have a discount specifically for students. You can still get their two month free deal which is pretty similar and you don't need to be a student to claim it.

Footage Options & Formats

Let's dive into the meat of what makes Artgrid exceptional. The platform offers a wide array of video formats. For the uninitiated, this is a big deal because format affects your editing flexibility and final output. For example, RAW and LOG clips (essentially uncompressed or minimally compressed footage) give you the maximum latitude in post-production. In other words, it's easier to correct mistakes and enhance the image.

The video resolution options are impressive too. They offer 4K to 8K clips, which in layman's terms means incredibly high-definition footage that can be scaled down for smaller screens without losing quality, or blown up for larger screens and retain every little detail.

Let's talk about ProRes and DNxHR—these are types of video codecs (think of them as 'languages' in which videos are written). These formats are particularly useful for professional video editing as they retain higher quality while still being easier to edit than uncompressed video.

In terms of navigation, the platform is user-friendly and has a search functionality that's, frankly, a dream. You can browse by video theme, shot type, people involved, and even by the filmmaker. Now, let me introduce you to what they call "stories"—these are essentially curated collections of clips that share a common narrative or thematic element. This is extraordinarily helpful when you're trying to stitch together a cohesive project.

One feature that I find particularly commendable is the professional color grading on all their clips. Color grading is essentially the process of adjusting the colors and tones of your video to achieve a specific look or mood. This saves you countless hours in post-production trying to get the colors just right.

Format Use Case
RAW / LOG clips Maximum flexibility in post-production; easier to correct mistakes and enhance the image.
LOG footage Offers wide dynamic range and is ideal for color grading.
4K - 8K clips High-definition footage suitable for scaling without loss of quality.
ProRes / DNxHR Retains higher quality while being easier to edit; suitable for professional video editing.
HD clips Excellent visual quality for projects that do not require the highest resolution.

Library - EVERY Filtering Option Available

There are a total of 5 main filtering options on the left hand side of the footage library. These filters sort out the footage by the context of each clip. At the top of the screen, there are 2 more filters that sort the footage by other properties. Here is a more-detailed overview of what the 7 filters have to offer.

Video Theme

  • Abstract
  • Animation
  • Aerials
  • Agriculture
  • Animals & Wildlife
  • Professions & Hobbies
  • Business
  • Education
  • Elements of Nature
  • Fashion
  • Food & Drink
  • Green Planet
  • Home
  • Industrial
  • Lifestyle
  • Love
  • Medical & Health
  • Nature & Landscape
  • Culture & Religion
  • Sports & Fitness
  • Technology
  • Time Lapse
  • Transportation
  • Travel
  • Urban
  • Vintage

Shot Type

  • Framing
  • Close-Up
  • Macro
  • Medium
  • Long Shot
  • Camera Movement
  • Tripod
  • Handheld
  • Smooth Movement
  • Time
  • Day
  • Night
  • Sunset & Sunrise
  • Location
  • Exterior
  • Interior
  • Format
  • 4K+
  • Raw & Log
  • Speed
  • Realtime
  • Slow
  • Super slow
  • Fast



  • Black
  • Hispanic & Latin
  • Middle Eastern & Indian
  • Caucasian
  • Asian


  • Baby
  • Child
  • Teenager
  • Adult
  • Elderly


  • Male
  • Female
  • Male & Female


  • 0
  • 1
  • 2





This filter lets you see footage which were all filmed together. This usually involves similar patterns throughout each clip, such as same subject/person, location etc. Learn more about this below.


This filtering option sorts the library based on who shot each clip.

Aspect Ratio selection

wide, square, vertical

Sorting Option

Staff pick, top downloads, newest

Collections - New Feature

Artgrid's new 'Collections' feature is designed to enhance the user experience by streamlining the search for specific footage. The Collections section on Artgrid's homepage is organized by various themes, ranging from straightforward topics like Social Media, Cities, and Food to abstract themes like colors and geometric shapes. For instance, if you're working on a video related to the COVID-19 pandemic, you can find relevant footage in collections named 'Pandemic,' 'Empty Places,' and 'Mask On!' This feature aims to spark creativity and help you find the perfect angle for your film.

In addition to Collections, Artgrid has also introduced an 'Overlays' theme to add depth to your videos. This feature allows you to create different moods, such as a nostalgic or futuristic feel, using film effects, glitches, light leaks, and lens flares.

Artgrid collections

If you're a YouTuber or a freelance editor, Artgrid's new 'Collections' feature can significantly speed up your workflow and creative output. Here's why:


Navigating through a sea of stock footage can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Collections categorize footage by themes, making it easier to find what you're looking for in a fraction of the time. This is particularly beneficial for YouTubers who need to maintain a consistent posting schedule and freelance editors juggling multiple projects.

Enhanced Creativity

Sometimes, you know you need 'something' to elevate your video but aren't sure what that 'something' is. Browsing through curated collections can spark ideas you hadn't considered, giving your content a fresh and unique angle. This is crucial for standing out in the saturated YouTube market.

Cohesive Storytelling

Collections can help you find a series of related clips, ensuring a more cohesive narrative for your video projects. This is particularly useful for freelance editors who may be working on more complex storytelling projects that require a range of shots to convey a particular mood or theme.

Professional Quality

The 'Overlays' feature allows you to add a professional touch to your videos without needing advanced editing skills. Whether you're looking to add a nostalgic film effect or futuristic glitches, these overlays can significantly elevate the production value of your content, making it more appealing to viewers and clients alike.


The range of themes in Collections, from the concrete to the abstract, means you can find footage for virtually any project, whether it's a YouTube tutorial, a travel vlog, or a client's promotional video.


For freelance editors, time is money. The quicker you can find the right footage, the more projects you can take on. Plus, the professional look achieved through Collections and Overlays could allow you to command higher rates for your editing services.

Competitors & Alternatives To

You might want to consider these! Especially if you're on a tight budget.

Platform Content Quality Content Diversity Licensing Pricing
Artgrid High-quality, cinematic-grade Focused on video All-encompassing, easy license Subscription-based
StoryBlocks HD and 4K Video, audio, and images Unlimited usage $65/month or $349/year
Shutterstock HD and 4K Video, images, audio Various license options Various pricing plans
PixaBay Variable quality Images, videos, music Free with limitations Free
Pexels HD Images and videos Free with limitations Free
Vecteezy HD and some 4K Vectors, images, videos Freemium model Free and premium plans

Motion Array

Not really a competitor since they're both part of the same company, but if you need stock footage and video template, then Motion Array is probably your best bet.


Storyblocks positions itself as a leader in the field, and for several compelling reasons. The platform has an expansive and versatile library that boasts over 1.5 million items. This isn't just limited to video clips; it includes a plethora of audio clips and images as well.


Firstly, let's talk numbers. The Storyblocks Unlimited Plan will set you back $65 a month, or $349 a year if you go for the annual subscription. What you're getting for this fee is nothing short of remarkable: unrestricted access to their entire stockpile. If your focus is solely on video, they have tailored an Unlimited Video Plan for $39 a month or $199 a year. Note that both of these plans offer unlimited downloads, which provides a remarkable value for the money.


Storyblocks offers what they term an "easy license with unlimited usage." This means that the license covers both personal and commercial projects. So whether you're creating a personal YouTube channel or crafting a commercial for a client, this single license has got you covered. No headaches about legal ramifications or usage restrictions.


Shutterstock has earned its reputation primarily for its sheer volume and diversity. With millions of assets, including photos, vectors, and footage, it's like a Swiss Army knife for content creators. Shutterstock excels in availability and variety, making it a go-to for those with a wide range of needs. Their licensing options are flexible and cover a broad spectrum of uses, similar to, allowing you to use the footage in both personal and commercial projects. However, it's worth noting that Shutterstock primarily offers clips in HD and 4K, but doesn't delve into the specialized RAW/LOG formats that offers.

PixaBay - Not The Best Choice For Content Creators

PixaBay, conversely, aims to be the people's champion. This platform thrives on accessibility, offering a vast range of free-to-use images, videos, and even music. While the quality might vary due to the open-source nature of its content, PixaBay's strength lies in its sheer volume and diversity. It provides a smorgasbord of options for those who can't afford the premium price tags attached to specialized footage. The platform's files usually come in more standard formats like HD, and while they may not offer the same depth for post-production as, they are perfectly suitable for most general uses.


Pexels, serves as a sanctuary for budget-conscious creators looking for free, high-quality resources. While you won't find the ultra-specialized formats like RAW/LOG that are available on, Pexels offers a wealth of HD and sometimes 4K clips. These formats are sufficient for most standard video projects and are particularly appealing for small businesses, freelancers, and hobbyists who may not have the budget for premium platforms. The platform is open-source, meaning that the content varies in style and quality, yet it still maintains a decent standard that can be useful for a wide range of applications.

Vimeo Stock

Vimeo, a name already synonymous with high-quality video hosting, expanded its offerings to include Vimeo Stock, a marketplace for stock footage that aims to serve the needs of professional videographers and content creators.


One of the standout features of Vimeo Stock is its integration with the larger Vimeo ecosystem. If you're already a Vimeo user, taking advantage of their stock footage becomes a seamless experience. This ease-of-access is a boon for workflow efficiency, allowing for streamlined processes from selection to publication. This differs from, which focuses purely on providing stock footage and does not offer an integrated hosting or video editing service.


Quality is a cornerstone for both platforms. However, while leverages its specialization in offering high-quality, professionally vetted footage shot on industry-leading equipment, Vimeo Stock draws from a broad network of creators who contribute to its marketplace. This results in a diverse range of styles and aesthetic sensibilities, providing more of a "global community" feel. It's worth mentioning that Vimeo Stock does feature a curated selection, which assures a certain level of quality and artistic merit.


User experience is another differentiator. While's interface is sleek, offering curated 'stories' that group related clips for easier storytelling, Vimeo Stock provides robust search filters that allow users to drill down to very specific criteria. This is invaluable for professionals who know precisely what they need and want to minimize the time spent searching.


Bigger Library

Vecteezy's multi-faceted library caters to an expansive range of creative projects. From website designs that require high-res vector graphics to social media campaigns that benefit from captivating video clips, the platform offers a wealth of options. While’s specialty lies in cinematic-grade videos, Vecteezy provides a multi-media smorgasbord. This can be an advantageous feature for those who are looking to source multiple types of assets for a single project.


When it comes to quality, it's essential to remember that Vecteezy serves a different niche. Their video offerings, though diverse, may not match the professional-grade cinematic quality that offers. While Vecteezy does provide HD and some 4K video options, the platform doesn't boast the high-end, specialized formats like RAW/LOG that are a staple on For intricate post-production work or commercial projects requiring the highest quality, may be the better fit.


Licensing is another crucial consideration. Vecteezy operates on a freemium model, offering both free and premium assets. The free assets come with more restrictive licensing conditions and may require attribution. Their premium plan offers broader usage rights, akin to the hassle-free, all-encompassing license that provides. Therefore, if you are on a budget and can work within the bounds of more restrictive licenses, Vecteezy offers an appealing alternative.


Pricing structures between the two platforms are distinctly different. Vecteezy's freemium model allows users to access a variety of assets without any upfront costs, although premium assets require a subscription., meanwhile, operates exclusively on a subscription-based model, offering full access to their entire high-quality library for a flat fee. The choice between the two would hinge on the volume of assets you require and the budget you're working with.


What quality of video can I expect? Do they offer 4K, 8K, RAW, or LOG footage?

Artgrid is no slouch when it comes to video quality. Their footage is top-notch, often captured using industry-leading cameras like RED, Arri, and Phantom. We're talking about a range that includes 4K and even 8K clips, as well as RAW and LOG footage. If you're not familiar with those terms, think of them as the ultra-high-definition and highly customizable forms of video that professionals use.

What are the technical specifications for the video files? (Frame rate, aspect ratio, etc.)

As a resource relied upon by industry professionals, Artgrid makes sure to offer videos in diverse technical specifications. This includes various frame rates (24fps, 30fps, 60fps, etc.) and different aspect ratios like 16:9 for widescreen. The file formats are also top-tier, featuring ProRes and DNxHR, which are designed for high-end video editing software.

Can I preview clips before downloading them?

Yes, absolutely! You can preview clips to make sure they fit what you're looking for. It's a great feature to avoid spending your time downloading something you won't end up using.

Is the footage professionally color-graded, or will I have to do that myself?

Good news for those of you who dread the color-grading process! All of Artgrid's footage comes professionally color-graded. However, they also offer LOG and RAW clips for those who prefer to do their own color grading. So, you've got options depending on your skill level and project needs.

Is there a limit to the number of video clips I can download each month?

Nope, the sky's the limit! All their plans come with unlimited downloads. You heard it right—unlimited. It's like an all-you-can-eat buffet, but for premium video content.

How often is new content added to the Artgrid library?

Artgrid keeps its library fresh by constantly adding new content. That means you're unlikely to run out of options or see the same old clips over and over. They add new files so frequently that every visit feels like a new experience.

What is the cancellation policy? Is there a money-back guarantee?

Get your money back if you cancel within 14 days, otherwise it's no refund, but you get to use Artgrid for the remainder of the month.

Are there any extra costs or hidden fees?

Hate hidden fees? Me too. With Artgrid, what you see is what you get. Their pricing is upfront, and there aren't any hidden fees. The plan you choose outlines exactly what you'll be paying for.

Is Artgrid free to use?

As awesome as that would be, Artgrid isn't a free service. The quality and range of footage they offer come at a cost, but given the exceptional content and unlimited downloads, many find it to be great value for the money.

What is the difference between Artlist and Artgrid?

Artlist and Artgrid are like siblings in the creative world. Artlist is geared towards music and sound effects, while Artgrid focuses solely on high-quality video footage. If you need both sound and video, they can complement each other nicely, but they're separate subscriptions.

Is Artgrid only billed annually?

Yep, you've got it. Artgrid operates on an annual subscription model, so you'll be billed once a year for the plan you choose.

Is Artgrid worth it?

Whether Artgrid is worth it or not can depend on your specific needs, but considering the high-quality, professionally-shot, and diverse range of footage available, many find it to be a valuable investment. If you're someone who frequently needs top-tier video clips for various projects, the cost can indeed justify itself.